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The Slow Travel & Enjoyment travel blog TravelWorldOnline presents travel tips. They are aimed at anyone who takes the time to get to know their destinations. Here you will find, for example, recommendations on where and how to make your holiday an experience. Get to know the people who shape your holiday destination. Also discover opportunities where you can meet them. Participate in activities that allow you to look behind the scenes. And above all: enjoy your stay.

New Slow Travel and Trips to Savor Tips

Portugal as a travel destination

Discover Portugal: A travel destination full of surprises

Portugal is a travel destination that has fascinated us and continues to tempt us. My first trip to Lisbon many years ago showed me the Portuguese people's love of life, but also their melancholy. I think there is hardly anything that expresses the Portuguese people's attitude to life better than Fado. In the evening I was attracted by...
Tomato mozzarella casserole

Tomato mozzarella casserole on toast

Our recipe video for the tomato mozzarella casserole on toast has been published a long time ago. However, the recipe was previously missing from the blog. Since this video is now booming during Advent, it's time we made the recipe available to you here too. At first I was surprised that the video recipe was...
Good restaurants in Times Square New York City

Good restaurants in Times Square New York City

Times Square in New York City is known for its lively hustle and bustle. In the heart of Manhattan, you'll find an impressive selection of Times Square restaurants, ranging from quick bites to gourmet experiences. Not all of them are good. But there are also some that are worth a visit. What ...


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What to drink in the countries of the world - wine tourism and drinks of the world

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Canada East Travel Guide Canada East

Do you already know the cities of Eastern Canada? Toronto's skyline on the shores of Lake Ontario offers views that will take your breath away. Experience the metropolis of Eastern Canada and discover its ethnic diversity. Montreal, on the other hand, awaits you with a mix of French flair and British lifestyle. Instead, the capital Ottawa lures with world-class museums and the hubs of power in Canada. Finally, feel transported to 17th-century France in Quebec City.

The nature in eastern Canada is also impressive. For example, follow the banks of the St. Lawrence River and discover a world that is more reminiscent of the sea and extends far into the continent. Experience the coastal landscapes, the river valleys that run through the interior and the rolling hills of the Appalachian Mountains. You will also be impressed by the tidal difference in the Bay of Fundy. Also enjoy the landscapes of Prince Edward Island. Also discover the coastal and archipelago region in Nova Scotia. Finally, explore a coastal road considered the most beautiful in Eastern Canada on Cape Breton Island: the Cabot Trail. Or look forward to meeting the residents in the fishing villages of Newfoundland and Labrador. Your hospitality makes this region so welcoming.

Order the Travel Guide Canada - East Here *, which Monika publishes as a co-author.


Christmas travel tips

Christmas New York City on Wall Street

Christmas in New York City – The most beautiful places at Christmas time

Experience Christmas in New York City up close! Find out where to find the most impressive Christmas decorations. In our article you will find...
Christmas markets in Salzburg

Three Christmas Markets in Salzburg - from romantic to noble

We can recommend three Christmas markets in Salzburg. Christmas is particularly beautiful in this city. Salzburg is just because of...
Vienna Christmas markets

Christmas time in Vienna – the most beautiful Christmas markets

The Christmas market season in Vienna begins in November. Even though the Christmas season in Vienna hasn't officially started yet...


Christmas gift ideas

Gift ideas for gifts for campers and motorhomes

Gifts for campers and motorhomes

Which gifts for campers and motorhomes will make outdoor fans happy? Holidays in campers and motorhomes are trendy. Therefore you can give gifts...
Gift ideas for gifts for travelers

Gifts for Travelers - What are the Best Travel Gifts for Gourmets?

What are the best travel gifts for travelers? We ask ourselves this question every year in the weeks...
Packing list for vacation

Packing list for vacation - what do you need for the trip?

With this packing list for your vacation, you won't forget anything you need for your trip. Use the checklist to check...


