5 farmers markets in Vancouver, British Columbia

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During the summer months, farmers from the surrounding regions come to the city and offer their locally grown products at 5 different farmers' markets: fruit, vegetables, bread and other, often homemade, delicacies that taste good mainly because the ingredients are home-grown originate and can therefore be harvested at the optimal time. These markets take place on certain days of the week during the harvest season - from mid-May to the end of October - at various locations in Vancouver. A stroll through such a farmers' market is a great opportunity to get a glimpse of the city's lively foodie community. And it has it all, as we were able to find out on our last trips to Vancouver full of pleasure and to our great pleasure. There is a lot to discover there. “Good food” plays a major role in Vancouver, not just in restaurants, but also in the city's private kitchens. People like to cook well on the west coast of Canada.

Where to find farmers markets in Vancouver?

The farmers' markets in Vancouver take place in different parts of the metropolis on Burrard Inlet and on different days of the week, so visitors almost always have the opportunity to get closer to the food culture of Canada's west coast. All he has to do is plan his trip so that there is enough time to visit a farmer's market.

The 5 Farmer's Markets from Vancouver

  • The Kitsilano Farmers' Market

Not far from the Kitsilano Beach sell in the time of 20. May to 21. October on Sunday between 10.00 and 14.00 clock about fifty farmers their products from organic and conventional cultivation. Anyone who strolls through this market gets honey from the Fraser Valley, organic coffee, gluten-free cakes and crackers, freshly baked bread, biodynamic berries and hand-crafted handicrafts. This makes Kitsilano's farmers' market the perfect place to stock up on a picnic on the beach of the same name, which can be savored against the backdrop of the city center and the mountains beyond.
Venue: 2690 Larch Street on 10th Avenue, in the parking lot of Kitsilano Community Center

  • The West End Farmers' Market

Not far from a number of downtown Vancouver hotels, the West End Farmers' Market will be held every Saturday from June 2 to October 20 between 9.00:14.00 am and XNUMX:XNUMX pm. There are mainly high-quality products such as pastries, cheese, honey and more. The market is particularly suitable for combining a visit to the market with a shopping spree on Robson Street.
Venue: 1100 block of Comox Street across from Nelson Park on Mole Hill

  •  The Farmers' Market at Main Street Station

From the 6. June to 3. Every Wednesday in October, farmers come to Thornton Park between 15.00 and 19.00 to sell their produce: then there is maple syrup, homemade sausages, fresh wild salmon and handmade soaps. And who wants to can then extend its shopping spree on the shops on Main Street and in the restaurants and trendy boutiques of the neighborhood. Attention: Vancouver's Main Street is not downtown but south of it.
Venue: 1100 Block Station Street at Thornton Park across from VIA Rail Station and near Main St Skytrain Station

  • The Granville Island Farmers' Market

Not to be confused with the Public Market, which is open every day, the farmers market on Granville Island takes place every Thursday from the 7. June from 9.00 to 15.00 pm. For more than twenty years, everything from homemade cheese to natural gourmet sauces. And those who come together after the market visit are spoiled for choice among more than 70 restaurants on the island. Or are you looking for fresh fish and chips at False Creek Fisherman's Wharf?
Venue: Triangle Square (easy to find between the Net Loft and the Public Market). But beware: only cash is accepted. There are enough ATMs in the area.

  • Lonsdale Quay Artisans Farmers' Market

From the 5. May to 27. On October, the farmer's market at Lonsdale Quay takes place on Saturday from 10.00 to 15.00 o'clock. From the city center, it can be reached in an 10 minute SeaBus ride. Here are some of the best jam chefs in Vancouver. There is also honey, homemade salsas, freshly baked bread and handicrafts. Anyone who relocates their visit to the Grouse Mountain or the Capilano Suspension Bridge to this day can get a tasty picnic there.
Venue: Lonsday Quay, East Plaza at the Quay

And if, in the summer, you're still in Vancouver on a day when there's no farmers market, there's still the Public Market, which is, admittedly, a beautiful and highly appetizing market in the Canadian West Coast metropolis. Open all year, located in its own market building on Granville Island, this market is an excellent alternative if you really want to be in Vancouver on a summer's day when no farmers market takes place.

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5 farmers markets in Vancouver, British Columbia
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