Easter Tradition in Burgenland: Easter Eggs Scratching

Painted easter eggs - Easter tradition in Burgenland

Easter Tradition in Burgenland

We have a Easter tradition im Burgenland got to know – scratching Easter eggs. Ostrich eggs of all colors twirl through the air on the wheel. Forsythia eggs dangle in the wind. Easter bunnies peer out from between the flower borders in the Stipsits family's front yard. It's Easter time in Stinatz. The perfect time for one Easter holidays in Burgenland. For Erika Stipsits, this means that she now hardly does anything other than decorate eggs. She dyes them and then decorates them with motifs.

Easter tradition in Burgenland: it lives on in Stinatz

Erika stipsits in her kitchen
Erika Stipsits scratching Easter eggs - Easter tradition in Burgenland


She learned how to carve Easter eggs from her mother. She knows it from her grandmother. In the months leading up to Easter, Erika Stipsits works on the eggs. These can be seen. She has collected motifs in a sample book. From this she gets the ideas for her egg decorations. There are floral motifs, hearts, leaf shapes, tendrils and borders. These turn a chicken, goose or ostrich egg into a work of art. Easter traditions vary from region to region, such as in Franken. The Easter tradition in Burgenland is something special.

Easter Eggs Carving - Easter Tradition in Burgenland


Easter eggs as they are decorated in Croatia - Easter tradition in Burgenland
Easter eggs as they are decorated in Croatia - Easter tradition in Burgenland


The village of Stinatz is close to the neighboring countries. In the turmoil of the 19th century, families were knocked out Croatia in the Burgenland, They still honor the traditions of Croatia today. Even if, as Erika Stipsits says, “the majority of young people no longer bother to continue the customs. The work is too exhausting for them. In addition, the effort is too great for them. "



In fact, carving Easter eggs is work. The calluses on Erika Stipsits' hands speak volumes. They show how exhausting the job is. "Easter usually ends with tendinitis," reports Ms. Stipsits. No wonder! She works on her works of art every day from morning until late at night.

Scraping Easter eggs in Stinatz is an Easter tradition in Burgenland


A scratched rose as Easter egg motive - Easter tradition in Burgenland
A rose as an Easter egg motif - Easter tradition in Burgenland


However, their diligence pays off. The Easter egg carvers from Stinatz are known throughout Austria. Everyone has heard of them. Erika Stipsits has appeared on television. She was even a guest of the Federal President. Her customers also come from all over the country: “One of my regular customers travels from Carinthia year after year. Just to get eggs.” The Easter tradition in Burgenland is known beyond the borders of the region.

Easter tradition in Burgenland - Watch Ms. Stipsits at work

What she likes best, however, is when customers visit her in her kitchen. She works there during the day. Then you can watch her as the works of art are created in the Easter tradition in Burgenland. You can even express your wishes about the motifs. "An Easter egg with 'Hello Kitty' is easy to make," says Erika Stipsits. Within minutes she then conjures up an egg with her fans' favorite motif. You don't need a template or instructions for this. She masters this work in her sleep. During our visit she talks about the art of carving Easter eggs. At the same time, she is working on one egg after the other. Each with a different motif, without a template. She doesn't even have to stop to think about how to design the pattern. She is familiar with the Easter tradition of scratching eggs.

Anyone who wants to watch the Easter tradition in Burgenland themselves is very welcome. In the period between Ash Wednesday and Easter Saturday you can visit Ms. Erika Stipsits in her kitchen. You should only call beforehand. Ms. Erika Stipsits, Hauptstraße 196, A-7552 Stinatz, Tel. 03358/3192.

Bring this Easter tradition from Burgenland home

Instructions, motifs and templates for scratching Easter eggs can be found here:

So that you can also experience the Easter tradition from Burgenland at home, all you need is a hard-boiled egg, a fine brush, a color of your choice and a scratch template.

First, paint the hard-boiled egg with a color of your choice and let it dry. Then place the scratch template on the egg and fix it with some adhesive tape. Use the fine brush to carefully scratch off the paint from the areas that are white on the template.

You can also combine different colors or layer multiple scratch templates to create a unique design. When you're done, you can give the egg a little clear coat to protect it.

This no-wax scratching technique is also a great way to decorate your Easter eggs, and it's also a good option if you don't have crayons handy. Try it out and let your creativity run wild! This is how you bring the Easter tradition from Burgenland into the living room at home.


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Easter tradition in Burgenland
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Easter Tradition in Burgenland: Easter Eggs Scratching

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