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The Slow Travel & Enjoyment travel blog TravelWorldOnline presents travel tips. They are aimed at anyone who takes the time to get to know their destinations. Here you will find, for example, recommendations on where and how to make your holiday an experience. Get to know the people who shape your holiday destination. Also discover opportunities where you can meet them. Participate in activities that allow you to look behind the scenes. And above all: enjoy your stay.

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Making coffee in the camper

Making coffee in the camper: How to make coffee in the motorhome

Making coffee in the camper: our guide for coffee lovers Coffee and camping – for many people it’s a combination that simply goes hand in hand. But why is it like that? Coffee is definitely part of our trips in the camper. However, it is not always that easy. Especially when ...

Enjoy venison leg: preparation, purchase and more

A few weeks ago we were guests at the Peterhof forest restaurant in Gablingen. The country inn with beer garden is located in the Western Forests Nature Park near Augsburg. We were there for lunch on a Saturday and initially only shared the beer garden with a few other guests. As time went on, however, more and more hikers came...
Miami Beach Marina

Miami in December / January: enjoy the winter in Florida

How is the weather in December in Miami? We fly to Miami in December. At the end of December we get the usual winter blues. Christmas is just over. It will be months before the first spring flowers peak through the snow. We are starved for sun. So what to do? Only helps...


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Canada East

Do you already know the cities of Eastern Canada? Toronto's skyline on the shores of Lake Ontario offers views that will take your breath away. Experience the metropolis of Eastern Canada and discover its ethnic diversity. Montreal, on the other hand, awaits you with a mix of French flair and British lifestyle. Instead, the capital Ottawa lures with world-class museums and the hubs of power in Canada. Finally, feel transported to 17th-century France in Quebec City.

The nature in eastern Canada is also impressive. For example, follow the banks of the St. Lawrence River and discover a world that is more reminiscent of the sea and extends far into the continent. Experience the coastal landscapes, the river valleys that criss-cross the interior and the rolling hills of the Appalachian Mountains. Also, be amazed by the tide difference in the Bay of Fundy. Also enjoy the landscapes of Prince Edward Island. Also discover the coastal and archipelago region in Nova Scotia. Finally, explore one of the most scenic coastal roads in eastern Canada on Cape Breton Island: the Cabot Trail. Or look forward to the inhabitants of the fishing villages of Newfoundland and Labrador. Their hospitality is what makes this region so welcoming.

Order the Travel Guide Canada - East Here *, which Monika publishes as a co-author.


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Luxembourg specialties - Kniddelen with bacon and onions

Luxembourg Specialties you should know

Luxembourg specialties you should know Luxembourg is a small country, but it has a variety of delicious dishes to offer. Many of these dishes are typical of Luxembourg and have a long tradition. You should know these dishes if you are looking for ...
Gas grill recipes for beginners

Simple gas grill recipes for beginners - delicious ideas

Gas Grill Recipes for Beginners If you are a beginner to gas grilling, it can be difficult to find the perfect gas grill recipe. But don't worry, we've put together some delicious gas grill recipes for you that will help you get the most out of your...
the Devil's Bridge.

Kassel Water Show - You should know this, before you visit it

Kassel cascades: what you should know about the Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe trick fountains A visit to the Kassel Wilhelmshöhe trick fountains begins with Hercules in Kassel. The water games begin at Hercules. From there you follow the water down the mountain. The Hercules towers over Kassel ...


Popular Foodie Topics in the Slow Travel & Food and Travel blog

Bake bread in the Omnia oven

Baking bread in the Omnia - This is how bread is baked in the mobile home

Who doesn't know this from their motorhome trips? Fresh bread for breakfast always tastes best. Many campsites offer a bread delivery service. But you don't always stay overnight at such a campsite. So it's good if you...
Bake pizza in the mobile home

Baking pizza in the mobile home - Omnia oven recipes

This blog post is about baking pizza in the camper with the Omnia oven and a silicone mold. We'll show you how easy it can be to prepare delicious pizza on the go. A few years ago, when we...
Salzburg specialties - Mozartkugel

Salzburg specialties that (not) everyone knows

Salzburg specialties Salzburg is so well known that almost everyone knows some of the Salzburg specialties. If you visit Salzburg, you can hardly avoid some of them. Either the waiter in your restaurant advertises them. Or you stumble across it in the...


Currently interesting in the Slow Travel & Food and Travel blog

Memorial at the Fuscher Törl

Glockner High Alpine Road - Hohe Tauern by car

Glockner High Alpine Road - The most beautiful pass road in Austria The Glockner High Alpine Road is Austria's panoramic road. When the sun is shining outside, the sky awakens our longing for the mountains. Whenever possible, we get in the car and drive out on...
Dutch Oven Sizes - Which is Right

Dutch Oven Sizes – Which One Fits Me?

