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Glenfiddich Whiskey - in family hands since 1887 #Sponsored Post

Glenfiddich whiskey distillery
Whiskey distillery

Advertisement - We love the ambiance that traditional businesses like the Scottish Glenfiddich Whiskey Distilleries exude. Valuable whiskeys are often stored in old oak barrels behind stone walls for decades. At Glenfiddich there are even whiskeys that are older than 125 years. If you approach a whiskey distillery, you will smell the wonderful scent of the "angel's share" before entering the production facility. This is the name of the aroma that is released through the pores of the oak barrels into the environment - a wonderful appetite stimulator to taste this high-proof barley juice. Triple-distilled whiskeys are produced at Glenfiddich's traditional whiskey distillery. This is where the world's most awarded single malt Scotch whiskey comes from!

Glenfiddich Whiskey - since 1887 family-owned

The specialty of Glenfiddich whiskey is that the Scottish whiskey distillery in Dufftown is still family owned. The distillery was founded by William Grant in the summer 1887. With 47 years, the father of seven sons and two daughters put everything on a map and built the distillery together with his children by hand. Stone by stone, the distillery was created, in which today decades-old whiskeys mature. The oldest whiskey currently on the market is the Glenfiddich 125th Anniversary Edition with its particularly strong and smoky aroma, which smells of fresh fruits, jams and spices.

The name "Glenfiddich" is Gaelic and means something like the "valley of the deer". While other Scottish whiskey distilleries closed their doors during prohibition, Glenfiddich Whiskey used the time to ripen his whiskeys. Therefore, after the end of the alcohol ban, the whiskey distillers from Dufftown were perfectly positioned to sell their excellent whiskeys all over the world. William Grant's values ​​and visions still determine the production of the world's most awarded single malt scotch whiskey. The courage and pioneering spirit of the Glenfiddich founder has been passed down from generation to generation since 1887. This story shows the video "Magnificent Ten", which shows the beginning of the "Maverick Whiskey Makers of Dufftown". The descendants of William Grant still follow the visions and dreams of the founder of Glenfiddich. They do things in their own special way and set up their own rules. Just like William Grant once did.

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