Hike at the Rursee in the Eifel

Einruhr in the Eifel

Hiking on the Rursee in the Eifel

Eifel for connoisseurs, our goal was between Einruhr and Rurberg in Nordrhein-Westfalen. We are not far from Monschau and want to hike on the Rursee in the Eifel. Green! Especially lush green! That was our first impression of the Rursee valley. Our gaze wanders over the village of Dedenborn to the Eifel National Park. The place goes back to the middle of the 16th century. The national park, on the other hand, is still young. The national park has only existed since January 1st, 2004. For many years the region was a restricted military area. When the Belgian troops finally withdrew, it was decided to turn it into a national park.


Einruhr at the Rursee in the Eifel
Einruhr at the Rursee in the Eifel


Since then, this area has largely been left to nature. In this way, untouched primeval forests can develop again without human intervention. Many rare animal and plant species can now be found here. Beech and oak forests are also traversed by streams that flow into several reservoirs. We are on the way to the Rursee, one of the largest of them. We see that the animals feel comfortable in their new home when we go to ours Hike approaching a wild goose. This cannot be disturbed by us. On the contrary, she even seems to be posing for Petar's video. In any case, she is not shy of people.



A gourmet tour for connoisseurs on the Rursee in the Eifel

A few years ago we were a guest in the region. The idyllic town is only a few kilometers from here Monschau. At that time we were able to get to know its culinary specialties. This time we are on the trail of connoisseurs again. Except that this time we combine the enjoyment of nature with the enjoyment of regional specialties. We go hiking on the Rursee in the Eifel. From Einruhr to Rurberg, a hiking trail leads directly along the lake. This repeatedly offers us views of the dense forests on both sides of the lake. These are Walkingas we like them.


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On the Rursee in the Eifel
Hike at the Rursee in the Eifel


We are on the Rurtal gourmet tour. This is one of the pleasure hikes offered by the Rursee Touristik. If we want to hike on the Rursee in the Eifel, we have two options to choose from. On the one hand, we can hike from Einruhr along the route along the lake to Rurberg and then back over the hills. Or - and we like this option more - we take the boat from Rurberg back to Einruhr.

At the Rursee in the Eifel, enjoy hiking to Eifel restaurants

Before, however, we taste the seasonal specialties of the region. After a gourmet breakfast in Gasthof Schütt in Einruhr, we start our journey on a refreshing walk along the lake. We need almost two hours for the route from Einruhr to Rurberg. Too nice is the track, so you do not have to stop again and again to enjoy the view.


What needs to be in the Case?


Eifel peasant ham in the restaurant Ziegler
Eifel peasant ham in the restaurant Ziegler


Eifel peasant ham in the Gasthof Ziegler

We continue our hike around the Rursee in the Eifel. In Rurberg the path goes uphill to the Hotel Restaurant Ziegler, a half-timbered house with four rooms. The starter of our lunch menu is already waiting for us there: delicious Eifel farmer's ham on a salad bouquet with raspberry dressing and walnuts. We sit down on one of the rustic wooden benches on the terrace of the inn and taste the starter. The specialties of the Eifel for connoisseurs are already reserved for us and are offered as a package by the Rursee Touristik. We only give our vouchers in the restaurants.


Döppekooche with asparagus and ham on our Eifel for connoisseurs tour
Döppekooche with asparagus and ham on our tour on the Rursee in the Eifel


Döppekooche with asparagus and ham at the Genießer Wirtshaus

For the main course in the gourmet inn in Rurberg, we have to go again. We continue our hike at the Rursee in the Eifel. It's uphill again until we discover the connoisseur inn on the left side of the road. The landlady, Mrs. Daners, is waiting for us there. She tells us that the dish is actually not a regional specialty at all. Instead, it's a dish from her husband's kitchen. In a small pot, grated potatoes are mixed with asparagus and ham. They are served as the main course on our gourmet tour with fresh salad and a sauce.

Incidentally, you can spend the night in the Genießer Wirtshaus as well as in the Gasthof Ziegler. So if you want to stay longer, you can do that.


Lunch in the gourmet tavern
Lunch in the connoisseur inn on the Rursee in the Eifel


However, we make our way back to the lake shore of the Rursee. There is one of the National Park gates. At these you can learn about the National Park, its wildlife and the idea behind it. We learn that you can even find pearl mussels in the waters of the region. In addition, there are crayfish and beavers, who now feel at home here again.


Pearl mussels in the National Park Tor in Rurberg
Pearl mussels in the Tor National Park in Rurberg am Rursee in the Eifel


Only a few steps from the National Park Tor, the excursion boat Stella Maris departs for Einruhr. This brings us back to our starting point, past densely wooded shores. At the Tor National Park, a ranger told us that in the more remote parts of the park beyond the lakeshore, true wildlife experiences await visitors. At the sight of the dense forests, we believe him immediately.


Coffee and cake in the restaurant Eifelhaus

At the end of our tour through the Eifel for connoisseurs waits right at the pier in Einruhr the restaurant Eifelhaus with a large garden on us. There's a piece of cheese cake. We treat ourselves to a large portion of hot chocolate with amaretto and cream.


Hot chocolate with cream and amaretto in the restaurant Eifelhaus
Hot chocolate with cream and amaretto in the Eifelhaus restaurant on the Rursee in the Eifel


At dinner, however, we give up after this gourmet tour. Instead, we let the great impressions of the Rursee, the national park and the pleasure restaurants once again pass in the Gasthof Schütt in Einruhr, where we stay overnight.


Gasthof Schütt in Einruhr
Gasthof Schütt in Einruhr


You also get a good impression of our gourmet tour from Einruhr to Rurberg in Petar's video:



We were on the spring tour through the Eifel for connoisseurs. The dishes vary according to the season. Therefore, different dishes are offered in summer and autumn.

Have you now felt like hiking in the Eifel? Then take a look at the tips from Travelsanne. She was on the Eifelsteig on road.

Travel Arrangements:

Getting there

From Aachen, Cologne or Bonn, the journey to the region takes about one hour by car.

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Various Leisurely walks you can book at the Rursee tourism.

Accommodation in Einruhr:

Hotels, apartments and other accommodation in Einruhr * You can also book via our partner booking.com under this link. However, we stayed at the Gasthof Schütt, a two-star Gasthof Garni.

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Hike at the Rursee in the Eifel
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Hike at the Rursee in the Eifel

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