Ski holiday for families in the Zillertal

Ski holiday for families in the Zillertal

Ski vacation with the family in the Zillertal

Skiing holidays for families in the Zillertal promise a lot of fun for all family members. The reason for this is that there are suitable offers for all ages. What that is, we present to you here.

The Zillertal includes twelve villages from Strass to Aschau. The two main towns are Fügen and Kaltenbach. They are also the best places to reach the ski region. With its ski areas that extend to 2.500 meters, the Zillertal also guarantees enough snow for skiing and snowboarding. The two ski areas Hochzillertal in Kaltenbach and Hochfügen have united to form one of the largest ski areas in Tyrol. There is also the smaller ski resort Spieljoch.




That speaks for the ski holiday for families in the Zillertal

More than 100 kilometers of slopes await ski vacationers. 59 lifts are available for them, which they can transport up to an altitude of 2.500 meters. The slopes are covered with snow. Guests can also choose between the ski areas. Because they can travel from place to place in the valley with free ski buses to reach the respective valley stations. This makes the “Fügen-Kaltenbach” ski region a particularly attractive winter travel destination in the Alps.

Special offers for families with children

There are special ski kindergartens in the ski schools in the Zillertal for the youngest family members. There the little ones learn how to handle skis from trained ski instructors. At the same time, they learn how much fun skiing can be. Because nothing is forced. On the contrary: the ski meadow at Spieljoch offers magic carpets, lots of games and also Mickey Mouse or Bobo the mascot for the little ones. Snowboarding with children is also offered at the Fügen-Hochfügen ski and snowboard school. At the Kostenzer ski school, this is available for groups of 5 or more people or with a private instructor. There the little ones learn how to slide on easy terrain, how to drift, how to use a lift and how to behave correctly on the slopes.

Guest kindergartens in the Zillertal

On a ski holiday for families in the Zillertal, one also thinks the parents. However, since families do not only consist of children, but also the adults have special wishes on vacation, there are three guest kindergartens in the Zillertal. There the children are looked after in an age-appropriate manner. This gives parents the opportunity to fulfill their own vacation wishes. A few hours of wellness and relaxation in the spa or a descent on the steepest slope in the ski area? If the children are in good hands, you can.

And what do the children have from it? They also experience a break from the family and are confronted with something new they would not otherwise have:

  • In the guest kindergartens, they come together with children from other nations. So why not give them the opportunity to deal with other cultures? Otherwise they would not have that in the family.
  • The caregivers know how to deal with children and do not let them go through everything.
  • In addition, the children are treated age-appropriate. While the grownups practice practicing being the next ski star, the kids are allowed to play, eat and sleep instead.
  • In the right dose, a stay in the “Dwarf Club” of the family harmony can be beneficial. When all family members are satisfied, family peace does not go wrong so quickly. This turns a skiing holiday for families in the Zillertal into what it should be: relaxation for the whole family.

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Travel Arrangements

Book yours here Arrival by plane, bus or train*. The car journey to your skiing holiday with the family in the Zillertal Munich takes about 1,5 hours via the Inntal autobahn Salzburg via the Inntal autobahn approx. 1 hour 45 minutes and from Innsbruck approx. 45 min. The nearest airport is in Innsbruck.

Accommodation for skiing holidays for families in the Zillertal

A comprehensive selection of Accommodation in the Zillertal * You can book via our partner

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Ski holiday for families in the Zillertal

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