Impressions from 200. National Holiday in Oslo, Norway

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On the 17. In May the Norwegians celebrate the existence of their state with the Constitution Day. We are to the 200. Anniversary of this event as a guest in Oslo, Norway's capital, on the occasion of the travel blog meeting of the PDRB and are lucky enough to be able to watch part of the festivities the day after. Since our time in Oslo is limited, and we also want to see a little of the city and its surroundings, we do not spend this day on the Schlossplatz, where for example Gerhard Liebenberger from also sees the royal familywho wave to their people, but mix us among the people in the Town Hall Square.


National costumes predominate on National Day at the Town Hall Square in Oslo
National costumes predominate on the National Day at the Town Hall Square in Oslo © Copyright Monika Fuchs, TravelWorldOnline


And that's interesting: in the morning at 8: 00 PM, when we have breakfast at our hotel, the Park Inn by Radisson in the city center * As we sit, we see more and more people walking past the hotel dressed in national dress or elegant formal attire towards the harbor, where some of the groups who attend the parade pass the 10: 00 clock at the Royal Castle. Some carry heavy musical instruments under their arms, others have their entire family in tow, and even the youngest are in fine thread or the pretty national costume on the way.


The whole city is on its way to the parade
The whole city is on its way to the parade Copyright Monika Fuchs, TravelWorldOnline


While such parades on national holiday in other countries often serve to bring the military of the country in the foreground, it is the children who play the lead role in the Norwegians. They are the ones who, accompanied by numerous bands of music, spend hours roaming the streets of Oslo to celebrate the very existence of their country. And they do so with admirable perseverance and fervor. A very likeable way to celebrate the existence of a country, we find.


The children's parade - this is how the national holiday is celebrated in Norway
The parade of children - that's how they celebrate the national holiday in Norway © Copyright Monika Fuchs, TravelWorldOnline


And we noticed that the children from all regions of the world seem to come: besides Scandinavian blond boys and girls, we saw a striking number of children, who obviously came from different countries of origin: all of them wore the Norwegian flag with a smiling smile through the city and their proud parents either led them by the hand in the parade or accompanied them on the verge of action with just as much pride. It is equally natural that blind or disabled children participate in this parade. They too enthusiastically wave the national flag of their country.


Blind and disabled children also participate in the parade in Oslo
Even blind and disabled children take part in the parade in Oslo Copyright Monika Fuchs, TravelWorldOnline


To experience the parade on the National Day in Oslo shows us a very open, tolerant and friendly people, proudly celebrating the existence of his country, himself and above all his future, which is in his children. What a perfect way to see a country for the first time. Norway and Oslo have taken us by storm. And we will certainly come again to know more about his people, their way of life and customs.

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Impressions from 200. National Holiday in Oslo, Norway
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