Stift Seitenstetten in Mostviertel, Austria

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Stift Seitenstetten

Stift Seitenstetten in Mostviertel

The Seitenstetten Abbey in Mostviertel is particularly beautiful in spring. We have the pen during the Pear blossom time in late April visited. We set off from our Mosthotel Kothmühle. It goes through agricultural landscapes past imposing square courtyards that are typical of this region in Lower Austria. At least that's how the farms in the Mostviertel are called. There are pear trees everywhere in the landscape. These give the area a filigree appearance during the flowering period. The blossoms of the tree canopy glow against the backdrop of meadows and coniferous forests.





Stift Seitenstetten: The Stiftshof
Stift Seitenstetten: The Stiftshof


Monastery, school and retreat

The first thing we notice in Seitenstetten is the pen. A boarding school is housed there today. If you want, you can also spend the night here. It immediately becomes clear to us why Stift Seitenstetten is popularly referred to as "Vierkanter Gottes". The reason is his Stiftshof. This is directly opposite the boarding school. It is built in the same shape as the farms in the region. It rises in the most beautiful candy pink above the park. This also belongs to the pen.


The park of Stift Seitenstetten
The park of Stift Seitenstetten


The park of Stift Seitenstetten

And yes, the park in Stift Seitenstetten! Dirt roads lead past manicured beds. As in the region, the pears should not be missing here. In rank and file they stand in the trellis along a park border. Baroque stone vases also line the fountain. This ripples in the middle of the park. At the end of the garden is also a small pleasure garden. This meets in any case the requirements that were placed in the Middle Ages on such gardens.



An explanation board says: “The purpose of a garden is no longer just the production of vegetables, fruit and medicinal herbs. Flowers and fragrant plants should delight the senses and serve relaxation. ”And Bishop Albertus Magnus wrote in the 12th century:“ Between the herb discounts and the lawn, a raised piece of lawn should be created. Full of lovely flowers and suitable for sitting in the middle, where the senses can relax and where you can relax. ”That is exactly what you can do in the garden at the end of the park - relax, protected from the eyes of other strollers.


The "insect hotel" in the monastery park
The "Insect Hotel" in the Stiftspark


The garden of the senses

The boarding students also maintain a “garden of the senses”. In this they plant herbs. They form boxwood bushes into crowns and also learn how to use useful and medicinal plants. However, I found the "Insect Hotel" the most beautiful. It is home to bees, bumblebees and other animals. However, we are still there early in the year to determine whether this offer will be accepted. But the idea is inspiring anyway.


The magnificent entrance to the boarding school
The magnificent entrance to the boarding school


On the way with a Sepp

Our "Sepp" Maria explains to us what the abbey, its inhabitants and its surroundings are all about. What is a "Sepp" you ask? A "Sepp" is a personal travel companion from Rent a Seppwho goes with you on a journey of discovery into the land of the Mostbirne and the Black Counts. A “Sepp” definitely knows the most beautiful places and insider tips in the region. Maria shows them to you - according to our interests. Because not every "Sepp" shows the same thing. One knows more about nature. The other one with the culinary delights, the next one with the must production and the fourth one knows the best ways for bike tours instead. Ideal, in my opinion, to explore the Mostviertel according to your own interests.

What you should pack for a trip in the Mostviertel


The baroque monastery building

However, the most impressive part of the complex in Seitenstetten Abbey is the abbey building with its baroque facade decoration and the inner courtyard. This is also adorned with a fountain, from which a figure of the Madonna looks down on the passers-by. The boarding students attend classes in the buildings that surround the courtyard. But there are also "connoisseur rooms" where you can stay as a guest. In the pen shop we also see products that are made here. In addition to apple and herbal liqueurs, this also includes the "throat cleaner", a liqueur made from sage. Or do you already know the “dirndl liqueur”? However, this has nothing to do with the Austrian costume. Instead, it is called the cherries in the Mostviertel.


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The house apple liqueur
The house apple liqueur


A stay for the senses in Seitenstetten Abbey

A visit to Stift Seitenstetten is therefore also a stay for all the senses. Thus, such a visit also fits perfectly to a gourmet stay in the Mostviertel.

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Stift Seitenstetten
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Stift Seitenstetten in Mostviertel, Austria

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