Popular Posts in the Slow Travel & Food and Travel blog

Luxembourg specialties - Kniddelen with bacon and onions

Luxembourg Specialties you should know

Luxembourg specialties you should know Luxembourg is a small country, but it has a variety of delicious dishes to offer. Many of these dishes are typical of Luxembourg and have a long tradition. You should know these dishes if you are looking for ...
Dutch oven sizes

Dutch Oven Sizes – Which One Fits Me?

Which size Dutch oven suits you best? A Dutch oven is a versatile and essential part of every kitchen. From casseroles to bread baking to outdoor cooking, a Dutch oven offers endless possibilities. The right Dutch oven...
winter boots for wide feet

winter boots for wide feet

Buy winter boots for wide feet online It is not easy to find winter boots for women and men for wide feet. I know that from my own experience. In a normal shoe store, I can hardly find winter shoes that fit me. Therefore we do ...


Popular foodie topics

Afrikanisch Essen - African dish from Nigeria

African Food - African Stew from Nigeria

African food Our African stew from Nigeria shows how good African food can be. I ate this for the first time many years ago in an African restaurant in Cape Town, South Africa. In Marco's African Place. Not far from the...
Torrone - white nougat

Torrone - white nougat from Italy

Torrone - white nougat from Italy This specialty was invented by the Arabs. They brought the white nougat with nuts to Spain. There they call it turrón. There are different types of nougat in Spain. One of the best known is the turrón...
Seiffener Knappenschmaus

Nine things and Saxon specialties from the Ore Mountains

Neunerlei and Saxony's homemade fare in the Ore Mountains What is a Neunerlei and what Saxon specialties from the Ore Mountains are there? We got to the bottom of this question between Seiffen, Annaberg-Buchholz and Oberwiesenthal (map). We were on the road for three days...


Currently interesting in the Slow Travel & Food and Travel blog

Heidelberg Christmas market Tobias Schwerdt

Christmas market in Heidelberg 2023

The Christmas market in Heidelberg 2023 The Christmas market in Heidelberg is worth a trip to Baden-Württemberg in 2023. Christmas is romantic there. Heidelberg is one of the university cities in Germany. With its old town, the location on the Neckar and the castle in Heidelberg, it offers ...
Miami Beach Marina

Miami in December / January: enjoy the winter in Florida

Miami in winter: More than just sun and beach If winter in Germany dampens the mood, Miami beckons with pleasant temperatures and a variety of activities. But Miami in winter has more to offer than just sun and beach...
Neustaedter goal

Where in Tangermünde?

Tangermünde Sights Where to go in Tangermünde? This question arises when we visit this Hanseatic city on the Elbe in the Altmark. Tangermünde is a town worth seeing. It lies at the confluence of the Tangier and the Elbe. No wonder the...


Popular insider tips

Motorhome with a view of the Main

Motorhome holidays - How to avoid rookie mistakes

Avoid rookie mistakes on your motorhome holiday We were newcomers to motorhomes on our first motorhome holiday in Franconia. This did not lead us to camper countries like the USA or Canada with their wide and dead straight roads and infrastructure for campers. At this ...
Salzburg specialties - Mozartkugel

Salzburg specialties that (not) everyone knows

Salzburg specialties Salzburg is so well known that almost everyone knows some of the Salzburg specialties. If you visit Salzburg, you can hardly avoid some of them. Either the waiter in your restaurant advertises them. Or you stumble across it in the...
Most beautiful cities in Bavaria

Most beautiful cities in Bavaria away from the hustle and bustle

Bavaria is known for its picturesque medieval towns that attract visitors from all over the world. From the narrow streets and historical buildings to the charming squares and picturesque rivers, there are many cities in Bavaria that are worth visiting...


