How to Savor the Christmas Season

The Nostalgia Cafe at Christmas time

Ideas for the Christmas Season

Christmas season does not have to be stressful. On the contrary! We have collected tips on how to enjoy the pre-Christmas season. Turn these weeks into a season you can look forward to. Enjoy the silence as mists cover the land. This awakens creativity in us. Let yourself be infected by the smell of cookies flowing from the windows of your neighbors. Gather recipes for the Christmas cookies, you plan to make yourself. Put together your Christmas menu. Take a stroll through Christmas markets and try the winter drinks, that are currently up to date. We collected ideas on how to enjoy the weeks before Christmas. Maybe there is something, you can use for your preparation for the best time of the year.

Tips for the Christmas Season

There are many ways you can turn the pre-Christmas season into a special experience for connoisseurs. We have put together some tips and present them here.


Christmas Markets - Tips for the Christmas season


Visit Christmas markets in Germany, Austria and Canada

There is hardly another place, that puts you more in the Christmas spirit than a Christmas market. They are not all the same. There are often big differences between Christmas markets. If one is more traditional, the next one may specialize in a specific topic. There are Christmas markets, where local customs play a big role. Others focus on the Christmas theme of a particular country. Still others are more avant-garde. There are many variants. Here are some examples, that you can visit in the time before Christmas.


Christmas recipes - Tips for the pre-Christmas period

Recipes for Christmas delicacies

You can enjoy the pre-Christmas period during the hours that you spend with preparing your feast. We like to be in our kitchen on gray December days and bake or cook together. This is a very special kind of fun for us. Since we travel a lot, time is usually tight to cook ourselves. Thus we enjoy this time a lot, when we collect recipes and choose what we prepare for the days before and between the holidays. In our articles we introduce you to some of these recipes.

Here it goes to the Christmas recipes


Christmas feasting in the run-up to Christmas


Feasting during Christmas Season in Austria and Germany

They start already in the pre-Christmas period - the Christmas treats. At least for us, they do. Good food and a pleasant ambience are a big part of it. In the last few years, we traveled a lot during the weeks before and after Christmas. We got to know restaurants, where we especially enjoyed Christmas feasts. Be it because the food was especially good, or because we enjoyed the Christmas decorations of the restaurant. Not always was the food Christmassy. But sometimes we got to know regional specialties, that are served in these regions only at Christmas time. We present these culinary experiences here.


Christmas customs - tips for the pre-Christmas period


Experience European Christmas Customs before and after Christmas

The pre-Christmas season is also a time in which many regions remember traditional customs. Many of these customs are very old. Some even go back to pre-Christian times. It is exciting to see how much some customs even differ from region to region. In the Alps in the weeks leading up to Christmas, Santa Claus, accompanied by often frightening Krampus, roam the valleys. The custom of the Perchten goes back to pre-Christian times. These drive out the winter. However, they can only be seen in the rough nights after Christmas. There are also different “versions” among them. The fearsome wooden masks of many Perchten are supposed to drive the winter away. The Schönperchten, on the other hand, herald the beginning of spring. Therefore, these suggestions extend not only to the pre-Christmas period, but also the rough nights and the time after the turn of the year.


Christmas tips from travel bloggers



Ideas and tips for the pre-Christmas period
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