Glenfiddich Whiskey - in family hands since 1887

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We love the ambience that old traditional businesses such as the Glenfiddich Whiskey Distillery in Scotland exude. The whiskeys are often stored in oak barrels for decades behind stone walls. Glenfiddich even has whiskeys that are more than 125 years old. If you approach a whiskey distillery, you can already smell the scent of the “angel's share” before entering the production facility. This is the name of the aroma that is released into the environment through the pores of the oak barrels. An appetizer to try this barley juice. The whiskey distillery in Glenfiddich distills the whiskeys three times. This is where the single malt scotch whiskey with the most awards worldwide comes from!

Glenfiddich Whiskey - since 1887 family-owned

The special thing about Glenfiddich Whiskey is that the whiskey distillery in Dufftown is still family-owned to this day. Founded by William Grant in the summer of 1887, the distillery still exists today. At the age of 47, the father of seven sons and two daughters put everything on one card. He built the distillery by hand together with his children. The distillery was built stone by stone, in which whiskey types mature over decades. The oldest whiskey is the Glenfiddich 125th Anniversary Edition with its strong and smoky aroma that smells of fresh fruits, jam and spices.

The name "Glenfiddich" is Gaelic. It means something like the "Valley of the Deer". While other whiskey distilleries in Scotland closed their doors during Prohibition, Glenfiddich Whiskey used the time to let its whiskeys mature. Therefore, after the end of the alcohol ban, the whiskey distillers from Dufftown were perfectly positioned to sell their whiskeys all over the world. The values ​​and visions of William Grant still determine the production of the single malt Scotch whiskey with the most awards in the world. The courage and pioneering spirit of the Glenfiddich founder has been passed on from one generation to the next. Since 1887. The descendants of William Grant continue to follow the visions and dreams of the founder of Glenfiddich to this day. They do things their own way and make their rules for it. Just like William Grant once did.

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Glenfiddich Whiskey - in family hands since 1887
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