Snack, snack, Marende - this is how it becomes a good snack

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Fish plate in Salzburg

What are snacks?

Snacks whet your appetite, right? If you go on holiday to Austria's wine-growing regions, these are an essential part of it. My mouth is watering every time I see the wooden boards, slates or porcelain plates and platters on which meat, ham and sausage, tomato and cucumber slices, pickles, bacon, eggs, lard and horseradish are piled up. They are served in the inns, the taverns, the Heurigen or the winery farms in the pleasure regions of Bavaria and Hesse, Lower Austria, South Tyrol or Switzerland Obatzters pile up on the plate Bavaria, Ahle sausage Hessen, Bacon from Austria, South Tyrolean smoked bacon or cheese from Switzerland. A Bavarian snack tastes just as good as the snacks and Marenden from Austria or Switzerland.


Brettljausn or snacks for wine tasting
Snacks for wine tasting

More than a snack

Especially when we are on the road, we like to order these lunch plates - firstly because they are served quickly and we do not have to wait long for food. The main reason is because they taste good and clearly eat the eye. Because what looks more appetizing than a platter of meat, ham, roast and types of smoked sausage, which are decorated with slices of tomato or cucumber. To do this farmers bread and a glass of wine, preferably with a view of the vineyard. Or a glass of beer that is freshly tapped at the table in the beer garden. This is enjoyment as you know it from Bavaria to Hesse, in the pleasure regions of Austria, South Tyrol and Switzerland in inns, beer gardens, wineries, wine taverns, Buschenschanken or mountain pastures.


Appetizer plates as snacks
Starter plate - snack in Austria


Make a snack yourself

Of course you can also make your own snack. We do that when we do road trips. Motorway rest stops charge high prices for food that we rarely like. That's why we have started to make our own snacks on our travels. On the one hand, it's cheaper. On the other hand, it is also practical because we eat healthier this way. The same applies to train journeys. There, too, the food in the train restaurant is usually not as good as what we take from home. If you are traveling with a motorhome, you can also Bake bread in the Omnia oven.

What do you eat with bread?

You can of course put ham, sausage, cheese or jam on it in the traditional way. But you can also be inventive. Depending on the type of bread, you can put together your ingredients individually. We like to try new things. What do you think of combinations like avocado, feta and pomegranate seeds? Or cream cheese with berries? My favorite is hummus with walnuts and pomegranate seeds. A sweet twist I like is fresh whole wheat bread with peanut butter, bananas, and cinnamon. In late summer we like goat cheese with figs. Add some honey and you'll lick your fingers and want more. You can find these and other snack ideas here here.


Snack recipes for on the go

We like to can on our trips Picnic while driving. We often fall back on snack ideas that we get to know on the way. Sausage, tomatoes or eggs are almost always in ours lunch box im backpack. If we have more time, we prepare snacks that are healthy and taste good. You can get ideas for this in recipe books.

  • We like to take a piece of bread with us and spread it with sausage. It sticks together well, even when things get rough on the way. When hiking, for example. We like it best with homemade ones rillettes. You can find the recipe for this via the link. Cut a few pickles into slices - and the sandwich bread is ready.
  • On hot summer days we like to take a salad with us as a snack. Add a bread roll and you have a healthy break from traveling. As a salad, we often simply choose what we have at home. Or we prepare Greek dakos as a salad and eat the bun as a side dish.
  • A Bavarian snack that we like to take with us is a fresh farmer's bread with black smoked meat. This goes with some cream horseradish. Most of the time, however, just a sandwich is enough for me.
  • If we prefer to eat something sweet on the go, then we like to take a layered dessert with us. To do this, we stir together low-fat quark with a mug of whipped cream and a bottle of vanilla flavor and sugar to taste. A can of mandarin oranges, which we puree in the blender, provides fruitiness. Then we layer the quark mixture and the tangerine puree alternately in a screw-top jar. As the top layer, we put some whipped cream on top. Then we just spoon out the dessert on the way.


Antipasti are perfect with wine
Snack with wine


Snacks, a snack or a snack - what does it include?

There are differences between the snacks. While on Brettljausen in the Styria pumpkin seed oil spread and lard or greaves spread (lard) is almost always served, Obatzte (a cheese specialty made from Camembert, onions, butter, paprika powder and herbs) is a must with a Bavarian snack. You can find the recipe below. A Marende in South Tyrol includes bacon or hard salami. In Hesse we got the green sauce for a snack in Kassel, a herb sauce based on sour cream and sour cream. There are even two variants of this sauce in Hesse: the Frankfurt green sauce, which is made with mayonnaise and includes hard-boiled eggs. Another specialty from Hesse that is perfect for a snack is the Ahle sausage. This raw sausage is indestructible and can be kept practically indefinitely, as a master butcher from Calden tells us Northern Hesse explained.


