Berghaus Anna Lisa in Kleinwalsertal for a travel blogger flat share

Living and dining room in the Berghaus Anna Lisa in Kleinwalsertal

For three days we were late summer on the track in Kleinwalsertal. This time we formed a travel blog shared apartment together with our fellow bloggers Elena von Creative Lena, Christina of City Sea Country and fairy and Lara from Fairy is my name. At the invitation of Kleinwalsertal Tourismus in Austria we were in the apartment Talgrün in the Berghaus Anna Lisa in Mittelberg.

Lots of space for our travel blogger shared flat

Unlike our previous ventures, we with Elena and Christina on our Houseboat tours on the Mayenne and the Saone in France In the narrowest space, we had the Anna Lisa Platz at our disposal.

We were able to share four rooms with bathrooms. There was also a sauna with shower and a lounge with sitting area, dining table, cooking island and kitchen. Better than at home. 240 square meters, which we shared in sixth. Ideal for what we had in Kleinwalsertal ago.

That's why the Berghaus Anna Lisa in Kleinwalsertal was perfect for our travel blogger apartment


Dining table and seating area in the Berghaus Anna Lisa in Kleinwalsertal
Dining table and seating area in the Berghaus Anna Lisa in Kleinwalsertal


You can book an apartment in Berghaus Anna Lisa here:

Mountain house Anna Lisa
Walserstrasse 309
6993 Mittelberg
further information, availability inquiry and online booking *


Living and dining room in the Berghaus Anna Lisa in Kleinwalsertal
Living and dining room in the Berghaus Anna Lisa in Kleinwalsertal



The apartment is suitable for families or groups like ours. It is located in the Kleinwalsertal on the outskirts of Mittelberg and is therefore the ideal starting point to explore the valley and the Farms in the Kleinwalsertal to explore. It offers space for 12 people. The Walserbus, which we as guests of the Berghaus Anna Lisa can use free of charge, stops just steps from our front door. It also takes us to the last corners of the valley. Since we had come by car, we appreciated the free parking spaces in front of the house. Parking costs money almost everywhere else in the valley.


The Walserbus stops near the Berghaus Anna Lisa in the Kleinwalsertal



What we enjoyed most was the kitchen where we prepared our breakfast. One evening we dared to cook Kleinwalsertaler “Chääs Chnöpfle”. They are typical of that Kleinwalsertal food. That is the Vorarlberg Variant of the Kässpatzen. With the support of Elmar and Caro von Kleinwalsertal Tourismus, we made the “Chnöpfle” ourselves and layered it with cheeses from the alpine pastures in the valley. The cheese melted into the drops of dough. Onion rings fried in butter were heaped on top. The specialty from the Kleinwalsertal was ready from the shared kitchen. Homemade! And it was delicious on top of that.


Chääs Chnöpfle cook in the Berghaus Anna Lisa in Kleinwalsertal
Cook Chääs Chnöpfle


Tasty Chääs Chnöpfle
Tasty Chääs Chnöpfle


Everyday life in the travel blogger flat share

Each of us could choose topics to report on during our travel blogger flat share. That meant that we only met for breakfast and dinner. During the day we dealt with topics and activities for which our apartment was the meeting point and starting point.

What we are in this time Kleinwalsertal we will tell you elsewhere. Our apartment was the largest in the Berghaus Anna Lisa. There are two more holiday apartments, which are smaller but similarly equipped. This means that families and friends can also find accommodation here for holidays in the mountains in summer or for skiing in winter. We felt very comfortable there and can recommend it to others.


This is what you need for a trip to Kleinwalsertal Vorarlberg



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Source: On-site research for Berghaus Anna Lisa in Kleinwalsertal. We would like to thank Kleinwalsertal Tourismus and Berghaus Anna Lisa for inviting us to this trip. Our opinion remains our own.

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Berghaus Anna Lisa in Kleinwalsertal for a travel blogger flat share

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