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Beach holiday in the Baltic Sea

Beach chairs in yellow and green for a beach holiday on the Baltic Sea
They are available in all possible colors, the beach chairs from Binz for a beach holiday in the Baltic Sea


Where a beach holiday on the Baltic Sea is most beautiful

Discover where a beach holiday on the Baltic Sea is worthwhile. Here you will find tips for seaside resorts on the Baltic Sea, where the vacation is particularly nice. The Baltic seaside resort of Binz on Rügen is probably one of the most famous seaside resorts in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Bathing tourists have been romping here for over a hundred years. Perhaps the style of beach holidays has changed in the meantime. The villas along the Binz beach promenade still exude nostalgic flair. In our articles we present what else you can experience in Binz.

The island of Usedom is also considered a destination for beach holidaymakers. The miles of beaches extend along the entire north side of the island as far as Poland. There you can go on long walks on the beach. The seaside resorts are well worth seeing. But the island also offers other attractions and events that make a visit to the island varied. Discover Usedom and its sights in our articles about the island.

Kühlungsborn is one of the smaller seaside resorts on the Baltic Sea. Families with children in particular feel at home here. But it is also suitable for those vacationers who want a little less hustle and bustle Kuehlungsborn Well. Beach walks along the groynes that protect the beaches from the Baltic storms are just as much a part of a visit as a stroll past the villas for which the place is known. One thing is certain. In these places, a beach holiday on the Baltic Sea becomes a real one Culinary. The places are perfect for you Vacation by car.

The Kurhaus in Binz

Binz on Rügen - amber, white beach villas & star cuisine

Before you visit the sights in the Baltic resort of Binz on Rügen: Current Corona information for Binz sights in the Baltic resort of Binz on Rügen We make a stopover to have a look at the Binz sights. Our road trip to Scandinavia practically calls for a stopover in Binz on Rügen. The ferry from Stenaline that ...
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Travel to Usedom because of the piano on the beach

Travel to Usedom - not just because of the music

Travel to Usedom in times of Corona. Three days road trip with music to the sights of Usedom. Travel to Usedom - most of them do this to experience the Baltic Sea. Let the wind blow around your nose. Watch the waves come to rest on the beach. Discover Usedom sights ...
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Magic of the Baltic Sea

Ostseebad Kühlungsborn: Groynes, beach villas & freedom

Up-to-date Corona information for trips to Kühlungsborn Kühlungsborn Travel Families with children, holidaymakers with dogs and everyone who is looking for unaffected holiday fun will feel at home on the Kühlungsborn beach. Kühlungsborn Travel guarantees a vacation for slow travelers. The Baltic Sea resort is also a travel destination for pleasure travelers. The Baltic Sea has us in ...
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Strolling bathers

Ostseebad Binz as in the old days

Experience the spa architecture of Binz as it once did We fell in love with the Baltic resort of Binz in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania: in the spring we already stopped in Binz for two days on our trip to Scandinavia and have the elaborately restored villas of spa architecture in the white city on the Baltic Sea admired. Already there ...
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Beach holiday in the Baltic Sea
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