Cool backpacks for city trips

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Cool backpacks for city trips

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A backpack for city trips belongs on the city trip packing list. However, not every backpack is a feast for the eyes. Here we present chic backpacks for women. If I take a backpack with me when travelling, it is definitely important to me that a backpack for the city trip is not only practical, but also looks good. So I went on a search. The most beautiful backpacks for women, which are suitable for backpacking in the city, are presented here.

Travel backpack for hand luggage

Not every city trip is taken by car. There is limited space for hand luggage on trains or planes. However, this is hardly dramatic on a city trip. We don't need much luggage for our city trips, as such trips rarely last longer than two to three days. And if so, by packing wisely we can get by with a backpack for a city trip with a capacity of around 40 liters. You can find cool backpacks that are suitable for this purpose here:


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Clothes bag set for the backpack

Who does not know that? At the beginning of the journey, clothes, bathing utensils and everything else you need when traveling are neatly stowed away. The longer you travel, the greater the confusion. You can remedy this by packing your travel essentials in bags. This will help you organize your backpack:


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A backpack for shopping - perfect for city trips

What do you like to do as a woman on city trips? Shopping, of course! Therefore, a backpack is a good choice for shopping. Not only can you store the utensils that you need for the trip in it. These can be left in the hotel during a city tour and with this model you have the perfect backpack for shopping, in which you can store souvenirs and other odds and ends for the city tour. There are also cool backpacks that are great for shopping. You can find chic backpacks for women here.


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Backpack with inner compartments

I also find a backpack with inner compartments very practical. I can put my utensils in it and find them again with a handle. This is a big advantage when I'm traveling. The search for sunglasses, a wallet or travel documents is done with it. Because each of these things has its own compartment in such a backpack, and I find the necessary things immediately when I need them.


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Backpack with laptop compartment

Anyone who travels a lot in cities likes to take their laptop with them to the café to work there. This backpack with a laptop compartment comes in handy. A backpack that is perfect for city trips or trips into the city.


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Why a leather backpack fits so well for city trips

What I like about this leather backpack for women is that it has hidden compartments that are good for storing valuables. Order this city backpack for women. You can safely store credit cards, room keys, passport and other important things in it. A leather backpack like this one is durable and can take a beating. Perfect to use on city breaks. These are cool backpacks that fit for multiple occasions.


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I was looking for backpacks that are suitable for city trips. Cool backpacks should offer space for my camera and accessories, which are important to me on city trips. After all, I want to take photos on the city tour that I need for our blog. In addition, there should be enough space in the backpack so that I can carry a light jacket, an umbrella or rain jacket and store the junk that I need during the day. I think it's good that this leather backpack for women is approved as hand luggage at most airlines. This makes it a practical backpack for city trips if it includes a flight.


City backpack

I also think a city backpack for women is very chic. It looks good and has a pocket closed with leather straps in which you can store travel documents. It's also big enough that you can even take clothes with you for a weekend trip. Ideal for a short trip where you don't have one suitcase want to take with you. I have to admit, I'm a fan of stylish backpacks. They look good and are practical. Perfect for a ladies getaway.


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A camera backpack for female photographers

With a practical backpack for city trips especially for photographers, I always have all the important things that I need during the city tour with me. However, it shouldn't just accommodate Photo equipment Offer. I also have other things on city tours that have to be accommodated. On this backpack I like that the camera is easy to reach through the side opening. At the same time, the devices are protected because they are worn directly on the back. This is very important to me, because then I can go straight to the camera without any obstacles to take pictures. Of course, this is especially important if I want to quickly take a snapshot. In addition, there is enough space for a jacket and other oddments in the upper backpack compartment. With this backpack on my back I have everything that I need for a photo tour in the city.


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City backpack ladies light

You know that for sure. You're going to a big city for a weekend in the city. You are out and about during the day. Look at the city. You go shopping. Have a coffee in a street cafe and watch the passers-by. But - what do you do in the evening? In the evening you like to go out to eat in an elegant restaurant on a city break. Get to know the culinary skills of a star chef. Or you have tickets for a hip play or concert for which you want to dress chic. Does a backpack also fit? But of course I think. There are city backpacks for women that also look good in the evening and can be combined well with chic evening wear.


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Why a city tour is easy with this hiking backpack

Do you like to see a city on foot and take a lot of time for it? Then these hiking backpacks for women are very suitable for your city trip. In the inner compartment you can easily store all the utensils you need for your day in the city. The back pad is very useful. You can take this out and use it as a seat cushion. Especially if you like to visit parks and gardens on your city trips, you can have such a great one Picnic plan in your city visit.


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Which backpack for city trips do women love?

