Romantik Hotel Scheelehof Stralsund - enjoy Hanseatic hospitality

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The gabled houses in the Hotel Scheelehof

Romantic Hotel Scheelehof Stralsund

With the Romantik Hotel Stralsund Scheelehof, we made a choice of hotels that we loved. On our Trips to Savor in Germany and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern we like to travel by car. Firstly, because it enables us to discover regions that we did not previously know. Secondly, because we test hotels on these trips. At our trip to Kühlungsborn We made a stopover in the Hanseatic city Stralsund one that us as a trading city of Hanse interested. We are fascinated by cities where history can be felt. I am happy to recommend a hotel whose atmosphere takes us back to the times when the cogs of the Hanseatic merchants still shipped malt and grain from Stralsund to other Hanseatic cities in the Baltic States. The Romantikhotel Scheelehof Stralsund, whose history goes back to the year 1383. It is in the old town of Stralsund and just a few steps from the Saint Nikolai Church in the center.


Courtyard in the Hotel Scheelehof
Finally, here is the courtyard in the Romantik Hotel Stralsund Scheelehof


Buildings that date back to the 14th century

The Romantik Hotel Scheelehof is an ensemble of five buildings, which are grouped around a quiet inner courtyard. It is also located on one of the oldest streets in Stralsund in the historic center of the city. The two oldest houses in the Romantik Hotel Scheelehof are the two impressive gabled houses at Fährstraße 23 and 24, which date from the 14th century and were built from brick, as was often the case in cities on the Baltic Sea.

This includes the smaller house next to it, where the hotel reception is located. Through the inner courtyard - and an underground passage - these three buildings are connected to the two other houses on the ferry wall from the 17th century, in which the hotel's wellness area is located next to hotel rooms. So there is a lot of history in this hotel that was brought to life with a good sense and attention to detail.


Renovation from 2010

In 2002 the old town of Stralsund became a UNESCO World Heritage Site - a blessing for the city, as it meant that all of the old facades and buildings had to be preserved. It was luck that a Hamburg merchant recognized the charm of these houses in 2010, which were not used at the time and were about to decay. A year later, the three front houses in the Romantik Hotel Scheelehof were opened after extensive renovation and renovation work. The two buildings on Fährwall and the wellness area followed in 2012.


The fountain in front of the Hotel Scheelehof
The fountain in front of the Romantik Hotel Stralsund Scheelehof


Experience its history at the Romantikhotel Stralsund

What emerged from it can be seen! When we drive into the ferry route from the Stralsunds port region, I immediately feel comfortable. A street sweeper is about to sweep the cobblestones and is so meticulous that he even pulls out the last leaf of autumn leaves between the stones. Time is obviously different here. It is quiet. No car honks behind us as we wait for it to finish cleaning and continue to the Hotel Scheelehof. It's tight, but that's also the reason why there are hardly any cars on these streets.

We drive past old buildings and turn right in front of a fountain. The hotel's loading zone is located there. We have to park our car in the public car park, which is right behind the back buildings of the hotel. Since our room is not yet ready, we store our luggage at the reception and only pick it up after our walk through the city.


Trading office Scheele
Commercial office in the romantic hotel Scheelehof Stralsund
Decorative - the coffee chest in the Kontor Scheele
The coffee chest at Kontor Scheele also fascinates us.
Organic sea buckthorn liqueur
Last but not least, we are interested in the organic sea buckthorn liqueur
The cafe in Kontor Scheele
The café in the Romantikhotel Scheelehof Stralsund

A trading office in the Romantik Hotel Stralsund Scheelehof

We take time to explore the three front buildings in more detail. Even then, the Romantik Hotel Scheelehof wins my heart. The Scheele office is located on the ground floor of the right gable building. The name alone makes me curious. As I climb the steps to its entrance, I know that this is the right place for me. The aroma of freshly roasted coffee flows towards us from inside.

On a roll of canvas next to the door we learn what else can be bought there. In addition to Arabica coffee, there are beers from the Störtebeker Biermanufaktur, sausage specialties from the region, fish from the fishmonger Henry Rasmus, Stralsunder marzipan, fruit spreads, herbal oils, brandies and liqueurs, honey from the Trebel valley beekeeping and sea buckthorn products, which must not be missing anywhere on the Baltic Sea. Just the thing for connoisseurs like us!