Outdoor Tips

walking boots

Best hiking shoes for wide feet

Light hiking shoes for wide feet - what should you pay attention to when buying? Personal Experiences When Buying Lightweight Hiking Shoes for Wide Feet Best hiking shoes for wide feet for women and men are difficult to find. Who, like me, has strong feet...
Motorhome accessories

Motorhome accessories online shop

In the motorhome accessories online shop Discover tips and equipment for caravans and campers in this motorhome accessories online shop. This allows you to supply your mobile home with everything you need for your travels. Here you can find ways to buy...
Gift ideas for gifts for hikers

Gifts for hikers

Gift ideas for practical gifts for hikers who enjoy hiking Gifts are not only needed at Christmas time. The best things are always those souvenirs that you can use for specific purposes. That's why we're collecting suggestions for practical gifts for hikers and mountaineers here, ...


Recipes that are currently popular

Afrikanisch Essen - African dish from Nigeria

African Food - African Stew from Nigeria

African food Our African stew from Nigeria shows how good African food can be. I ate this for the first time many years ago in an African restaurant in Cape Town, South Africa. In Marco's African Place. Not far from the...
Christmas Pudding - Christmas dinner

Plum Pudding Recipe - How to prepare Christmas Pudding

Plum pudding the English way Plum pudding is as much a part of the traditional Christmas in Great Britain as Christmas stollen is here - with this plum pudding recipe you can make your own Christmas pudding. And perhaps a little tastier than this traditional dessert is generally said to be. Because not ...
Italian Christmas cake from Brescia

Italian Christmas cake from Brescia

In search of Italian Christmas cuisine I stumbled across the traditional Italian Christmas cake from Brescia today. No, this is not panettone. The Christmas cake that we present here comes from Lombardy and is a specialty of the region...


Travel destinations away from the hustle and bustle

Dr. Irena Fonda shows us her fish farm in Portoroz Slovenia

Portoroz Slovenia - Fresh fish from the fish farm

Fish from Portoroz Slovenia We have already told you about our visit to Piran, where we enjoyed fresh fish straight from the fisherman. I still dream of that dinner today. I had no idea how good stockfish tasted until then...
Hotel Marina Moscenicka Draga

The Hotel Marina in Moscenicka Draga: an Experience for the whole Family

Advertising and Hotel Review - The Hotel Marina in Moscenicka Draga in Croatia is located directly on the Adriatic coast and offers a mix of comfort and local culture. It has its own wellness area, but the surrounding nature also invites you...
Wineries in South Africa

Discover the 5 best located wineries in South Africa

Five Wineries in South Africa's Wine Region South Africa's wine region is home to 5 of the country's best-situated wineries. You can find them in the Cape Winelands. This is the name of the wine region near Cape Town, which includes the wine regions of Stellenbosch, Franschhoek and ...


Popular cities

Kitchen towels in style

Vienna Shopping away from the mainstream

Shopping in Vienna with a New Yorker We had decided to go shopping in Vienna away from the mainstream. However, we did not expect that this would turn out to be one of our favorite Vienna travel tips. Being an occasional visitor in another city...

Where can you eat well in Salzburg restaurants?

Where can you eat well in Salzburg restaurants? Eating well in Salzburg is easy. Restaurant Eating in Salzburg is an experience. We can recommend these Salzburg restaurants for pleasure trips. On our trips to Salzburg we got to know restaurants...
You like to eat steak in New York

Culinary Exploration: The New York Food Scene

Where can you eat well in New York? The answer to the question of where New Yorkers eat is not that simple. Which restaurant in New York City is worth visiting? There are numerous possibilities. New Yorkers eat street food...


Destinations on the water in the Slow Travel & Genuss travel blog

How do bananas grow in Tenerife?

Insider tip Tenerife: the banana plantations

Insider tip Tenerife: banana plantations Our insider tip for Tenerife: vacation away from the tourist hotspots near the banana plantations. How do bananas grow in Tenerife? Tenerife bananas are smaller than the ones we know from the supermarket! There are bananas on terraces. Bananas also grow...
Shells on Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island, Florida - This island is all about shells

Florida Sanibel Island is the island of mussels If you visit Sanibel Island in Florida, you can't avoid the topic of mussels. The Sanibel Island Florida Beaches are treasure troves for shell collectors. You can find shells everywhere: on the beach, in souvenirs...
Zuma Beach

The Best California Beaches

The Best Beach for a California Beach Vacation Fancy a California beach vacation? However, finding the best California beaches for a vacation in California is not that easy. The most beautiful beaches in California are located between Santa ...


