Beach vacation Canada

Beach vacation Canada

When you think of Canada, you might not immediately think of a beach vacation. But Canada actually has many beautiful beaches where you can relax and enjoy nature. In this collection of articles, you'll learn where to find the best beaches in Canada and what to do there. You will find fine sandy beaches, for example, on Lake Ontario or in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park.

Beach Vacation Canada - Where's the Best?

Not everyone thinks of a beach vacation in Canada when they travel to the second largest country in the world. Canada has a coastline of 243.042 kilometers - the largest in the world. Then there are the Great Lakes, which also offer sandy beaches that are second to none. So a beach holiday or day at the beach in Canada is definitely an option that you can plan on your trip.

Get inspiration for a beach holiday in Canada here. In our articles we present some of the most beautiful beaches and coastal regions in the country. You can spend a day at the beach on sandy beaches that stretch for miles in some places. There are also places whose beaches may not be suitable for swimming. Instead, you can walk around on the seabed and watch the water recede at low tide and return at high tide. Exciting experiences are also possible there.

Discover your Canada travel destination for your Canada vacation on the beach

Beautiful beaches in eastern Canada

Where to swim in Eastern Canada In the past few years we have been touring the Atlantic provinces in Eastern Canada a lot. We very often followed the coastal roads. What is more impressive than views of the vastness of the sea, especially when they are interrupted by small archipelagos cuddling in bays ...
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Long Beach Lodge

Long Beach Lodge in Tofino

Long Beach Lodge in Tofino On our trip to the west coast of Vancouver Island we discovered a lodge that fulfills all the wishes that can be asked of a stay on the Pacific Rim. The Long Beach Lodge in Tofino. From the Pacific Rim Highway there is no sign other than a sign with the hotel name ...
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Sandy beach at Inverness on the Ceilidh Trail in Cape Breton Island Roadtrip Canada

Ceilidh Trail: on to the Cabot Trail

The Ceilidh Trail We explore the Ceilidh Trail in Nova Scotia on our photo road trip Canada and discover real insider tips. Do you know that, too? You drive to a country that you do not know and choose the most famous places as travel destinations. On site you will find out that it is also on ...
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On the coast of the Avalon Peninsula on Newfoundland

The five most beautiful beaches in Canada

Top XNUMX Canada Beaches Canada is usually associated with wild national parks, deep forests and grizzly bears. Hardly anyone thinks of the most beautiful beaches in Canada. Most tourists are unaware that Canada also has breathtaking beaches to offer. But a trip to the beach is definitely worth it, especially since the mild ...
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The dune of Bouctouche

The dune of Bouctouche - A tip for beachcombers

We didn't visit her in perfect weather: the Bouctouche Dune in New Brunswick, Canada. No sunshine, no blue sky, no deep blue sea to the horizon. So no inviting bathing weather. Instead: The first raindrops fall. The wind from the Atlantic increases until after heroic attempts to use its powers ...
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Temperatures in Canada in summer

If you are interested in a beach holiday in Canada, you should know that the temperatures are pleasant in summer. Temperatures range between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius in most coastal regions of British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec. The warmest place in Canada is inland. This is Osoyoos in British Columbia. For example, in the province of Nova Scotia, July average temperatures are around 20 degrees Celsius, while New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island are slightly warmer, with average temperatures of around 23 degrees Celsius.

Some of the best beaches for a beach vacation in Canada are Long Beach in British Columbia, Wasaga Beach in Ontario and Cavendish Beach in Prince Edward Island. Some of the most beautiful beaches in the Atlantic Provinces are Lawrencetown Beach in Nova Scotia, Parlee Beach in New Brunswick and Basin Head Beach in Prince Edward Island. There you will find fine sand, turquoise water and breathtaking landscapes. If you are interested in a more pristine environment, you might want to visit Bruce Peninsula National Park or Pacific Rim National Park. There you will find beautiful beaches, crystal clear water and a picturesque backdrop.


Beach vacation Canada
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Beach vacation Canada
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