Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia's most beautiful lighthouse

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Peggy's Cove Lighthouse Canada

Peggy's Cove

Peggy's Cove Lighthouse in Nova Scotia Canada is one of the highlights of the Canadian province on the Atlantic. Everyone who comes here must have seen the most beautiful lighthouse on Canada's Atlantic coast at least once. Because he really is. The slender tower rises high on its rock pedestal and watches over the shipping traffic off the coast of Nova Scotia. Towering over the rock domes carved by the glaciers of the last Ice Age, it entices every visitor to pull out their camera and capture it in the most impressive way possible. To get the best photo, visitors clamber over rocks, venture dangerously close to the surf despite signs everywhere warning of threatening waves, or simply enjoy the view from one of the benches that await photographers along the access road. You can see the lighthouse best from the viewing platform.



Peggy's Cove Lighthouse Canada
Peggy's Cove Canada


When is the best time to take a picture of the most beautiful lighthouse in Nova Scotia?

During the day it can be a challenge to photograph the lighthouse without people. If you plan to do this, you should get up early, because you only have the lighthouse all to yourself in the morning hours. It is best to leave early in the morning. Save your breakfast for your stay at Peggy's Cove. After successful recordings, everyone is happy to have a hot cup of tea or cocoa in the Sou'Wester Restaurant to warm up with. The wind is almost always blowing at Peggy's Cove, and even in the summertime, the café welcomes sanctuary from the elements that constantly ensnare the rocky peninsula.


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Peggy's Cove Lighthouse Canada
Peggy's Cove Lighthouse in Nova Scotia Canada, South Shore Photo: Tourism Nova Scotia / Photographer: Skyline Studio

The best view of the lighthouse from Peggys Cove

The platform offers the best view of the Peggys Cove lighthouse. From there you can watch the sunset at the lighthouse. The viewing platform is accessible to everyone. From her you can safely observe the rocks, the sea and the waves.


lobster buoys
lobster buoys


Peggy's Cove is one of the most beautiful fishing villages in Nova Scotia

Once you've recovered from the winds, take a stroll through the fishing village of Peggy's Cove. This is one of the most beautiful in Nova Scotia. The homes of the fishermen are spread across the rocky landscape. The sea has created bays here, in which the fishing boats find a safe harbor even in a storm. The boats lie picturesquely in front of the rocky backdrop, on which the buildings seem to be randomly distributed. There are hardly any paths to the houses, only a well-trodden path every now and then.

Otherwise you simply climb over the granite rocks to get to the entrance of his house. At the harbor, lobster cages are piled up, with buoys of all colors hanging from them between rusting ship accessories. Here you can photograph maritime life from a new perspective at every step. But here, too, the earlier you come, the more original the impression you take home with you. After all, Peggy's Cove and its lighthouse are something of a Nova Scotia landmark.


What you need for hiking around Peggy's Cove

  • Good hiking boots are a must on every hike. There are some hiking trails in the area.
  • For a  snack on the way you need a  backpack. You can put your snack in a  lunch box and accommodate everything you need for your day trip.



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Compare and book flights here*. Air Canada, Condor and Icelandair fly from Germany to airports in eastern Canada. Of Halifax the drive to Peggy's Cove takes about 45 minutes.

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  • Overnight accommodation is available nearby at King Neptune Campground, 8536 Peggy's Cove Road, ​Indian Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada B3Z 3P4, email: , Tel. (902) 823-2582.



Peggy's Cove Lighthouse
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Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia's most beautiful lighthouse

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