Amazing architecture in the Brain winery in Untereisenheim

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Architecture in the winery brain

In any case, winegrowers attach great importance to beautiful architecture in the winery. This allows them to present their wines in a special way. They usually do this in old manor houses and farms, whose courtyards are adorned with vines. They run hedge farms in it, in which they Franconian specialties serve. There, wine lovers can enjoy a glass of wine in the shade of vines. Or they choose modern wine architecture made from materials from the terroir. This reflects the region in which the winemaker's wines thrive. In the Brain winery in Untereisenheim am Main, however, the owner of the winery took a different approach.



Hundertwasserhaus in Untereisenheim - architecture in the winery
Architecture in the Hirn winery in Untereisenheim


The Brain winery in Untereisenheim is known for its architecture

The architecture of the Brain winery in Untereisenheim is certainly the reason why many guests visit this winery on the outskirts of the village of Untereisenheim. In any case, a hint in a travel guide led us to this winery in Untereisenheim. For his winery, Matthias Hirn was inspired by none other than Friedensreich Hundertwasser. The architecture lover Hirn became aware of the star architect from Austria by chance. In a bookshop he came across a book about the artist's architecture. From then on it was clear to him that his new manor house should be built in the style of the star architect.


Architecture in the Brain winery in Untereisenheim
Architecture in the Brain winery in Untereisenheim


However, the house is not one of the Hunderwasser buildings. This told us the Hundertwasser Foundation in Vienna With. Hundertwasser died in 2000 on board the Queen Elizabeth 2 off Brisbane in Australia. Architect Springmann had completed several buildings together with Friedensreich Hundertwasser. He finally completed the construction in 2001. Two years later, the Hirn winery opened its doors to the public. The architecture in the winery is still worth seeing.


Entrance to the wine paradise
Entrance to the wine paradise - architecture in the Hirn winery


Architecture in the winery brain as an attraction

We wanted to see the architecture in the Hirn winery on ours Motorhome trip through the Franconian wine country look at. As soon as we approach the town from Wipfeld, we see the striking winery on the outskirts. Its colorful facades without straight lines cannot be overlooked. It looks a bit like a building from a fantasy film. A Franconian "Villa Kunterbunt", so to speak. Architecture in the winery that surprises.


Bocksbeutel in the facade
Bockstüten in the facade - Details of the architecture in the winery brain
Slim wine bottles in the facade
Slim wine bottles in the facade decorate the architecture of the Hirn winery


Garden decorations support the architecture in the Hirn winery

When we stand in front of it, we realize that the theme of "wine" has been integrated into the building in a very special way. Bocksbaschen and wine bottles are walled into the outer wall of the building. Under an archway we come to a garden whose sculptures, ponds and plants are in no way inferior to the shape of the building. Fantasy heads, rods and fantasy structures adorn the garden, which is just as amazing as the building itself. The architecture in the winery encompasses more than just the building. The Hirn winery describes its manor house as a “wine paradise”. We rightly think so, albeit in an unusual way. Let yourself be carried away into the world of the Hirn winery.


Garden in the winery brain
Garden and architecture at the Hirn winery


The architecture in the Hirn winery is well worth a visit

Even if this is not a building by Friedensreich Hundertwasser, the architecture in the Brain winery is still worth seeing. It stands out from the usual wineries in this region with its colorful and imaginative facade. However, we cannot tell you how the wines from the Hirn taste. Since a bus group was visiting, we decided not to visit the hedge farm and continued our journey to our next destination.

If you want to take a look at the architecture in the Hirn winery yourself, you can find it here:

Winery Brain - In the wine paradise

Matthias Brain
Dipbacher street 8
97247 Lower Iron Home / Franconia
Telephone 0 93 86 / 388


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Hirn winery
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Source architecture in the Hirn winery: research on site. We would like to thank both the Franconian Wine Country for the support of this trip and also the Knaus company for the mobile home that was made available to us for this trip. However, our opinion remains our own, as always.

Text Architektur im Weingut Hirn: © Copyright Monika Fuchs and TravelWorldOnline
Architecture photos at the Brain winery: © Copyright Monika Fuchs and TravelWorldOnline

Amazing architecture in the Brain winery in Untereisenheim

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