A day in the Sauerland at the Diemelsee

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In the Sauerland at the Diemelsee

Hike in the Sauerland on the Diemelsee circular route

On the Diemelsee Rundweg hiking, boating or cycling the Diemel cycle path are activities that are popular on this lake Hessen possible are. We're on the way in the middle in spring Germany.. Therefore we decide to take a boat trip. A fresh breeze blows towards us on our boat tour in the Sauerland on the Diemelsee. We use one of the first days of spring for a trip on this lake. The Sauerland at the Diemelsee is new territory for us. The lake is in the region of the Grimm-home.


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As soon as we get the highway north of Kassel leave, the route leads us through hilly landscapes and villages. Fachwerk is on the agenda here. Many of the farms are also beautifully renovated. The first shoots of the young plants are just beginning to emerge in the fields. Dandelion yellows the meadows and pastures. Then we discover cattle herds from time to time, which the fresh spring grass obviously tastes good. I can well imagine that the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm come from this region.


Seehotel am Diemelsee - perfect for the Diemelsee hiking circuit
Seehotel am Diemelsee


A Diemelsee hotel, perfect for hiking on the Diemelsee circular route

We spend two nights in the Seehotel am Diemelsee. In any case, this hotel is the perfect starting point to go hiking on the Diemelsee circular route and to explore its surroundings. The Sauerland am Diemelsee is a region that offers not only the reservoir but also many hiking trails over the hills and in the woods. Ideal for a short break. We're lucky with the weather. Therefore we use our day for a boat trip on the lake.



Boat trip goes well with the Diemelsee hiking loop
Boat trip on the Diemelsee


At the Diemeltalsperre

The lake was dammed to regulate the course of the water in the Diemel. However, electricity is not generated. Therefore, no power station disturbs the image of the lake. Only the dam rises above the Diemel valley. We pass it on our way to the large Diemeltalsperre car park. On the day of our visit, the MS Muffert starts from there three times a day for a one-hour round trip on the lake. She drives more often in summer. The nice weather tempts us to take a boat trip. And it's worth it!


Diemeltalsperre - Diemelsee hiking loop


Hike or go boating on the Diemelsee circular route

We are the only passengers at lunchtime that day. What a luxury! We have the boat to ourselves and can take photos and films without restrictions. If you want, you can have the captain drop you off at the Itterarm pier and hike the approximately four and a half kilometers back to the departure point. A pleasant way to explore Lake Diemelsee. Because in its rear part the lake is a bird sanctuary that boats are not allowed to enter. This region is better explored on foot. We do the same and watch a flock of geese feeding in a meadow. Only a car driving by startles them and they fly chattering over our heads towards the lake. There they disappear behind dense undergrowth and find protection from annoying intruders. (Our tip: Use the Outdooractive maps offline too Outdooractive Pro*.)


Heralds of spring at the Diemelsee hiking circuit
You can discover the signs of spring when you go hiking on the Diemelsee circular trail


Hike on the Diemelsee circular route

With an altitude difference of 130 meters, the circular route around the Diemelsee is easy to walk. With a length of about 12,7 kilometers, this offers a pleasant hiking tour for a day. Pure hiking time is three hours. What you need to know about it:

  • You follow the signs for H6.
  • The easy hiking trail is suitable for the whole family. You can even go around the Diemelsee with a stroller on the circular route. Dogs are also allowed. On the way they find two dog beaches.
  • It is best to start the hike on the Diemelsee circular route at the Diemelsee Tourist Information, Kirchstrasse 6, Heringhausen. There is a free car park there.
  • Difference in altitude on the Diemelsee circular route along the lake: 130 meters uphill and downhill.
  • The hike leads partly on tar roads, partly on unpaved paths.
  • If you start the hike at the tourist information office and walk the path as follows: Tourist-Information Diemelsee> Seebrücke> Hohes Rad> Nature reserve> Large car park Helminghausen> Dam wall> Heringhausen, you can cover the last four kilometers from Helminghausen on the MS Muffert passenger ship.
  • An Map and a detailed description of the hiking trail can be found here.


  • There is a cocktail bar and a snack on the beach at the pier
  • On the beach in Helminghausen you will find a snack, Fritten Jupp, the ferry house
  • In Heringhausen you can eat in Göbel's Seehotel (see below for details), in the Diemelsteighütte, in the Café Fachwerk, in the Seeblick restaurant and in the Heringhausen lido

If you have more time, you can also hike through the forest landscapes of the Sauerland to one of the viewpoints above the lake. A beautiful one trail is the Diemelsteig, which has a total length of 63 kilometers, but of course you can also hike shorter sections. However, there are large differences in altitude to overcome. For those who are not afraid of a climb of almost 300 meters, the 10,2 kilometer long panoramic path is a nice alternative with great views.


