This is how you fish for oysters on Prince Edward Island

We always wanted to know how to collect oysters. During our trip to Prince Edward Island in August we had the opportunity to be shown this by an oystercatcher. We were with John and Jackie Gillis in South Pinette, less than an hour from Charlottetown. John has brought his oyster boat ashore and demonstrates how he pulls the oysters up from the ocean floor. He explains that they have to be of a certain minimum size. He throws everyone else back into the water. "I can still get them out next year," he laughs. The punishments are severe if you are caught with oysters that are too small. John goes out oyster fishing all year round. He has the license for his own oyster area right on his doorstep.

Oysters - Petar tries oystercatching
Petar tries his hand at oystercatching

If you fancy tasting fresh oysters on Prince Edward Island, there are plenty of good restaurants in Charlottetown in the Port area serving fresh oysters. And if you want to explain yourself to Jack and Jill, what you can do with oysters, here's how it works:

Do you even want to try the fresh seafood of John and Jackie Gillis? Here's how:

Pinette River Oyster Co.
Oyster Lovers Experience
John and Jackie Gillis
3763 TransCanada Highway
Belle River, PE C0A 1B0
Phone (902) 659-2231

Early reservation is required. From four participants, John and Jackie Gillis will tell you how to fish and serve you the epicurean meal of fresh seafood.

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Air Canada, Condor and Icelandair fly from Germany to various airports in eastern Canada.

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