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Long-haul Flights Essentials

How do you survive long-distance flights? With our tips for long-haul flights, you can easily survive a long-haul flight. You should consider this: You sit for a long time and hardly move. The seats are tight and often uncomfortable. Stretching legs is difficult in some types of aircraft. The air in the plane is dry and stresses skin and nose. Not... go to Article

Savor original Swabian Maultaschen - at Home and in the Restaurant

Ad - In order to enjoy real Swabian Maultaschen, preparing the Maultaschen in your kitchen is not enough. Because the specialty is legally protected. Since 2009 only Maultaschen can be called Swabian, that go through at least one production stage in Swabia. They must either be produced, processed or manufactured there. The specialty... go to Article

Celebrate New Year's Eve with Aischgründer Carp

Why not celebrate New Year's Eve with Aischgründer carp? We spent a few days in Bad Windsheim. Among other things, we visited the carp museum in Neustadt an der Aisch. In an old building on the city wall, the visitor learns everything, there is to know about the Aischgründer carp ... go to Article

How the lyrics Silent Night cast a spell on the world

The lyrics of Silent Night are not only known in German-speaking countries. The song has conquered the whole world. There is hardly a country, where "Silent Night, Holy Night" is not heard at Christmas time. Whether in shopping malls or at home. The lyrics ... go to Article