What you need for hiking on Diemelsee

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In the SeaSpa
In the SeaSpa


Wellness & enjoyment in the SeaSpa of the Seehotel am Diemelsee

However, after our walk on the lake, we decide to have a massage in the SeaSpa of Göbel's Seehotel am Diemelsee. From a therapist I massage my tense facial muscles - a pleasant feeling after the fresh breeze on the lake. Under the circling movements of her warm hands my face warms up quickly after the day in the cool spring air. If you want, SeaSpa offers other great ways to be pampered.


Desire for wellness
Desire for wellness
Partner bath in the SeaSpa
Partner bath in the SeaSpa


What do you think of a flavor bath for two? Or a beauty treatment for the ladies? Those who have not had enough exercise for the day can also take a few laps in the pool overlooking the lake. Or in summer use the hotel's own floating dock for a swim in the Diemelsee.


Pool overlooking the lake
Pool overlooking the lake


Delicious food at the Seaside Restaurant in the Diemelsee Hotel am See

It's still too cool in April for that. Therefore we end our day with a dinner in the Seaside Restaurant of the Seehotel am Diemelsee. As a guest, you have the choice between an extensive evening buffet or a meal á la carte. The buffet is included in the price for half-board guests. We use the rich offer of the buffet and enjoy antipasti and a warm main meal. The desserts are so tempting that we couldn't do without them. Afterwards there is a nightcap in the lobby bar with a view of the lake. So we enjoy a successful end to our day in the Sauerland on the Diemelsee.


Antipasti in the Seaside Restaurant
Antipasti in the Seaside Restaurant when you come back after hiking at Diemelsee
Lobby bar at the Seehotel am Diemelsee
Lobby bar at the Seehotel am Diemelsee
Superior room
Superior room

Göbel's Chalets

Those who prefer to plan their day independently of the restaurant opening times can now spend the night in cozy chalets on the mountainside above the hotel. The chalets were newly opened in 2017 and offer accommodation for two to four people. They are tastefully decorated. Some of them also offer a private sauna, which you can relax in after a Hike can recover. If you don't want to cook yourself after hiking on Lake Diemelsee, you can have your meals in the hotel restaurant instead.



Our conclusion:

The Göbel's Seehotel am Diemelsee is not only the ideal starting point for hiking on the Diemelsee, but also for a boat trip on the lake. You can also spend several days here to explore the beautiful surroundings of the lake and the Sauerland. Good food, pleasant accommodation and a great location on the lake make your stay a real pleasure. In the SeaSpa you can make your stay even more pleasant with a wellness treatment.


Göbel's Seehotel am Diemelsee *
Sea Road 17
34519 Diemelsee
Tel. 05633 99310

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Hike in the Sauerland on the Diemelsee circular route
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A day in the Sauerland at the Diemelsee

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  1. I have never been to Diemelsee! If the place is really as beautiful as the storybook, we have to mark it directly. :) Thank you for this entertaining contribution!

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Thank you very much for your comment. The Diemelsee is perfect for a break, if you are looking for peace from everyday life.

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  2. ATTENTION: childhood memories .... My grandparents live nearby and I have been to Diemelsee many times. However, I find the Edersee toller, although it is very similar. In Göbel's I was already - not in this. I recommend it to anyone. Great chain.

  3. Oh how nice a few relaxing days on a lake! :)
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    This is often laughed at in my homeland the Rhineland, unjustly obvious!

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    1. Hello Franzi,

      We were also the first time in Sauerland. We were surprised that we met a lot of Dutch guests there. Apparently this is a popular destination even with our neighbors.

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  5. I've also been to Diemelsee. However, I was still a child there. I do not remember that when I see your photos there. But when you're small, you're probably focusing on other things.

    With the hotel you have really made a great choice, right on the lake. That looks gorgeous,

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    1. Hello Daniela,

      I also often feel that I remember places that I know from my childhood quite differently. As a child, you pay attention to other things.

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  6. Hey you two,
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    Best regards,

    1. Hello Nicole,

      The region of Grimmheimat offers a whole range of other beautiful places. From Diemelsee you can not only reach the great hiking trails. In this region there are also worth seeing half-timbered villages, castles and palaces and above all a lot of great nature.

      Best regards,

    1. We liked it there very much. Just at the end of April we had the lake almost for us, although the hotel was already quite well visited. But most of the guests were probably hiking while we took a closer look at the lake. It was a great experience.

      Best regards,

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