Lutzmannsburg – travel destination for families with children

Lutzmannsburg in Burgenland

In Lutzmannsburg we are almost on the border with Hungary. Only a few kilometers separate the small town in the Burgenland from the neighboring country. When we visit restaurants and inns in the area, we always meet Hungarians who work in gastronomy. The "local border traffic" within Europe works. The Lutzmannsburger Therme and the Lutzmannsburg Kinderhotel Apfelhof are geared towards families with children.



The sky is wide over Burgenland
The sky is wide over Burgenland

Lutzmannsburg is on the border with Hungary

Apparently many of them have been working here for years, but one of the waitresses wakes up a guest with the words: "Peter, wake up! Not falling asleep again.” She knows her guests. The winemaker takes it to heart and slowly shuffles out of the restaurant. Petar won't let it go. He tries a Pusztawurst, which is marked as “spicy” on the menu to be on the safe side. But even he, who likes to eat spicy things, gives up after half the sausage. I already give up on horseradish (horseradish) and hot mustard. The spiciness from the kitchens of Hungary should be enjoyed with caution.


Typical: the low-slung residential buildings with their large entrance gates
Typical: the low-slung residential buildings with their large entrance gates

A village in Burgenland

Lutzmannsburg is a typical Burgenland village with its village square, church and village green. On this is an old wine press as well as a monument under weeping willows. On both sides of the road we see signs pointing to wineries and theirs Bushmen. There the winegrowers sell their wines from their homes. We find the houses, which are so typical for this region, particularly pretty. In yellow, light blue or white, they frame the center of the village. Most of them have been repainted and decorated with stucco work. On older ones, vine tendrils cling to the outer walls of the houses. They give them a look that is imagined in every cliché about Burgenland.


Burgenland home cooking: egg dumplings with salad
Burgenland home cooking: egg dumplings with salad

As a guest at the Pension Apfelhof in Lutzmannsburg

When we arrive at Pension Apfelhof, Peter welcomes us. He is a waiter in the wine tavern and comes from Hungary. In addition to wine, he also offers us grape juice and juices from the region's fruit varieties in the Heurigen. In addition to dinner, you can eat here mainly the dishes that are served in wine taverns. These include Brettljausen, cold cuts with sour meat, smoked meat and hot horseradish and mustard. After all, Hungary is not far.


Apples in the apple farm in Lutzmannsburg
Apples in the apple farm in Lutzmannsburg

The Lutzmannsburg thermal baths

The main attraction of the place is the Lutzmannsburger Therme. This is a facility that is primarily aimed at families with children. "There used to be an area that was reserved for adults over 18 years of age, so that there was also an option for those looking for peace and quiet," we learn at the Apfelhof. “However, this has now been closed. The thermal bath specializes in families with children.”


Lutzmannsburg Kinderhotel Apfelhof
Lutzmannsburg Kinderhotel Apfelhof

Kinderhotel Lutzmannsburg – the Pension Apfelhof

The Pension Apfelhof does the same. Our room is furnished for four people. There is a parents' corner and a room with a bunk bed for two children. At breakfast we see that almost all guests are families with children. No wonder with the possibilities that the pension offers its guests. On the terrace you will find a playground with all the tricks, a tipi tent and you can even go horseback riding in the stables. A paradise for children!


Lutzmannsburg in Burgenland
Lutzmannsburg in Burgenland

At the Lutzmannsburg Kinderhotel Apfelhof, children play the leading role

The Rohrer family, who run the guesthouse, have adapted to the young guests. She takes care of stressed parents and romping children. The rooms are modern and comfortably furnished. There is an apple tree painted on the wall behind our bed. This repeats the motto of the pension, which has named its rooms after the fruit of the area. We live in "Apple 2". Even at breakfast, the fruit motif reappears with apples painted on the wall. This and the little things with which the pension is decorated give it an ambience in which families can feel very comfortable.



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Pension Apfelhof, family Rohrer
Wiesenweg 2
A-7361 Lutzmannsburg, Austria
Tel. +43 2615 87429
Fax. + 43 2615 87429 22

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Lutzmannsburg – travel destination for families with children
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