Do you know which backpack women love for city trips? I don't know about you But with City ​​breaks I always like to have a backpack with me, where I can store all my utensils for the day. However, I do not like to take my standard backpack for that, though Journeys is practical, but not as chic as I would like it to be for a city tour. But: what is a practical backpack for city trips? Which backpack is suitable for a city trip? Here you will find cool backpacks that are practical at the same time. You can also store your souvenirs from pleasure tours here.



So I started looking for city backpacks that women love, that also have chic accessories for sightseeing, for example in Salzburg or Vienna are. A backpack for shopping is also good. They had to look practical and good. And if possible still fulfill certain functions that I need again and again on city trips. Here I present you cool backpacks for women that are particularly suitable for certain purposes. Which backpack is suitable for a city trip? Here we present the current trends.

Practical backpack for city trips

On a city break, I don't want to walk around with my practical but bulky travel backpack. It is well suited for longer trips, but in the city I want something chic that can also be seen in street cafes or fine restaurants. A backpack for shopping is also good for you. A practical backpack for city trips is usually not so good. In this list there are perfect city backpacks that women love and that are suitable for city trips. I like to wear them on my back on a tour of Paris, London or Milan. I think they are perfect for a tour of a city.

The right backpack for every city trip type

It doesn't matter how you prefer to organize your city break. No matter whether you like to stroll through the city comfortably or go in search of the latest street art, a backpack is the perfect utensil for this. If you like to go shopping, a backpack is particularly suitable for shopping. It can accommodate everything you need for a day. Even if your city tour should be sportier, there are suitable backpacks. Their durability and high-quality materials ensure that your backpack can withstand heavy use. You can do everything from hiking to mountain bike tours to skaters and longboard tours.

Stylish backpacks for city trips with elegant evening events?

Even for elegant evening events, there are matching backpacks. So you can style your little black perfectly and creates a real eye-catcher with the backpack. So you make a good figure in the elegant gourmet restaurant as well as in the foyer of the opera or in the concert hall for the next rock concert. And of course you can take this to the next party. A backpack is always a good and chic choice.

Best backpack for city trips belongs on every city trip packing list

Trends change rapidly. With modern materials that tailor backpacks exactly to your needs, it's up to you to create new trends. Today there are backpacks in all possible shapes and colors. Do you like vintage style? Then you will find the right daypack for it. Or do you prefer an elegant leather backpack? What do you think of a backpack for shopping? The choice for this is great. Are you more of the sporty type? Then you will find suitable backpacks for all kinds of sports. Trends adapt to your lifestyle. You can find cool backpacks here.

You are the one who decides what you need for your ventures. The selection of suitable backpacks is huge. Choose the one that best suits your travel and lifestyle. Or even better: choose the backpack that best suits you and your lifestyle. You are welcome to create your own style. Make the backpack an expression of your personality. So you will be satisfied with your backpack in the long term and can use it freely according to your needs. No matter whether it is a backpack for shopping, for evening events or a daypack.

For me, a backpack has to be robust. If backpacks are stylish, I like them again so much. It is best if they are both.

Practical tips and tricks for planning a city trip with a backpack

As city travelers for many years, we have gained a lot of experience on how best to plan a city trip with a practical backpack for city trips. Maybe they can also help you with your travel preparation.

Pack light but pack smart: A backpack should weigh no more than 10% of your body weight. Pack only the essentials and leave room for souvenirs. A small backpack forces you to only take the most important things with you.

Organization is everything: Use packing cubes or ziplock bags to organize your belongings. This way you can quickly find what you need without emptying the entire backpack.

safety first: Store valuables like money and papers in a hidden money belt or inside pocket. This way you are safer from pickpockets.

Be flexible: A backpack gives you the freedom to be spontaneous. If you like a place, you can stay longer. If not, you just pack up and move on.

Convenience counts: Look for padded shoulder straps and a sturdy hip belt. Your back will thank you, especially after a long day of exploring.

weatherproof: A small rain cover for your backpack takes up hardly any space, but can be very useful. This way everything stays dry if a shower comes.

snacks and water: Always pack a small snack and a water bottle. You never know when you'll get a little hungry.

Personal experiences with our backpack for city trips in Mainz

We had two days to... Mainz to look at. One backpack for each person is enough for us to store our equipment. Our backpack was light and practical, perfect for the short trip.

We didn't have to make any big plans about what to take with us for the car trip. Our practical backpack for city trips fit well in the trunk and we were able to drive to Mainz in a relaxed manner.

Once there, we immediately made our way to the city center. With the backpack it was child's play. No heavy suitcase to slow us down. The first tour of the city was easy to do before we could check into the hotel. For a short trip of two to three days, one backpack is usually enough for us to store all the necessary items.

