Italian Cuisine at Italian Kitchen in Vancouver

Eat Italian at the Italien Kitchen in Vancouver

Maybe it was the rainy weather, but it doesn't look like much from the outside - the restaurant "The Italian Kitchen" on Alberni Street in downtown Vancouver. You have to know where it is, because it is not on one of the lively main streets in downtown, but tucked away in a smaller side street, where you as a tourist do not just stumble into while walking through the city center.

However, if you enter the restaurant, you will experience a pleasant restaurant stay. That begins with the friendly service: even before you are led to your table, the friendly lady at the front desk takes your coat off and stows it away safely in the closet for the duration of the stay.
An overly elegant ambience should not be expected inside the restaurant. The decor is modern and functional. The tables are covered with clean, white tablecloths and in the restaurant area on the ground floor, large photos adorn the walls of the restaurant. On the first floor you look through a large window on the small shops across the street. The menu is at first disappointing. There is only pizza, pasta and a few meat dishes.

This evening we are meeting two friends from Germany, whose vacation in British Columbia is about to end. After a brief study of the menu, the two discover that their favorite dish is not listed: lasagna. Thus they decide to simply ask the waiter, whether it is possible, that they will be served one. "This is the perfect test for the quality of the restaurant," I think to myself. "Let's see, if the kitchen can do that." My husband and I both order veal a la Saltimbocca.

And indeed: the waiter comes back after a few minutes and promises our friends the desired lasagna. "A plus point that has it all," I think and am excited about what will come. The food exceeded our expectations. Our veal a la Saltimbocca almost melted on the tongue and left such a spicy taste on the palate, that you couldn't help but enjoy this meal. Our two friends were thrilled with the lasagna, that was conjured up so quickly.

Even if the portions were big enough to satisfy us, we ordered dessert after the main course. And that, too, proved to be a revelation: whether it was chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, or a creme brulee with mint, each one of us was passionate about the dish, that was presented at the conclusion of a truly excellent meal.

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Once again it proved to be true that one should not judge by appearances. You never know what is hidden under a simple exterior. Anyway, we all agreed after this excellent and tasty dinner that this Italian restaurant in Vancouver is good for a surprise and can be highly recommended.

In addition, the prices are affordable: You can get a midday meal at "The Italian Kitchen" for a price between $ 12 and $ 16. A main course in the evening starts at $ 18.

The Italian Kitchen is centrally located, but not on one of the main thoroughfares. It can be found at this address:

The Italian Kitchen
1037 Alberni Street
Vancouver, BC V6E 1A1
Tel. (604) 687 2858


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Italian Cuisine at Italian Kitchen in Vancouver
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