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Hanse Cities to Visit in Netherlands - A Road Trip through the Hanse Cities

Hanseatic cities Holland - Beautiful cities in Holland There are many beautiful cities in Holland. The Hanseatic cities in Holland are among them. That Holland is also beautiful outside of the tulip period, we have discovered this year. The Hanseatic League has fascinated us since we visited German Hanseatic cities. We want to find out more about the Hanse. In total there are nine cities in ... go to Article

Offbeat Places to Visit in Austria - Tips for Trips to Savor

Enjoying the Waldviertel Austria For three days we were on the road in the Waldviertel Austria. For the first time. So far I had only heard about the Waldviertel in Lower Austria and had no idea, what to expect except much forest. We start our journey in the garden hotel & winery Pfeffel in Dürnstein in the Wachau, a hotel to savor directly at the Danube. This ... go to Article

Tallinn Attractions - Tips for Cruise Travelers

Discover Tallinn Attractions What Tallinn attractions can be discovered on a short visit? We were in the eastern Baltic for the first time in spring. We went on a mini cruise on the Tallink Silja Line. From Helsinki, we took the ferry in about two hours to Tallinn, which lies 80 kilometers south of Helsinki. Stay there ... go to Article