Canadian ice wine from Niagara

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Canadian ice wine

Niagara ice wine

Canadian Icewine in Munich! We were invited to present Canadian wines from the Inniskillin Winery from the Niagara region. The evening took place in the Stromberg KOUNGE in Munich. Hosts were both the Tourist Board of Ontario as well as the Inniskillin Winery. She even came with her own cook. He received us with canapés from German-Canadian cuisine. While strolling through Munich's bakeries, chef Tim Mackiddie discovered Bavarian pretzels. He was so enthusiastic that he served us a potpourri of Bavarian-Canadian ingredients in the evening. Combined with wafer-thin scallops and Isartaler cheese. He melted this with the Bunsen burner. The result was an hors d'oeuvre that got us in the mood for what was to come. A dinner in pleasant surroundings, with which we tasted four wines from the Niagara region. You can find out where to buy Canadian ice wine here:


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Inniskillin ice wine – buy Canadian ice wine
Inniskillin Icewine - presented autumnally
Inviting - the table where we can taste the wines of Inniskillin
Inviting - the blackboard
Delicious! Zander in potato consommé with gnocchi, chives and bacon
Delicious! Zander in potato consommé


Canadian ice wine from Niagara

We were welcomed with a glass of 2012 Sparkling Vidal Icewine from Inniskillin. This made me curious about the wines. The starter – a zander in potato consommé with gnocchi, chives and bacon – was served with a 2012 Chardonnay from the Montague Vineyard in Inniskillin. We learned that this vineyard was named after a banker. He loves the winery's wines. However, the owners of Inniskillin had to convince him over the years to get into the wine business with ice wine. He hesitated for a long time. In any case, he believed that there was little point in investing in something as rare as good ice wine. When he finally decided to do so, the owners of Inniskillin named one of their vineyards after him.


The stars of the evening - buy Canadian ice wine from Inniskillin
Canadian Icewine - The stars of the evening


Pinot Noir to the main course

The main course - duck on a bed of lentils, garlic, savoy cabbage and carrots - was accompanied by an 2011 Pinot Noir from the Montague Vineyard of Inniskillin. We learned interesting things about the glasses, in which one served the wine. They come from the glassblowing company Riedel from Kufstein in Austria. Riedel produces wine glasses that are not only adapted to white or red wine, but even to grape varieties.

We had the opportunity to taste the wines in different glasses to taste, And indeed! On varietal glass von Riedel brought out the wine aroma more intensely than a wine glass. It definitely reinforces the sensory impressions. The Bouquet of the same wine we experienced in a Riedel glass stronger than in another glass. The consistency of the wine, the soft, silky, velvety wine, was more exciting. The taste of the wine was also much better expressed, we drank this from a Riedel glass. This experience made conversation with all guests of the evening.


Smoked duck on lentils, candied garlic, savoy cabbage and glazed carrots
Smoked duck on lentils


Canadian ice wine Vidal for dessert

The star of the evening finally followed dessert – a chocolate and red wine cake with vanilla meringue, hazelnut Bavarian cream and cocoa nibs. A 2012 ice wine Vidal from Inniskillin Niagara Estate, a wine that impressed both Petar and me. It was a full-bodied addition to the dessert. At the same time, he ensured a great conclusion to our menu, which our hosts presented to us. We thank you for inviting us to this meal. That's why we're putting a visit to Inniskillin at the top of our to-do list for our next trip to Ontario's Niagara wine region.


Chocolate red wine cake with vanilla meringue, hazelnut Bavarian cream and cocoa nibs
Canadian ice wine tastes good - chocolate red wine cake


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If you purchase via a link marked *, we receive a commission, which we use to run this blog.



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Source: own research on site, kindly invited by Tourism Ontario and the Inniskillin Winery. However, our opinions remain our own.

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Canadian ice wine from Niagara

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