Frankfurter Kranz – How do you bake it at home?

Frankfurt wreath

Frankfurt am Main knows some specialties that are typical for the city. This includes the cake that bears the name of the city. He was already known to my mother. I can still remember that she often baked it for holidays. It brings back childhood memories for me – of birthday parties and other celebrations. How do you prepare a Frankfurter Kranz? With this Frankfurter Kranz recipe you can bake it at home. We will also tell you which shape you need for a Frankfurt wreath.

Try the Frankfurter Kranz in the café in Frankfurt

However, the cake tastes best when you order it with coffee in a café in the city. You can find a selection of suitable cafés in this article Restaurants in the city on the Main. So if you ever have time to visit there, don't miss out on this cake specialty. But you can also easily bake them yourself. You can find out how in this recipe.

Frankfurt wreath recipe


 For the pastry:

250 soft butter
230 sugar
1 parcel vanilla sugar
1 pinch salt
Medium sized eggs
230 flour
3 TL baking powder
50 ml milk
some butter for the form

For the buttercream:

850 ml milk
2 parcel Custard powder
80 sugar
200 g raspberry jam
250 soft butter
50 powdered sugar

For the decoration:

150 Hazelnut brittle
einige candied cherries for garnish
Frankfurt wreath
Frankfurt wreath

Preparation of the Frankfurter Kranz recipe:

Wash out the Frankfurter Kranz mold with cold water and do not dry it. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. If you have a convection oven, 160 degrees is enough.

Cream the butter with the sugar, vanilla sugar and salt. Then add the eggs and mix them. Mix the flour with baking powder and sift it over the dough. Add the milk and stir gently. Fill the dough into the mold and let it bake for about three quarters of an hour. Then you let it cool down.

Preparation of the buttercream:

While you are waiting for the Frankfurter Kranz to get cold, you can prepare the buttercream. To do this, mix 100 ml milk with sugar and pudding powder until no more lumps form. Boil the rest of the milk. Then stir in the pudding-milk mixture and let the mixture simmer for about a minute while stirring. Then pour the mixture into a bowl and cover it. So it doesn't form a skin. Put the pudding in the fridge and let it cool down.

Meanwhile, beat the icing sugar into the butter. As soon as the pudding is cold, stir it into the butter, tablespoon by tablespoon. Set aside about a quarter of the finished buttercream. You will need these later to decorate the Frankfurt wreath.

Completion of the cake:

Now you carefully take the cold Frankfurter Kranz out of the mold and cut it in two across. Now spread the raspberry jam on both bases. Some choose blackcurrant jam instead. That's a matter of taste.

Then you spread about a third of the buttercream on the lower dough base and carefully place the middle piece of dough on top. Spread this with buttercream too and cover it with the top piece of dough. It is best to put the cake in the fridge for a few minutes so that the buttercream sets. Then the Frankfurter Kranz can also be spread with buttercream on the outside.

Then you distribute the brittle on the Frankfurter Kranz. It looks particularly pretty if you decorate it with piles of buttercream on top. You can put a candied cherry on each.

As far as the Frankfurter Kranz baking pan is concerned, you can use a Guglhupf pan for it. But there is also a special Frankfurt wreath shape that ensures that it gets the typical high shape. You can do this in our Baking accessories online shop order.


Frankfurt wreath recipe
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Source: my mother's recipe

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Frankfurter Kranz – How do you bake it at home?
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