Brettljause and snacks on the Alm
Austrian snack on the alpine pasture


Snacks for lunch or as a snack

A snack does not necessarily have to consist of bread with a topping. Vegetable sticks or fruit that you arrange in a glass and serve on a quark cream are also healthy. Just put a lid on and you can eat this snack on the go. Such snacks are also perfect for lunch in the office or for snacks during the school break.

Snack ideas

What do you think of a Bavarian snack with this Obatzter recipe in Bavarian

Serves 6 people:

  • 3 camemberts, 250 grams each
  • 100 g processed cheese without taste
  • 250 g weiche Butter
  • 1 liqueur glass of beer or milk
  • red bell pepper powder
  • salt and pepper
  • 1 medium onion


Cut the camembert into pieces. Then you mix it with the melted cheese and butter. A homogeneous mass should form. If this is difficult, add a sip of beer or milk. This will make the mass creamier. Then gradually add paprika. A Bavarian Obatzter takes on the color of paprika. If the color and taste match, season with salt and pepper. Finally, cut the onion into small cubes. Stir this in just before serving. Otherwise the Obatzte tastes bitter.

What do you need for a Bavarian snack?

For a real Bavarian snack you need meat, ham, smoked meat, sausage and cheese. This includes farmer's bread and real farmer's butter. Radishes, radishes or cucumber slices are suitable for vegetable side dishes.

What belongs to a Swabian Vespers?

If you prefer Swabian snacks, you need sausage and smoked meat, cheese, bread and sausage salad.

How do you make a Black Forest peasant vesper?

For this you need the following ingredients: fresh Black Forest farmhouse bread, rind stomach, black sausage, smoked bratwurst, liver sausage, Black Forest bacon, Black Forest bacon and onions.

What do you eat with a South Tyrolean snack, the Marende?

The Marende is eaten in the late afternoon and early evening. These include South Tyrolean bacon, Schüttelbrot, Kaminwurz and alpine cheese. If you want it to be quite typical, you can drink a glass of South Tyrolean wine with it.

You can also find good snack ideas here:

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Snack Radi - Public Domain
Bavarian snack with radi

Where do snacks taste best?

You can't go hiking without a snack. We especially like a snack in nature or in the beer garden after a walk, a hike or a drive through landscapes that make you hungry. Preferably the snack in one backpack pack and let's go. An environment with a view is always part of it, then a Bavarian snack, a snack or Marende is the icing on the cake and turns an excursion into a pleasure experience. In Eisenstadt im Burgenland we have an antipasti platter with ham, olives, cheese, cheese sticks and a bean paste even with a view of that Esterházy Palace enjoyed - with a glass of wine as it should be in Burgenland. We also remembered the Brettljausen we had in the Buschenschanken on the South Styrian Wine Route enjoyed or snacks in the beer garden around the corner.

How to arrange a snack plate

During our visits to wine taverns and wine taverns in Austria, we discover how diverse a snack platter can be. The side dishes depend on the main ingredient. There is something different about meat and sausage than about a fish platter. A cheese platter requires different side dishes than a ham platter. Take a look at the examples we have on our gourmet tour along the Sausal Wine Route in Styria. Not only does it give you an appetite, it also gives you ideas for your own snack plate at home.


Hessian snacks with green sauce
Hessian snack with green sauce


What do you need for a snack on the way

  • We pack our lunch break in one backpack.
  • Are you looking for Snack gifts for hikers? Here we have collected some ideas.
  • In it we transport our bread and our vegetables cut in one Lunch box or one Screw jar * for creams and fruit salads.
  • Very handy is also one Stainless steel beverage bottle *, We fill these with water on the way. This is helpful especially for longer excursions and rides. With a little mint or a slice of lemon that keeps you fresh in the heat.

If you purchase via a link marked *, we receive a commission, which we use to run this blog.


Fish plate in Salzburg - other times
Fish plate in Salzburg


Language jungle for connoisseurs - what is the name of the snack between you?

If you want to try these delicious snacks yourself, you should know what they are called in the respective region. Because there are language differences. A Bavarian innkeeper will look at you with questioning eyes if you order a "Marende" or a "Zwipf" from him. What is called “snack” in Bavaria is called a “snack” in Austria and a “snack” in South Tyrol. In the Allannian language area, i.e. in Switzerland, in Liechtenstein, in Vorarlberg, in south-west Germany and in Alsace, the snacks are called differently: in Switzerland, one speaks of "Znüni" (morning snack) or "Zvieri" (afternoon snack). There you also know the "Vesper" or the "Zwipf" (a special snack that is common in the Swiss army.) "Z'nachtesse" or "Z'Ovetesse" is the name of the word in Alsace. Not so easy to find your way through the language jungle of snacks, is it?


At the Heurigen - snacks with horseradish
At the Heuriger


Bread-time tips from travel bloggers


Are there special specialties in your region that are served? And what's the name of the meal there?


Snack ideas
Click on the photo and then save the “Bavarian snack ideas and more” on Pinterest


Do you know this?


Source: on-site research. However, our opinions remain our own.

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Snack, snack, Marende - this is how it becomes a good snack

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