Stralsunder marzipan in the Kontor Scheele
There is also Stralsunder marzipan at Kontor Scheele in the Romantikhotel Scheelehof Stralsund
Buckthorn wine
Buckthorn wine
Carl Wilhelm Scheele - pharmacist and explorer
Carl Wilhelm Scheele - pharmacist and explorer


A range of goods that seduces

I can't get enough of all the goodies that the office offers. The coffee smells seductive. We also marvel at the chest, which is filled with coffee sacks. We also get to know Carl Wilhelm Scheele, the pharmacist and chemist who was born in December 1742 in this house as the seventh of eleven children. He discovered oxygen, nitrogen and tungsten. His portrait hangs in relief on the wall in front of the passage to the restaurant, which is modestly called the hotel restaurant. A real understatement!


Restaurant in the romantic hotel Scheelehof Stralsund - an understatement
Restaurant in the romantic hotel Scheelehof Stralsund - an understatement
Impressive - the Zum Scheele restaurant in the Romantikhotel Scheelehof Stralsund
Impressive - the restaurant Zum Scheele


The "restaurant" in Scheelehof

I catch my breath when I enter this restaurant. A wooden gallery protrudes into the room from brick walls. Its size is more reminiscent of a church room. The lattice window, which extends over two floors and is framed by a carving, is particularly beautiful. It is believed that it comes from Riga and came to Stralsund in the 15th century. Another highlight is the wall painting on a wall of the restaurant, which is based on the Stralsund coat of arms. We still have the restaurant to ourselves at this time of the day. Only a few passers-by want to reserve a table for the evening. A good idea, as we hear. Almost all tables for the evening are already occupied. Our name is already on one of the tables, and I'm looking forward to dinner in this atmosphere.


Our room under the roof in the Romantikhotel Scheelehof Stralsund
Our room under the roof in the Romantik Hotel Scheelehof
Bathing accessories in the romantic hotel Scheelehof Stralsund
Badeutensilien in the Romantik Hotel Scheelehof


Our room

First, however, we collect our luggage at the reception and follow the receptionist to our room. "Each of the rooms is different from the next," explains Ute Reichel. "You can come back 92 times, and each time you stay in a different room," she laughs. Our room is on the top floor of the middle building and has sloping walls. Underneath there is a sitting area, a bathroom and a closet, which fill the entrance area in front of the bedroom. We finally go up a step into the bedroom.

The bed takes up almost the entire room. We are located directly under the roof ridge and look out through three arched windows towards Stralsund harbor and down to the inner courtyard of the hotel. Between the roofs we can also see the Baltic Sea. “Our rooms are determined by the conditions in the building, because they are listed buildings. That is why every room is furnished with furniture that is adapted to the room specifications, ”Ute Reichel tells us.


In the Zum Scheele restaurant in the Romantikhotel Scheelehof Stralsund
In the restaurant Zum Scheele
Restaurant Zum Scheele in the Romantikhotel Scheelehof Stralsund
Tasteful, right? The candles in the Hanseatic restaurant Zum Scheele


Restaurants in the Scheelehof

“The Romantik Hotel Scheelehof has four options where you can eat,” Ute Reichel invites us. “Dinner and breakfast are served in the Zum Scheele restaurant. You will have dinner there, and tomorrow you can enjoy a champagne breakfast there if you want. The Prosecco is ready. ”The three other dining options are the café and the Scheel's gourmet restaurant in the hotel's vaulted cellar. With 14 points from “Gault Millau” and 2 1/2 Fs from the gourmet journal “Der Feinschmecker”, it is one of the best restaurants in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. There is also Scheel's Laboratory, a bar with live music in the cellar vault from the 14th century. There you can end the day with snacks and a glass of beer or a good whiskey.


Good evening, family fox
Good evening, family fox


The Zum Scheele restaurant

Our table in the Zum Scheele restaurant is already waiting for us. This also inspires us. Our three-course menu, from which we can choose the main course, is an honor for every gourmet chef. A foam soup that stimulates the appetite, cod from the Baltic Sea with vegetables and a dessert creation with white and dark chocolate are the perfect end to our day in Stralsund. We only regret saying goodbye the next morning. That we don't stay at the Romantik Hotel Scheelehof for several days! But there are still 92 rooms to explore, right?

Romantik Hotel Scheelehof
Ferry Route 23-25
18439 Stralsund
Tel. 03831-283300
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Romantik Hotel Scheelehof Stralsund - enjoy Hanseatic hospitality

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