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Gifts for Travelers - What are the Best Travel Gifts for Gourmets?

Gifts for travelers
Gifts for travelers

What do you give travelers?

What are the best travel gifts for travelers? We ask ourselves that question again every year in the weeks Christmas. Most of our friends love to travel as much as we do. Therefore, it goes without saying that travel gifts are the first thing we think about as the decision of what to give them for Christmas approaches. But these tips are also useful during the year for birthdays, anniversaries or as parting gifts before long trips. There are definitely differences in interests. Or in the way of traveling. Some friends like to travel long distances. But no matter if Ottawa, Toronto or Amsterdam, everyone is happy about travel gifts. Others prefer to go on foot, by bike and in their own country. Still others like to relax in spas or thermal baths. The needs are also different. Here we present the best travel gifts for different types of travelers.

The greatest joy is provided by gifts for travelers that are tailored to their interests and the type of travel.

Travel gifts that travelers are looking forward to

Gifts for travelers should be well chosen. You don't need a lot of things when traveling. It is important that you have the right things with you. The size of the suitcase is particularly important in times of increasing prices for hand baggage and size restrictions for checked baggage. The smaller the suitcase or piece of luggage, the cheaper it is to travel.

Suitcases are perfect gifts for travelers

However, they should not be too big. After all, you have to drag them too. Trolleys that can be rolled and do not have to carry are therefore particularly practical.

We are big fans of Samsonite trolleys. They cost a lot, but they are an investment for life. If you travel frequently, as we do, they are a good investment. We have been traveling with our hand luggage trolley for many years. Here you can buy it *, Further considerations on the question of whether Suitcase, trolley or backpack more practical we have hired here.

Samsonite hand luggage trolley - travel gifts
Samsonite hand luggage trolley Order here*

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Backpacks are travel gifts that every traveler is looking forward to

Every traveler will find a backpack handy. However, one should pay attention to what type of travel he prefers. Is he rather someone who likes to go on a city break? Then there is for it special day packsin which you can put all the utensils you need for a city tour. Does he like to go hiking? Or loves to be in nature Have a picnic? Maybe he even goes on hikes that span several days. Or does he even go trekking in the wild? For that he needs another one Backpack for outdoor activities suitable is. We are rather the ones who enjoy walking through nature - from picnic area to picnic area. Therefore, this backpack is practical for us. In our Hiking checklist you will find more gift ideas for pleasure hikers.


Picnic backpack - gift for travelers
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A reversible jacket is a practical gift for travelers

When the luggage gets smaller, one has to limit oneself in the choice of clothes to take with you. Therefore we recommend to pack a reversible jacket. With a garment you can look twice different. Especially good are the jackets that use different materials on the inside and outside. So you can be dressed rather sporty during the day, while in the evening you wear the elegant side to the outside. We especially like it this reversible jacket * Good.

Reversible jacket - gift for travelers
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Ever thought of comfortable shoes as a gift for travelers?

We always travel a lot on foot during our travels. Especially when hiking or in cities, this can be quite exhausting for the feet. It is therefore all the more important to take good shoes with you on your travels. We have already dealt with this topic in more detail and have put together a number of tips that will help you Buy comfortable shoes should be observed. Also are walking boots makes a great gift for anyone who likes to hike while traveling. While our article is mainly about hiking shoes or shoes for longer walks, there are of course also occasions when more elegant shoes are necessary. Here, too, we value comfort, because there is nothing worse than having your feet constantly hurting during the trip. This is a shoe we like.

comfortable pumps
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Here's it comfortable pumps for traveling

Travel gifts for enjoyment travelers

Enjoyment travelers like to look into the cooking pots of foreign countries. They also try exotic dishes. Taste unknown fruits. Or learn on site how to prepare dishes from other countries yourself. What could be more obvious than bringing home the ingredients for the world's kitchens with a suitable gift.

Spices of the world

Those who like to try the kitchens of the world on their travels usually also like to do it in their own kitchen. However, this is not always easy. Often the spices are missing that one is looking for exotic recipes needs. So what could be more natural than a collection of Spices from all over the world * to give? He will be glad about it. A tempting collection, for example, is this one:


Spices from all over the world
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Recipes from the world's cuisines

If you have the spices at home, however, that is usually not enough. After all, you also have to know what you can prepare from it. So what is better than Gift for pleasure travelers as cookbooks with recipes from all over the world. Check out our recipe board on Pinterest for recipes from the Kitchens of the world, There's a huge selection of exotic food. There is also a cookbook that I particularly like.


Recipes from the world's cuisines Order here*

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Wines & drinks of the world

Of course, having a good meal also requires a good wine. So what could be more natural than giving a selection of wines from around the world to someone who likes to visit winemakers and wine regions? Not everyone likes wine. Maybe your connoisseur is more interested in high spirits like gin or whiskey? Or would he rather try the teas of the world? There are many possibilities. A variety of drinks in the world is definitely a good gift for pleasure travelers. For example, this mini wine tasting set is a great idea:

Wine tasting set
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Books that arouse longing for foreign countries

When we are not traveling, we let ourselves be transported to foreign countries. Of course there are travel guides for every country and region in the world. However, thrillers or novels transport us much better to other regions of the world, where these are described in detail. These thrillers, for example, which all take place in Provence in the south of France, do this very well. After reading it, I have the feeling that I already know many of the places that play a role in it. For example, I like the Provence thrillers by Cay Rademacher, whose first volume is this:

Find more Provence crime novels I present here.

Travel Gifts for Slow Travelers

Slow Traveler are sustainable travelers. We are traveling slowly in the world. On walks. Cozy hikes. Boat tours. With horse-drawn carriages. Or other slow means of transportation. Good shoes and backpacks we have already recommended you as a travel gift.

A drinking bottle made of stainless steel

In addition, I find a metal bottle very practical in which you can transport drinks for the day. Fill with water, put in a few herbs, cucumber slices and lemon juice - the refreshing drink is ready for the day. Because the bottle is made of metal, it can be easily cleaned and reused for a long time. Sustainable is not possible, right?

Drinking bottle made of stainless steel
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Travel gifts for travel bloggers among slow travelers

Many among the Slow Travelers publish their own travel blog. You always need new technical equipment to stay up to date.

Selfie drone following you in flight

We therefore recommend a very practical drone for hikers. Do you go hiking alone? Then you surely know that you are constantly working with your photo equipment. What do you think of a drone that automatically follows you? She films you from an unusual angle and also follows you everywhere. Great, is not it? With it you can take photos from extraordinary perspectives.


Selfie drone
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Gifts for travelers
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