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Snacks, snack, Marende - tips and tricks for a good snack

Brettljausn or snacks for wine tasting
Brettljausn for wine tasting

What are snacks?

Snacks make you hungry, right? My mouth is watered every time I see the wooden boards, slates or - very profane - porcelain plates and plates on which meat, ham and sausage types, tomato and cucumber slices, pickles, bacon, hard-boiled eggs, greaves fat and grated horseradish. They are served in the inns, the Buschenschanken, the Heurigen or the winery farms in the pleasure regions of Bavaria and Hesse, Austria, South Tyrol or Switzerland Obatzters pile up on the plate Bavaria, Ahle sausage Hesse, Farmer's bacon from Austria, South Tyrolean smoked bacon or Swiss cheese.

More than a small snack

Especially when we are on the go, we like to order these cold platters - on the one hand because they are served quickly and we do not have to wait long for food. But the main reason is because they simply taste good and clearly eat the eye, because what looks more appetizing than a plate with freshly sliced ​​meat, ham, roast and smoked sausages, which are lovingly decorated with juicy tomato or cucumber slices. Plus a hearty one farmers bread and a glass of wine, preferably with a view of the vineyard. Or a freshly tapped glass of beer in the cozy beer garden. This is enjoyment as you know it from Bavaria to Hesse, in the pleasure regions of Austria, South Tyrol and Switzerland in inns, beer gardens, wineries, wine taverns, Buschenschanken or alpine pastures.

Appetizer plates as snacks

Make a snack yourself

Of course you can also make your own snack. We do that especially when we have longer distances to drive. Motorway restaurants usually charge very high prices for food, which we rarely taste. Therefore, we have gone on our trips to make a snack on the go itself. This is cheaper on the one hand. On the other hand, it is also convenient because we eat healthier. The same applies to train journeys. Also, the food in the train restaurant is usually not as good as what we take home.

Suggestions for your snack Menu

We like to can on our trips Picknick while driving. We often fall back on snack ideas that we get to know along the way. Durable sausages, tomatoes or eggs are almost always in ours Lunch box *, If we have more time, we like to prepare snacks that are healthy and taste good. You can get ideas for this in recipe books.

Antipasti are perfect snacks to the wine
Antipasti to the wine

Bavarian snacks, Brettljause or Marende - What is included?

There are regional differences when it comes to snacks. Whilst a kernel oil spread and grease or lard spread are almost always served on Brettljausen in Styria, Obatzde (a cheese specialty made from Camembert, onions, butter, paprika powder and herbs) is a must for a Bavarian snack. South Tyrolean bacon, a dry-spicy hard salami, is part of a South Tyrolean Marende. In Hessen we got the green sauce typical of the region for a snack in Kassel, a cold herb sauce based on sour cream and sour cream. There are even two variants of this sauce in Hessen: the Frankfurt green saucewhich can be prepared with mayonnaise and hard-boiled eggs. Another Hessian specialty, which fits perfectly for a snack, is the awl sausage. This raw sausage is indestructible and is virtually indefinitely preserved, as explained to us by a master butcher from Calden in northern Hesse.

Brettljause and snacks on the Alm
Brettljause on the pasture

Where do snacks taste best?

Hiking without a snack does not work at all. We especially enjoy a Brettljause in the open nature or in the beer garden after a walk, a hike or a car drive through impressive landscapes. Best the snack in one backpack grab and let's go. A beautiful environment is always included, then a Bavarian snack, a snack or Marende the icing on the cake and makes a trip to a perfect pleasure experience. In Eisenstadt in Burgenland we have an antipasti platter with different types of ham, thick, juicy olives, grated cheese, cheese sticks and a bean paste even with a view of the magnificent Esterházy Palace enjoyed - with the obligatory glass of wine in Burgenland. We also had a nice memory of the Brettljausen, which we had in the Buschenschanken on the South Styrian Wine Route Enjoyed or Bavarian snacks in the local beer garden around the corner.

Hessian snacks with green sauce
Hessian snack with green sauce

What do you need for a snack on the way

  • We either pack our snack in one Picnic basket * or backpack.
  • In it we transport our bread and our vegetables cut in one Lunch box *.
  • As explained above, it is a very small amount of concentrated sourdough, a small power chamber, with which you can bake a new bread without having to wait days for your sourdough to ripen. The leaven is stored in the refrigerator and is waiting to be activated. With a very small part of it a new sourdough is "inoculated". It needs only XNUMX-XNUMX hours - instead of XNUMX to XNUMX days - to be ready for baking a bread. Since a little part of this mini sourdough is always retained and stored in the fridge, the new sourdough can be used completely to bake a bread. From the mixture in the fridge a new sourdough can be made at any time. Now you are going to learn Sandwich board * may not be missing. Just as little as one Steak knife *.
  • Very handy is also one Stainless steel beverage bottle *, We fill these with water on the way. This is helpful especially for longer excursions and rides. With a little mint or a slice of lemon that keeps you fresh in the heat.

Fish plate in Salzburg - other times
Fish plate in Salzburg

Language jungle for connoisseurs - what is the name of the snack with you?

If you want to try these delicious snacks yourself, you should know what they are called in the respective region. Because there are language differences. A Bavarian innkeeper will look at you with questioning eyes if you order a "Marende" or a "Zwipf" from him. What is called "snack" in Bavaria is called a "snack" in Austria and a "snack" in South Tyrol. In the Allannian language area, i.e. in Switzerland, in Liechtenstein, in Vorarlberg, in southwestern Germany and in Alsace, the snacks are called differently: in Switzerland, one speaks of "Znüni" (morning snack) or "Zvieri" (afternoon snack). There you also know the "Vesper" or the "Zwipf" (a special snack that is common in the Swiss army.) "Z'nachtesse" or "Z'Ovetesse" is the name of the word in Alsace. Not so easy to find your way through the language jungle of snacks, is it?

At the Heurigen - snacks with horseradish
At the Heuriger

Bread-time tips from travel bloggers

Are there special specialties in your region that are served? And what's the name of the meal there?

Snack on the way
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  1. Wolfgang
    | Reply

    There was also the name of breakfast, which, as the name implies, referred only to the time between breakfast and lunch. I am a native Styrian, we say - as already mentioned - snack and that is rather independent of the time of day, because we know both the morning and the afternoon snack.
    Fork also because for eating mostly a fork, but also knives had to be used. (Small goulash, sausage with juice, ect.)

    • Monika & Petar Fox
      | Reply

      Very interesting! Although I already knew the term fork breakfast, I did not put it right away with the snack. And that there is both a morning and afternoon snack is new to me. Thank you for the contribution.

  2. comfortzoneless
    | Reply

    Hello Monika and Petar,

    I did not realize that there are so many regional differences between the snacks. This is probably also because I eat them only on holiday in Austria. Maybe I should do it much more often in Germany too.
    The photos are great, but unfortunately still cause a late salivation late in my time with me. Great!

    Greetings from Stefanie

    • Monika & Petar Fox
      | Reply

      Hello Stefanie,

      yes, we have been aware of that only since we traveled to different regions in Germany and Austria.

      Best regards,

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