Vienna Bratislava by boat

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Glorious city palaces in Bratislava

We spent three days in the newly restored Hotel Capricorno. The hotel is located on the Danube Canal and is one of our Vienna travel tips. It is just a few steps from the Twin City Liner departure point. This is a catamaran that connects the Austrian and Slovak capital several times a day. Vienna - Bratislava in 75 minutes. And that without traffic jams, without hectic rush and with great views of nature and the Danube. Perfect for an afternoon outing, right? At least that's what we think when we embark at Schwedenplatz in Vienna.


The city center of Bratislava. Vienna. Bratislava
The city center of Bratislava

Vienna Bratislava

Said and done. We are going to 12.30 from the city center in Vienna to our Vienna Bratislava tour. One and a half hours later, we are right in the city center of Bratislava. You can hardly undertake a trip to the capital of Slovakia more conveniently. No troublesome getting around in a foreign city. No parking search. Just arrive and enjoy!


City tour with classic car buses through Bratislava
City tour with classic car buses through Bratislava
The castle of Bratislava
The castle of Bratislava

Vienna Bratislava - enjoy by boat

Since we have never been to Bratislava before, we decide to take one of the city tours. This shows us the sights of the city: we see government buildings, the parliament of Bratislava, churches, the National Opera and the National Museum. The best we like the castle of Bratislava. This perches on a hill above the city center. From the viewing platform there is a view of the old town below and the Danube.

The tour through Bratislava takes one hour. It gives us an idea of ​​the squares of the city, its churches, government buildings and shopping streets. From time to time we still feel the breath of communism. For example, when I discover a house gable. On the facade of which no angels look, but soldiers' heads with steel helmets look down on us. A strange home decor. In general, however, there is not much to see from the times of socialism. The castle, the magnificent buildings and the squares of the city shine in new splendor. The upside-down glass pyramid of the Slovak Radio is a bit unusual. This is an architecture that leaves me question marks rather than screams of enthusiasm.


government buildings
government buildings
The Opera of Bratislava
The Opera of Bratislava


Vienna Bratislava at Maria Theresa's times

The city center is quite different. We reach this on a walk from the opera. Among the crowds that are attracted by the shops in the city center, English, Austrian and German tourists mix again and again. These look at the former Pressburg. We learn that even at the time of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy the Vienna Bratislava connection was very close.

In a church in the city, the Habsburgs were crowned kings. That was in those times when the city belonged to Hungary. Maria Theresa was not allowed to bring her soldiers to the city. Instead, it was led by Hungarian soldiers to the coronation celebrations. This ceremony made it clear that she was raised to queenhood only with the approval of the Hungarian people. Apparently, Maria Theresa often spent time in Bratislava during her life. On the one hand to visit her daughter, who had married into the local nobility, on the other to see friends she had in the city.


Slovak specialties - Brimsenpiroggen, Brimsennocken and Sauerkrautnocken
Slovak specialties - Brimsenpiroggen, Brimsennocken and Sauerkrautnocken


Hearty specialties from the Slovak cuisine

Since we are in Slovakia for the first time, we are interested in the culinary specialties of the country. We head to Bratislavska Restauracia on Namestie SNP. There we order a plate of Slovak specialties for two persons. Served are Brimsenpiroggen, Brimsennocken and sauerkraut cakes with bacon. This is hearty cuisine, which is just fine with our lunch at half past three but just fine. We learn that Brimsen is a kind of local sheep's cheese. Served with potato socks and bacon. The sauerkraut cakes are flour spaetzle with sauerkraut and bacon cubes. After all, the dumplings are dumplings. These are filled with Brimsenkäse. They are served with sour cream.

Lush are they - the food we can taste like this. They are certainly nothing for every day. But as an entry into the Slovak cuisine they fit perfectly. For the price of only 12 Euro for two portions, which could easily be enough for three people, they are also inexpensive. Because there is still some time left, we conclude our late lunch with a cup of espresso in Café Mayer. However, there is no room for the tempting pies and cakes in the dishes of the midday meal. For this cafe is known. In any case a reason to return?



Vienna Bratislava - worth a visit

During our stay in Bratislava we got an insight into the city and its culinary specialties. Therefore, we enjoy the trip back to Vienna. There, the Twin City Liner finally delivers us back to Schwedenplatz shortly after 20.00 clock.


Glorious city palaces in Bratislava
City palaces in Bratislava
He looks under the skirts of the ladies
He looks under the skirts of the ladies
The central city square of Bratislava
The town square of Bratislava


Julia from Globusliebe was also traveling in Bratislava. She reports about it on her blog. A look is definitely worth it.



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Vienna Bratislava by boat

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