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Hiking and wine on the pleasure mile in Gumpoldskirchen

In the Vienna Woods, hike along the pleasure mile in Gumpoldskirchen

Shoot up the mountains and hike in the Vienna Woods


Hike along the pleasure mile in Gumpoldskirchen in the Vienna Woods

This is a holiday in Austria with hiking for connoisseurs. We are invited to the pleasure mile in Gumpoldskirchen and want to hike in the Vienna Woods. Going on holiday in the wine-growing regions of Austria also means experiencing tradition. What do you drink in Gumpoldskirchen? Wine, of course. The pleasure mile is a wine Festivalthat takes place every year in the Thermenregion wine region. It heralds the grape harvest. Only 27 kilometers away from the capital, the town is surrounded by vineyards. These extend along the range of hills. In Lower Austria grow wines. These include the Rotgipfler, the Zierfandler, the Zweigelt, Blauburgunder, Weißburgunder or the Neuburger. They thrive on soils made of loam, clay or limestone brown soils. This and the location in the foothills of the Wienerwald protects the vineyards from the weather. At the same time, these open up to the climatic influences of the Pannonia plain. The result is wines that taste good. In the Vienna Woods, hiking from bar to bar is pure enjoyment.


Liberut Thallern, a good stopover to go hiking in the Vienna Woods
Barrel cellar in the Freilut Thallern


Enjoyment days between vineyards: hiking in the Vienna Woods

We're leaving Hotel Hanner in Mayerling. From there we go to Freelance Thallern *. Cistercian monks once built the monastery there Holy cross Wine on. Today the monks lease the winery. It is often used for events. Baptisms or weddings take place in the Johanneskapelle. Wedding couples can also spend the night in the Giuliani Suite with a view of the church interior.

Wines from the area are stored in the barrel cellar. The student grape matures in the vineyards in front of the chapel. Music booms from the event rooms. “We are preparing for a wedding,” explains Johannes. This leads us through the winery. In the vinotheque we taste the wines from the estate. So we get in the mood for the highlight of our stay in the wine region of Gumpoldskirchen. We visit the pleasure mile. Before that, however, we can enjoy a fried chicken in the monastery inn in Freilut Thallern.


Do you like to travel by motorhome?

  • Camping Wien Süd is a campsite near the pleasure mile in Gumpoldskirchen. There are other campsites in the area.
  • Do you want to rent a motorhome? Then you will find information here and Booking options.
  • Check with our Packing list camperwhether you have packed everything for your motorhome tour.
  • Austria has a well-developed network of campsites. There are parking spaces in all parts of the country. Outside of camping and parking spaces, you can stay overnight for a maximum of one night. But be careful: there are bans depending on the region (Tyrol, Vienna). Camping Guide for Austria * you can buy it here.


Brass music at the Genussmeile in Gumpoldskirchen
Brass music at the Genussmeile in Gumpoldskirchen


The shooting up of the mountains opens the pleasure mile in Gumpoldskirchen

The Gumpoldskirchen pleasure mile begins with shooting up the mountains. For this purpose, the visitors gather on the town square with the city's dignitaries. Brass music sets the mood for the "longest bar in the world". The celebrations begin on the square in front of the church in Gumpoldskirchen.

A band entertains those waiting with brass music while everyone waits for the city representatives. They are late coming up the hill. The wine queen with her crown on her head. The Wine King looks splendid in his gown. The shooters carry their firecrackers over their shoulders. One of them comes up to me. He asks me if I want to pick up one of the firecrackers. "But beware! They're heavy, ”he advises me as I pick up the can. “No wonder,” I think to myself, “that the men carry them on their shoulders.” We listen to the band again. Then the crowd starts moving. The pleasure mile in Gumpoldskirchen has opened.



Hike through the vineyards in the Vienna Woods

Let's go to the pleasure mile in Gumpoldskirchen. We follow the wine queen and her “court” into the vineyards. We watch the goings-on. We experience how the grape harvest of the year opens. Several times the firecrackers crash over the vineyards. Then the guests go on a hike past the Buschenschanken. Vintners set up their stands in the vineyards. A Brotzeit must not be missing. We make ourselves comfortable at wooden tables. We try wines, grape juice or “spritzers”. We also watch how poppy seed noodles are prepared for the guests. There is music along the way. From brass music to jazz, everything is included.


What you need for hiking in the Vienna Woods:

  • A backpack, in which you can store wines and delicacies from the region.
  • feasts hiking bootsin which you can walk well. You run through the vineyards.
  • cameraso you can enjoy the experiences on the Loferer Alm even at home.


Petar and Elena enjoy the pleasure mile
Petar and Elena enjoy the pleasure mile in Gumpoldskirchen


Gourmet mile in Gumpoldskirchen

In the past, wine was guarded from Hiater huts. From thieves as well as from birds. When the harvest finally opens, the grapes are cut and pressed. This custom has been revived. Today the event combines customs with experiences that the winemakers offer their visitors in the vineyards. All winegrowers in the region can take part. Visitors can from Buschenschank Hike to the wine tavern and taste the produce of the winegrowers. We find out how popular the pleasure mile in Gumpoldskirchen is from everyone we talk to. Everyone wants to be there. In fact, we observe families with children as well as wine connoisseurs enjoying a day in the vineyards in the sun and glorious weather.


Information about the Genussmeile in Gumpoldskirchen:

You can stay in the Hotel Herzoghof in Baden near Vienna
Hotel Hanner, Mayerling 1, 2534 Alland, Tel. (+43) (0) 2258 2378
Freelance Thallern *, Thallern 1, 2353 Gumpoldskirchen
Klostergasthaus Thallern, phone +43 (0) 2236 53326
Information about the Genussmeile

The pleasure mile takes place on these weekends: 5th / 6.9th September. and 12./13.9.2020

Hotels around Gumpoldskirchen * you can find here.


Travel destinations in the Vienna Woods


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Hiking in the Vienna Woods near Gumpoldskirchen
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