Dutch Oven sizes Table shows which Dutch Oven size fits If you like to cook outside, then you surely already know these sturdy cast iron pots. But which Dutch Oven size is right for you and your group? When choosing the...
walking boots

Best hiking shoes for wide feet

Hiking shoes for wide feet - what should you look out for when buying them? Best hiking shoes for wide feet for women and men are hard to find. Anyone, like me, who has strong feet that swell quickly when walking for a long time, knows how difficult it is...


Popular Insider Tips in the Slow Travel & Food and Travel blog

Kitchen towels in style

Vienna Shopping away from the mainstream

Shopping in Vienna with a New Yorker We had decided to go shopping in Vienna away from the mainstream. However, we did not expect that this would turn out to be one of our favorite Vienna travel tips. Being an occasional visitor in another city...
Best accommodation in Texel

What you need to know about getting to the island of Texel

How to get to Texel - you need to know that How to get to Texel by ferry In our Texel travel guide you will find everything you need to know about the ferry crossing. Getting to Texel by ferry is easy. You should know this for your holiday on Texel: ...
Historic sailing ships at the port of Cesenatico

What can you do in Cesenatico?

What to do in Cesenatico ? The name Cesenatico awakens the longing for vacation in me. Vacation, which in this case means lounging on the beach. Just doing nothing, sleeping in, soaking up the sun, sipping cocktails and cooling off in the ...


Outdoor Tips in the Slow Travel & Food and Travel blog

Cool backpacks for city trips

Cool backpacks for city trips

Buy a backpack for city trips here A backpack for city trips belongs on the city trip packing list. However, not every backpack is a feast for the eyes. Here we present chic backpacks for women. If I take a backpack with me when I travel, I definitely...
Hiking in southern Germany to Henneburg in Churfranken

The most beautiful hiking trails in Northern Germany

Most beautiful hiking trails in northern Germany and the middle Hiking is trendy. The more remote, the better. Take a break. enjoy views. Breathe fresh air. experience silence. forest bathing discover solitude. Do a picknick. There are many places in Germany that are committed to ...
The Magnifique in Traves

In the houseboat on the Saone in Franche Comté

Burgundy holidays on the Saone We are on the way with the houseboat on the Saone. We can no longer be described as houseboat newcomers. Last year we went on a houseboat on the Mayenne. In addition, in this...


Popular Recipes in the Slow Travel & Food and Travel blog

French baking - French fig cake with cinnamon chocolate

French Baking - Fig Cake Recipe to Savor

French Baking: Fig Cake Recipe A fig cake recipe that whets the appetite. Yesterday we tested that French baking is also fun at home with this fig cake recipe from France. If you feel the same way as we do, then pick up ...
Afrikanisch Essen - African dish from Nigeria

African Food - African Stew from Nigeria

African food Our African stew from Nigeria shows how good African food can be. I ate this for the first time many years ago in an African restaurant in Cape Town, South Africa. In Marco's African Place. Not far from the...
Chakalaka recipe from South Africa

Chakalaka recipe from South Africa

Chakalaka recipe from South Africa This Chakalaka recipe in its current form probably originated in the kitchens of the townships and mining settlements in and around Johannesburg in South Africa. The court is still quite new. It is said that in the hostels...


Popular Travel Destinations off the Beaten Path in the Slow Travel & Food and Travel blog

top field

Wine Getaway in Franconia, Germany, on the Trail of the Wine

Wine weekend Franconia at the winemaker or in the wine hotel Excursions and tips for Würzburg visitors. Six wine villages in Franconia for a holiday with a winegrower in Franconia or for a wine weekend in Franconia? In these places, vacationing in a wine region of Germany is ...
Points of interest in Aachen - Dom

Discover Aachen sights in one day

Aachen sights for one day 3 museums for a Aachen old town tour Aachen in one day - Which sights in Aachen do you have to see as a museum lover in the city of Charlemagne? That was the question we asked ourselves...
Churches in Quebec from Montreal to Quebec City

From Montreal to Quebec City along the King's Road

Montreal to Quebec City along the King's Road Most travelers take the freeway to get from Montreal to Quebec City as quickly as possible. They don't know what they're missing. There is an alternative to monotonous highway driving, for which ...


Popular Cities in the Slow Travel & Food and Travel blog

Inverness Scotland

Things to do in Inverness Scotland

If you are planning a holiday in Inverness, Scotland, there are many sights and activities that you should not miss. Find out more about the top attractions in Inverness here. Known as the gateway to the Highlands, Inverness is rich in history, nature and...
Assmannshausen near Rhine in flames

Discover the most beautiful cities on the Rhine

Discover beautiful cities on the Rhine There are many beautiful cities on the Rhine. We've seen that time and time again over the past few years. We find the section in the Middle Rhine Valley between Mainz and Koblenz particularly nice for a holiday on the Rhine. This ...
Magnificent ceiling mosaics in the cathedral of Aachen

Aachen - a walk through the old town

Are you planning a trip to Aachen? Then you should definitely plan a tour of the old town during your Aachen sightseeing! Aachen's old town is a real treasure that will inspire you with its history and charm. A ...


