Best pictures in 2. Half year 2015

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The blossom of a bottlebrush tree in Lloret de Mar

Best pictures in 2. Half-year 2015 - that interests us. Especially when it comes to photos, we like to participate in blog parades. Michael from Explore the world this time called for the best pictures from the second half of 2 to be selected for specific categories. We are very happy to take part in this. We've been to a number of countries and regions since July. So we have a few photos to choose from. I would be happy if you tell me in the comments which of the photos you like best. Here they are – the best pictures from our trips in the second half of 2015 in Michael's categories.

Best pictures from TravelWorldOnline 2 / 2015

Most beautiful summer photo

Best pictures - Undine in the spa gardens of Baden near Vienna
Undine in the spa park of Baden near Vienna


This photo was taken in the spa park of Baden near Vienna on a hot summer day in July. We were in July guest at the summer party in Baden, at "Bathing in white". Temperatures that day rose to 37 degrees Celsius, and we were looking for shade, cool ice, and refreshing water. The statue of the Undine stands above a fountain in the spa gardens of Baden, and I think the green surroundings, the fountain and the cool, white marble figure in the center bring back the heat of this summer day.

Most beautiful autumn picture

Best Pictures Excursion tip Austria and Bavaria: Martinsgans eat
Red vine leaf


In the fall of this year we were at Wine festival in Volkach in francs, with which the grape harvest is opened. Then wine lovers gather on Volkacher Stadtplatz and try the first grape juice, which is pressed by the freshly harvested grapes of the year. The Volkach wine princesses and the wine queen serve them to their guests after the Volkach councilor has pressed them with the active support of the Volkacher landknecht. A great autumn experience that has provided us with many beautiful photos. However, we find this most beautiful because it best expresses the autumn mood.

Most beautiful home photo

The imposing nave of St. Martin
The imposing nave of St. Martin


As a great friend of Gothic architecture, I particularly like the photo of the interior of St. Martin's Church in Landshut. I know of no other Gothic church, in which the heavenly aspiring form of Gothic columns is expressed as impressively as in this church, which otherwise looks rather unadorned. The church offers more great art, but to see it you have to take a closer look. We've posted a blog post about it, including the Church and her artwork introduce.

Most beautiful landscape shot

Memorial at the Fuscher Törl
Memorial at the Fuscher Törl


Here I find the selection of the topic “Best Images” particularly easy. In late summer we were on one of the most spectacular panoramic roads in Austria, the Grossglockner High Alpine Roadwhich connects the Salzburg region with Carinthia. On the way, there are countless breathtaking views of the countryside, but the most beautiful is certainly the one on Fuscher Törl. From here you can see the Grossglockner for the first time in the distance.

Our absolute favorite photo

Snowflake in the ice
Snowflake in the ice


We also took this picture this year, but at the beginning of February when we were at the Winterlude Festival in Ottawa were. There, we watched the ice carvers from all over the world carve ice sculptures at temperatures of up to -33 ° C. One of them was this wonderful snowflake of ice, which symbolizes winter for me ever since. With the winter sky deep blue and the icy temperatures last winter, the conditions for the winter mood were optimal, and the sculptures were in perfect condition throughout the time we were there. That was one of the best winter experiences we've ever had.

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Best pictures in 2. Half year 2015

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    1. That's right, Sabine. The snowflake I think also class! We even went several times to look at them.

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      Monika and Petar

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