Popular Canada and USA Travel Destinations in the Slow Travel & Food and Travel blog

Canadian ice wine

Canadian ice wine from Niagara

Ice wine from Niagara Canadian ice wine in Munich! We were invited to the presentation of Canadian wines by the Inniskillin Winery from the Niagara Region. The evening took place at the Stromberg KOUNGE in Munich. Hosted by both the Ontario Tourism Authority and...
Breakfast by the pool in Miami Beach

What does a typical American Breakfast look like ?

For us, an American breakfast is always a special experience that goes far beyond a simple morning meal. It's lush, warm, and so diverse that it often keeps us full throughout the day. In fact, we enjoy this hearty meal...
Churches in Quebec from Montreal to Quebec City

From Montreal to Quebec City along the King's Road

Montreal to Quebec City along the King's Road Most travelers take the freeway to get from Montreal to Quebec City as quickly as possible. They don't know what they're missing. There is an alternative to monotonous highway driving, for which ...


Popular Gadgets from the TravelWorldOnline Shop

Cool backpacks for city trips

Cool backpacks for city trips

Buy a backpack for city trips here A backpack for city trips belongs on the city trip packing list. However, not every backpack is a feast for the eyes. Here we present chic backpacks for women. If I take a backpack with me when I travel, I definitely...

Bag or Trolley? How to Choose the Right Bag for Your Train Ride

What is more practical - a travel bag or a trolley on the train? Travel bag or trolley - which is more practical on the train? On our journey from Munich to Cesenatico in Italy we also traveled by train. From Bologna airport we took...
TravelWorldOnline suitcase shop

Suitcase Shop – Find the perfect suitcase for your next trip

A good suitcase makes the difference. It keeps you organized, makes packing easier, and moves effortlessly through narrow aisles. Whether for a weekend trip or a trip around the world, the choice is crucial. In our suitcase shop you can find out what types of suitcases are...



Petar and Monika Fuchs - Slow Travel and Enjoyment Travel Blog TravelWorldOnline Traveler

About us and our Slow Travel & Trips to Savor Blog

Publish the Slow Travel & Enjoyment travel blog TravelWorldOnline Monika and Petar Fox. Monika traveled to America, Australia, Africa and Europe as a study tour leader for 17 years. During this time she got to know the highlights of these continents. However, she always wondered what else a country had to offer. What features make it special? What also determines the character of a country? What shapes its people? She is now exploring this together with Petar, her husband. On their travels that take them around the world, they look for slow travel and enjoyable travel tips. They then present their experiences and recommendations in this travel magazine. Monika writes, photographs and manages social media. Petar produces this Videos.


What is TravelWorldOnline about?

What topics can you find in the Slow Travel & Enjoyment travel blog TravelWorldOnline? To experience a country, you definitely need time. Therefore, in this travel magazine you will find tips on how to get to know your travel destination at leisure. For example, we recommend experiences that allow you to experience the local people and their way of life. Take a look behind the scenes. Get involved with your holiday destination. Take part in activities that are offered. We'll show you what and where you can do this:

  • Discover the cuisines of the world. Take a look into the cooking pots of your hosts. Visit fishermen or farmers. Take a cooking class for regional specialties. This gives you access to local life.
  • Wine and drinks in the world are an expression of the way of life in a region. Explore them at festivals, at wineries and in wine regions. Visit breweries, cafes or tea rooms. Also collect recipes so you can prepare drinks and cocktails at home.
  • In the Slow Travel Tips you will find recommendations. It tells you where and how best to explore a region. Discover the art of traveling slowly. Dive into the world of travel experiences with the Slow Travel & Enjoyment travel blog TravelWorldOnline. Experience the world intensely. Take your time. Also take a look behind the scenes. find out if Slow Travel is the art of traveling to savor at a hunt.


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