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Terms and Conditions for the purchase of affiliate products

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Terms and Conditions for the sale of photos, texts, videos for external websites

The prices and conditions for the respective services can be found in our Value List, This contains our current prices for the services that TravelWorldOnline offers.

Image / Video Fees and Expenses - Photo / Video Fees and Costs

Fees / Costs - Fees / Costs


The stated fees refer to the one-time usage right within the defined scope of use.

Additional use is to be paid additionally.

The listed fees refer to a one-time license to use within the permitted usage as defined.

Additional usage has to be paid in addition.

Fees are in Euro excluding VAT and refer to a single image / video.

Fees are in Euros without VAT and refer to a single image / video.

Rights of use are granted for the respective country of the client. Extensions of use are possible for a surcharge.

User licenses are offered for the country of the buyer. License extensions are possible for additional fees.

Service costs (eg travel, food and accommodation costs) are not part of the user fees and have to be paid separately.

Service costs are not part of the usage licenses and are separately charged.


Supplements - Surcharges


Supplements are in addition to the current at the time of use basic fee of the photo / video.

Surcharges are to be paid in addition to the basic fee valid at the time of usage of the image / video.

The grand total gives you a new basic fee.

The total sum is the new basic fee.

If extended or additional usage rights must be calculated, they must be related to the new basic fee.

If extended or additional usage rights are required, this must be referred to the new basic fee.


Exclusive Rights and Blocking Periods - Exclusive Rights and Blocking Periods


Surcharge by appointment.

Additional costs to be agreed upon.


Commercial Use - Promotional Use


Basic fee plus 100%

Basic fee plus 100%


Missing Image / Video Source Credential - Missing Image / Video Source


Basic fee plus 100%

Basic fee plus 100%


Penalty for unauthorized use of a photo / video - Penalty for Unlicensed Use of Image / Video


The five-time basic fee

Five times the basic fee


Surcharges for increased production costs - Surcharges for Increased Production Costs


Aerial and underwater shots: plus 100% 

Aerial and underwater shots: plus 100%

Photo Model Shoots: plus 30%, from 6 models plus 100%

Photo model shots: 30%, from 6 photo models plus 100%

Other unusual and / or costly shots: Extra charge by appointment

Other unusual and / or cost intensive photo or video shots: additional costs to be agreed upon

(Source: Terms of Contract for the Use of Journalistic Contributions - Contract conditions for the use of journalistic content


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Terms and conditions

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