Animals in Africa: lion versus buffalo

Lioness on the hunt

Animals in Africa

On one of my trips to Africa I am very lucky to be able to watch an exciting fight between lion and buffalo. We are on a morning safari that drives us out of bed very early. Right after sunrise we drive from our Safari Lodge in Botswana to Chobe National Park. The paths through the park are sandy and so bumpy that I have to cling to my seat in the open jeep to avoid falling out of the car if the vehicle jerks. We look spellbound under bushes, trees and the few open areas. Our way leads us through a rather densely vegetated landscape, so that unobstructed views are rarely possible. All the more exciting is the search for the shy animals that we would like to capture with our camera.


Animals in Africa - The lioness is stalking
Animals in Africa - The lioness stalks © Copyright Monika Fuchs, TravelWorldOnline


Lion against buffalo

And suddenly: a lion - no, a lioness crouching on the sandy ground on a small hill in front of us. It makes itself very small, as if it does not want to be seen. And she keeps staring in one direction, through bushes, behind which we can see nothing. What does she see? We stop and wait. The lioness does not move a muscle, but always stares immovably at the same place. Is she hunting? It seems so. It takes a while. We need patience. But then suddenly a heavy, black buffalo appears behind the bushes. "She can't be after this muscle man?" I think to myself. Because the massive buffalo is far superior to her in weight and strength.


Animals in Africa
Animals in Africa - The buffalo gives heels © Copyright Monika Fuchs, TravelWorldOnline


But it is so, because the lioness pushes - always crouched low on the ground - closer to the buffalo who has not yet discovered. He plucks leisurely fresh blades of grass from the ground in front of him and is aware of no danger. His gaze quietly brushes across the open meadow that extends in front of him. And still he does not know that he is in the sight of the lioness. Until she suddenly straightens and runs full of power at him. She struggles to reach her prey. But she was not close enough to catch him and hurt him.


Animals in Africa - The buffalo attacks the lioness
Animals in Africa - The buffalo attacks the lioness © Copyright Monika Fuchs, TravelWorldOnline


A cat and mouse game

The buffalo turns and runs away, fast, as I would not have expected from such a powerhouse. The lioness runs after him and tries to grab him. But she can not get close enough to him. And then the buffalo suddenly turns around and seems to be aware of his power only now. The lioness hesitates, and the buffalo takes his chance and sets off for his attacker. This one is smart enough to get away from the attack of the muscleman. So it goes back and forth for half an hour: the buffalo goes on the lioness. She flees until she recognizes an opportunity and attacks him again. We are spellbound watching this exciting duel between two of the Big Five, the largest animals in Africa.


A stalemate?
A stalemate? © Copyright Monika Fuchs, TravelWorldOnline


I can not tell you how the fight ends, because the two rivals eventually disappear behind a hill, and we can no longer watch as the showdown of lion and buffalo comes to an end. One thing is clear: they have undoubtedly grown into each other. I think the lioness had missed her chance on the big booty because she started her attack too soon. An unforgettable experience that I remember today, as if I see it in front of me.

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Animals in Africa: lion versus buffalo
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