How do you like the selected backpacks for your city trip? You can order your city backpack for women online. Or do you want one Buy hiking backpack? Here you can find out what you should consider. You may also be interested in this article, which deals with the question: Suitcase, trolley or backpack?


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Stylish backpacks for city trips
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Cool backpacks for city trips

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  1. When I'm on the go, I always have a backpack with me. I find backpacks very practical, be it for city trips, air travel and of course when hiking. I still lack a special photo backpack in my collection. There is the backpack with an extra opening to remove the camera very practical. That comes in my shortlist.

    1. I also find backpacks very handy. Especially during hikes and short breaks. For longer trips, however, we always take suitcases with us. They are more comfortable, I think. I'm glad if you think the camera backpack is practical. That's what I thought when I saw him.

    1. I am very happy if you like it.
      Thank you for your comment.

      LG, Monica

  2. City backpack, ladies love? I have just exchanged in my spare time for handbags.
    I have a camel and I love it all.

    And as I see from the postings, I'm not alone with the backpack on city breaks;)

    1. Hello Sylwia,

      well, we have something in common. City trips are not leisure time for us as travel bloggers and travel journalists, but work. For this we need the appropriate equipment that we always have with us. A handbag is not enough for a long time :). On the contrary, we usually have two backpacks or at least a backpack and a large camera bag. A city backpack that ladies love is definitely one of them.

      Best regards,

  3. If I had not already had the perfect city backpack, ladies love, I would strike immediately. Since I'm not the minimalist in packing - not even the day pack, it would be model 1. I do not know the brand yet, but I'll remember if my mind goes down.

    1. Hello Eva,

      I was looking for a long time until I really found a city backpack that ladies love. Mostly they are either too small or too chunky. But I really like these models. They look good and they offer different sizes so that everyone can find the right size for him.

      Best regards,

  4. Wow, there are really great models! When traveling, I always have a daypack with me, as they are practical for city strolls as well as small excursions / hikes! A city backpack that ladies love is just one of them.
    Gl Michaela

    1. Hello Michaela,

      Yes, I like the models very well. A city backpack that ladies love

      Best regards,

  5. Hello Monika and Petar, did not know this label so far and have discovered a few favorites, you can never have enough backpacks, actually you really need your own for every occasion. I like the "Dawson" best. Greetings Alex

    1. Hi Alex,

      yes, I also had to look for it. There are many backpackers, but they are not really that chic. But I like them very much. City backpack that ladies love is one of them.

      Best regards,

  6. I'm full of you! I always travel when traveling, the ladies love, for the reasons just mentioned ;-) If I ever need a new one, I'm definitely looking at your list right now, where I'm more this small city Leather backpacks like (so far I have not come up with the idea to put a jacket in there). Camera, bottle of water, something to snack on, hands free ... great!

    1. Hi Mary,

      I find such backpacks just practical. Some things fit in, you can easily carry them on your back and have your hands free. City backpack ladies love. Thank you for your comment.

      Best regards,

  7. I have such a Herschel and am super satisfied. He is great for the city but also great as hand luggage for air travel. I always take all my technical equipment with me in the plane.
    There is enough space for laptop, camera, lens and cable. In addition a hoodie and petty-fits! In Australia, I dragged the backpack around with me for a month and always went through everything. Therefore from me a clear recommendation.
    Best regards,

  8. Hi monika,
    For me it is very important to have a city backpack that ladies love! There comes a lot together that I need on long tours. And a backpack has to endure a lot.
    Thanks for your tips!


    1. Hi Alex,

      yes I agree with you. I like it when I have my hands free to take pictures. Nevertheless, I always need certain things on the way, which I then have in my backpack. I think that's very convenient. A city backpack that ladies love has to allow that.

      Best regards,

  9. Huhu!

    I feel the same way ... a city trip without a backpack would never come to my mind! When traveling I always need a way in which I can stow all my things brought. And one thing is certain: the most convenient and convenient way is to carry a backpack. Especially for longer day trips and tours certain items must always be carried:
    - water (important in summer!)
    - documents such as identity card, etc.
    - Umbrella for emergencies
    - sunglasses, scarf, hand cream, etc.

    I could extend the list many times over ... That's why I think it's so great of you to have made this great list. Because just because you use a backpack, it does not say long without optics. The selected models are really charming and I also consider exchanging my current ...? Person with the pink white stripes I like best, have a soft spot for the color pink! :) In that sense, I'm a real girl.
    Next month, I will be on holiday in the capital and am already planning. In addition to the day trips, I also think about the selection of my bags and backpacks. Would be the opportunity to buy a new backpack and test it right away. Or not? I'm really looking forward to the holidays. My girlfriend and I want to explore the historical and historical cornerstones of Berlin during the day.

    Thanks again for the great list, have a nice day!
    LG Miri :)

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