Austria in winter - holidays for connoisseurs

Austria in winter without skis

Austria in winter without skis - holidays for connoisseurs

Here we collect travel tips on where and how you can experience sights in Austria in winter without skis. Not everyone wants to ski or do sports in Austria. However, there are very good opportunities to experience winter in Austria without doing sports. For example, what do you think of winter wellness? The Christmas markets and Christmas traditions that are held every year in the cities and in the country are also worth a visit. Have you ever seen the Krampus' wild fellows? This is an experience that you will surely remember. The Schönperchten are also worth seeing. These wander through the villages in the dark nights and wear caps whose light calls for the end of winter.

There is a lot to discover in during the cold months of the year Austria. Discover sights in Austria in winter and experience customs that are centuries old. Enjoy wellness in Waldviertel and look at the snow from inside. There are many ways you can do that cold season in the mountains can experience without sport.


Winter Wellness Austria in the Schwarz Alm Spa

Winter wellness in Austria

Winter Wellness Austria In the cold season, winter wellness in Austria is a good alternative to winter sports. We prefer to enjoy than to ski. Over time, we discovered spa offers in Austria that are worth a visit. Away from the hustle and bustle of skiing, you can relax in these hotels and spas ...
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Christmas markets in Austria

Christmas markets in Austria

The most beautiful Christmas markets in Austria Discover the most beautiful Christmas markets in Austria from Vienna to Salzburg. The choice is huge. Which Christmas market in Austria do you like best? In these articles we present the Christmas markets from Vienna to Salzburg. There is plenty of choice in both cities. What is special ...
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Caps from Ebensee - customs in Austria in winter

Customs in Austria in winter

Experience the customs in Austria in winter Traditional customs in Austria in winter guarantee holiday experiences of a special kind. When the Krampuses roam the villages in Advent, you feel transported into pagan times. With their masks that spread fear and terror, they not only frighten children. In contrast, the ...
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You can enjoy winter wellness at these locations and at these events. And if you do feel like skiing, then take a look at which one ski Areas Recommend travel bloggers.


Austrian winter without skis
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Austria in winter - holidays for connoisseurs
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