Beach holiday in the Baltic Sea

Beach chairs on Binz

Where a beach holiday on the Baltic Sea is most beautiful


Discover Europe on trips to the sea, for example on a bathing holiday on the Baltic Sea! Find out where a bathing holiday on the Baltic Sea is particularly worthwhile. Here you will find tips for seaside resorts on the Baltic Sea where holidays are particularly beautiful. The Baltic Sea resort of Binz on the island of Rügen is one of the most well-known seaside resorts in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Beach tourists have been cavorting here for over a hundred years, but the style of beach holidays has changed in the meantime. Nevertheless, the villas along the beach promenade in Binz still exude nostalgic flair. In our articles we present what else you can experience in Binz.


The island of Usedom is also a popular destination for a beach holiday on the Baltic Sea. The miles of beaches stretch along the entire northern side of the island into Poland, where you can walk along the beach for hours. The Baltic Sea resorts on Usedom are particularly worth seeing. But the island offers other attractions and events that make a visit varied. Discover in our articles about the island of Usedom and its sights.


Kuehlungsborn is one of the popular seaside resorts on the Baltic Sea. A beach holiday on the Baltic Sea is particularly fun in this place. Families with children in particular feel at home here. But Kuehlungsborn is also suitable for those vacationers who want a little less hustle and bustle. Beach walks along the groynes that protect the beaches from the Baltic Sea storms are a must for a visit. As well as a leisurely stroll past the villas for which the place is known. One thing is for sure: In these places, a bathing holiday on the Baltic Sea becomes a real one Culinary. In addition, the places are perfect for one Vacation by car.


Fischland Zingst Darss Sunset

Darss sights between Fischland and Zingst

Darss vacation on the Baltic Sea Holidays on the Baltic Sea on the peninsula on the Baltic Sea coast The Baltic Sea beach is one of the Darss sights, which is why we make the detour on our trip from Stralsund to Kuehlungsborn. What a beach! He is wild. It stretches endlessly from one end of the peninsula to ...
The Kurhaus in Binz

Binz on Rügen - amber, white beach villas & star cuisine

Sights in the Baltic Sea resort of Binz on the island of Rügen We make a stopover to see the Binz sights and enjoy a bathing holiday on the Baltic Sea beach. Baltic Sea places like the seaside resorts lure us. Our road trip to Scandinavia practically calls for a stopover in Binz on the island of Rügen. The Stenaline ferry that took us...
Travel to Usedom because of the piano on the beach - Baltic Sea places

Travel to Usedom - not just because of the music

Three-day road trip with music to the Usedom sights Travel to Usedom - most people do this to experience Baltic Sea places. Let the wind blow in your face. to take a bathing holiday on the Baltic Sea. Watching the waves come to rest on the beach. A selection of Baltic Sea...
Strolling bathers

Ostseebad Binz as in the old days

Experience the spa architecture of Binz as it once did. We wanted to know more about the stories in the Baltic Sea resort of Binz and the human fate that happened behind the scenes of these villas. Its facades demand to find out more about the people who once lived there and spent their holidays by the sea ...
Beach chairs in Kühlungsborn

Which Baltic Sea beach is the most beautiful?

Holidays on the Baltic Sea Beach The Baltic Sea beaches have not only attracted visitors in recent years. They have been a magnet for visitors since the summer resorts of the Emperor. Year after year, more visitors come to the sea in northern Germany. We were there several times ourselves and got to know beautiful Baltic Sea beaches. Usedom, Binz, Kuehlungsborn, the ...
Magic of the Baltic Sea

Ostseebad Kühlungsborn: Groynes, beach villas & freedom

Kühlungsborn Travel Families with children, holidaymakers with dogs and everyone who is looking for unaffected holiday fun will feel at home on a beach holiday on the Baltic Sea at Kühlungsborn Beach. Kühlungsborn Travel guarantees a vacation for slow travelers. The Baltic seaside resort is also a destination for pleasure travelers. The Baltic Sea has us in its ...


Beach vacation on the Baltic Sea

Do you fancy a relaxing bathing holiday on the Baltic Sea? The coast of the Baltic Sea stretches across several countries and offers you a variety of beautiful places to relax and experience.

Let's start our journey in Baltic Sea resort of Binz on Ruegen. Here you will experience the charm of the historic seaside resort while you can relax in the many cafés and restaurants along the beach promenade. A visit to the famous hunting lodge Granitz or a ride on the nostalgic narrow-gauge railway, the Rasender Roland, are also recommended.

Another highlight is the island Usedom, which inspires with its long beaches and picturesque Baltic Sea resorts. The Kaiserbad Ahlbeck with its beautiful villas and the pier, from which you have a breathtaking view of the sea, is particularly worth seeing.

If you like it a little quieter, you should make a detour to Kuehlungsborn make. Here you can take leisurely walks along the beach along the groynes and admire the magnificent villas.

This is another travel destination Baltic Sea resort of Zingst. Wide sandy beaches and untouched nature await you here. Visit the Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft National Park or take a boat trip on the Baltic Sea.

Apart from the fantastic beaches, the Baltic Sea also offers a variety of sporting activities. How about a bike ride along the coast or a sailing trip on the sea?

Let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of the Baltic Sea coast and experience an unforgettable beach holiday!



Beach holiday in the Baltic Sea
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Beach holiday in the Baltic Sea

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