At the Klosterwirt Höglwörth am Höglwörther See

Höglwörth monastery am Höglwörther See

It could hardly be more idyllic. The Höglwörther See in the Chiemgau in the Berchtesgadener Land is a destination that offers several highlights. You can enjoy a snack at the Klosterwirt Höglwörth before you visit the Höglwörth monastery. Afterwards, the lake invites you to take a walk. Höglwörth is a district of the municipality of Anger. Even if the name of the place doesn't mean anything to you, the church of Anger with its slender steeple is guaranteed to have caught your eye while driving on the motorway from Salzburg to Munich. It stands on a hill and can be seen from afar. But it is not the destination of our excursion, but the monastery and the monastery host Höglwörth, which are about one and a half kilometers away on the Höglwörther See. You can reach the lake on foot via the Klosterweg. There is also a parking lot directly at the Klosterwirt.



Anger in the Berchtesgadener Land
From Anger in the Berchtesgadener Land you go to the Klosterwirt Höglwörth am Höglwörther See for half an hour

Enjoy Bavarian delicacies at Klosterwirt Höglwörth

We are guests at Klosterwirt Höglwörth on a Sunday in late summer. The sun is still warm, but the first trees are already turning colour. Of the Autumn is not far. A perfect day for a visit to the Klosterwirt's beer garden. We are not alone. A mixed audience shares the beer garden with us. Among them are cyclists taking a break and a serving Cheese sparrows enjoy to regain strength for the rest of your tour. Motorcyclists, who discover the beautiful landscapes on side roads, take a break with a snack board and a cyclist. Local grandparents meet their children and grandchildren for lunch at Klosterwirt Höglwörth and enjoy a full meal in the shade of the chestnut trees. Petar treats himself to a knuckle of pork with bread dumplings. I choose a roast pork with a crust. We enjoy it, with a view of the monastery and the mountains of the region.


Klosterwirt Höglwörth
Klosterwirt Höglwörth

At the Klosterwirt, the dishes are prepared with ingredients from our own production. There is a butcher shop, fishery and patisserie. This means that starters, main courses and desserts come from our own production. The beer comes from a private brewery that has been brewing beer for 350 years just five kilometers away. This is Slow Food from the immediate vicinity.


Knuckle of pork at Klosterwirt Höglwörth
Knuckle of pork at Klosterwirt Höglwörth

Spend the night in the Höglword See Hotel at the Klosterwirt Höglwörth

You can also stay overnight at the Klosterwirt. The host is the only Höglwörther See Hotel. It must be nice to stay there. Höglwörth has only a few inhabitants. On top of that, the place is on a hidden side street, which is guaranteed to rarely have a car at night. After the evening entertainment in the tavern, it must be heavenly quiet here. However, we will not test the overnight stay this time, as we are only doing a day trip to the Höglwörth monastery.

Klosterwirt Höglwörth
21 Höglwörther Strasse
83454 Anger


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Höglwörth monastery am Höglwörther See
Höglwörth monastery am Höglwörther See

Höglwörth Monastery

After lunch at Klosterwirt Höglwörth, we set out to visit Höglwörth Monastery. There are only a few steps that separate the beer garden from the monastery. A wooden bridge leads to the monastery grounds. Like the town, the monastery once belonged to the Prince Archbishopric of Salzburg. The monastery was founded in 1125 as an Augustinian canon monastery. Höglwörth Abbey was Bavaria's only monastery that was not secularized. The reason: the monastery only became Bavarian in 1810. At that time, the Rupertiwinkel, which had previously belonged to Salzburg, fell to Bavaria. The monastery was finally dissolved in 1817 at its own request.


Höglwörth Monastery Church
Höglwörth Church monastery at the Höglwörth Klosterwirt

Höglwörth Monastery is privately owned today. It stands on a peninsula with its rococo church that was created by the silt up of the lake. The church dates back to 1675. When we visit, the church room is locked. We can only take a look inside the church through a wrought -iron grille.


Fountain in the monastery courtyard
Fountain in the Höglwörth monastery

However, a tour of the old monastery grounds is also nice. One has the feeling that monks still live behind the monastery walls. Even if that is no longer the case. The inner courtyard and the monastery buildings exude a calmness that one would expect in monasteries still finds. A water fountain splashes in it. Walking on the cobblestones is difficult. It forces us to slowly go through the yard. So we have time to absorb the mood that conjures up the past between these walls.

Walk on the Höglwörther See

At the end of our stay in Höglwörth we take a walk around the Höglwörther See below the Klosterwirt Höglwörth. The lake is not too big. You circumnavigated it in twenty minutes. On the way you pass a waterfall, a swimming pool and a sunbathing lawn, which invites you to sunbathe in summer. The lake was formed about 10000 years ago when the Saalach Glacier in the Alps melted. In the meantime he is silting up more and more. Höglwörth Monastery once stood on an island. This is now a peninsula. You can also see the silting up in the side bays of the lake near the monastery. There the lake grows over with water lilies. The lake is also home to diverse wildlife. Pike, catfish, zander, eels, carp, perch, tench, white fish, ducks, coots and mute swans live in and around the lake. You can see the lake best in our video.

A beautiful day at Klosterwirt Höglwörth and the monastery

A day on the Höglword Lake, at the Höglwörth Klosterwirt and in the monastery is a day full of pleasure. We took time and spent several hours at the lake, lunch in the beer garden and behind old monastery walls. With leisure and imagination you can move in earlier times and enjoy the silence at the lake.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to walk around the Höglwörther See from Klosterwirt Höglwörth?

The lake is not very big. It takes about twenty minutes to circumnavigate the lake. You will pass a spot with water lilies in the lake, the swimming pool, a waterfall and a lawn for sunbathing.

How deep is the Höglwörther See?

The Höglwörther See is ten meters deep.

Who owns the island of Höglwörth at Klosterwirt Höglwörth?

The island on which the Höglwörth monastery stands is now a district of Anger in the Rupertiwinkel in the Berchtesgadener Land.

Who owns the Höglwörth monastery?

The Höglwörth monastery has belonged to the Wieninger brewery family since 1821. In 1817 the monastic community dissolved voluntarily.


What you need for hiking at Klosterwirt Höglwörth

  • Lovely Hikes on and around the Höglwörther See can be found here.
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  • You need one for a snack on the go backpack. You can put your snack in a  lunch box and accommodate everything you need for your day trip.
  • When hiking, you should always have something to drink with you. Especially when the sun is shining, you have to quench your thirst on the go. We recommend one for this Metal drinking bottle *. It also withstands impacts and is sustainable because it can be reused.

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Höglwörth Monastery
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At the Klosterwirt Höglwörth am Höglwörther See

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