Popular Travel Destinations on the Water in the Slow Travel & Food and Travel blog


Spreewald vacation - Three Days in Lübben, Lübbenau, Lehde and Burg

Tips for a Spreewald holiday Three days is a good amount of time for a Spreewald holiday away from the hustle and bustle of the big city in the three most important towns in the Spreewald, about 70 kilometers south of Berlin. Easy to get to via the freeway...
Fishing boat in Oudeschild - North Sea beach vacation

Texel island sights and activities on the North Sea

Texel sights & activities in our Texel travel guide In this Texel travel guide you will find recommendations for a holiday on Texel with Texel sights, activities and tips. The island on the North Sea in Holland fascinates. through their people. Because of the proximity...
One of the wooden drawbridges in Edam

Edam - see the cheese village from the water

Edam Holland Sightseeing from the water Edam in Holland is a small town in the Netherlands known for its delicious cheese that goes by the same name. This cheese has a long history and is not only found in Holland, ...


Popular Canada and USA Travel Destinations in the Slow Travel & Food and Travel blog

The Gainsford House by 1833

Three attractions in Charlottetown, PEI

Three things to do in Charlottetown Prince Edward Island's capital, Charlottetown, isn't big. No wonder, since the province of which it is the seat of government is the smallest in Canada. Nevertheless, it played an important role in the history of the country: here the ...
Charming Quebec Village: A cozy bench in Knowlton, Quebec

Charming Quebec village - Knowlton

A charming Quebec village : Knowlton Quebec is part of the city of Brome Lake Do you know that too? You visit a place you have never heard of or imagined and are amazed by what you find there...
Wild Pacific Trail

Hiking on the Wild Pacific Trail Vancouver Island

Hiking the Wild Pacific Trail on Vancouver Island We experience what is arguably one of the most beautiful hiking trails on Canada's west coast this April on the Wild Pacific Trail Lighthouse Loop, a simple version of the Pacific Trial on Vancouver Island. Actually had...


Popular Gadgets from the TravelWorldOnline Shop

Camping e-bike folding bike

Camping with an e-bike folding bike in a mobile home

Why is an e-bike folding bike useful in a mobile home when camping? On our motorhome tour through the wine region on the Main, we learned that a bike is helpful for camping trips with a motorhome. As comfortable as the size of our RV was on the campsites,...
Best rain jacket

Which rain jacket is the best? - A selection

Which rain jacket is really waterproof? Which functional jacket, Friesennerz, wax jacket helps in the rain? Incl. rain jacket test. Rain jacket tested - Which is the best rain jacket? With PRIME Try it first, pay later* Which rain jacket is really waterproof? Is it a Frisian mink? Or ...
Here you will find a swimsuit that makes you slimmer, for the beach

A swimsuit that makes you slimmer

A swimsuit that makes you slimmer Who doesn't know that? After the winter months with its culinary temptations, the love handles force you to look for a swimsuit that makes you slimmer. I know this only too well. Every year I take...



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Publish the Slow Travel & Enjoyment travel blog TravelWorldOnline Monika and Petar Fox. Monika traveled America, Australia, Africa and Europe as a study tour guide for 17 years. During this time she got to know the highlights of these continents. However, she always wondered what else a country has to offer. What features make it special? What determines the character of a country? What shapes its people? She is now researching this together with Petar, her husband. On their travels, which lead them through the world, they go in search of slow travel and pleasure travel tips. They then present their experiences and recommendations in this travel magazine. Monika writes, photographs and takes care of the social media. Petar produces the Videos.


What is TravelWorldOnline about?

What topics do you find in the Slow Travel & Enjoyment travel blog TravelWorldOnline? To experience a country, you need time. Therefore, in this travel magazine you will find tips on how to get to know your travel destination at your leisure. For example, we recommend experiences that allow you to get to know the local people and their way of life. Take a look behind the scenes. Get involved in your holiday destination. Join in activities that are on offer. We show you what and where you can do this:

  • Discover the cuisines of the world. Take a look into the cooking pots of your hosts. Visit fishermen or farmers. Take a cooking class for regional specialties. This gives you access to local life.
  • Wine and drinks in the world are an expression of the way of life in a region. Explore them at festivals, at wineries and in wine regions. Visit breweries, cafes or tea rooms. Also collect recipes so you can prepare drinks and cocktails at home.
  • In the Slow Travel Tips you will find recommendations. It tells you where and how best to explore a region. Discover the art of traveling slowly. Dive into the world of travel experiences with the Slow Travel & Enjoyment travel blog TravelWorldOnline. Experience the world intensely. Take your time. Also take a look behind the scenes. find out if Slow Travel is the art of traveling to savor at a hunt.


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