Bucket List - Our Wishlist for USA Travel

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During the USA section of our travel blog Let us present the experiences and things that make our trips real trips for connoisseurs and gourmets. What has been suggested and recommended here, we have personally tested, visited and tried and we especially liked it. Then we search in detail:

1. Enjoy America

North America, ie Canada and the United States, offer a great deal of what makes travel a special treat: these are places that have something magical - such as certain coastal or mountainous areas, but also everything that serves your own well-being, such as good food , outstanding service or a particularly nice experience. In Canada, these have been summarized as Signature Experiences.

2. Discover the luxurious America

In addition to the most luxurious and beautiful hotels in these two countries are outstanding gourmet restaurants, but also exclusive shopping, which does not necessarily offer expensive branded goods, but more typical of the country, antiques and crafts of special quality.

3. Get to know American lifestyle and lifestyle

The people of North America come from many different countries of the world, and they have brought many customs and traditions from their ancestral home. These shape the different regions of the USA and Canada. We want to find out how this influence manifests itself and where you can see and experience it as a visitor - be it at typical festivals, in museums that deal with different ethnic groups, in ethnic boutiques or at the German bakery on St. Lawrence.

4. Shops, Markets and Antique Stores

This theme overlaps with the previous one, but here we are looking for shops, markets and shops where you as a traveler can get a taste of the peculiarities of a particular region: art galleries, antique shops, flea markets, farmers markets or even a Christmas shop with local Christmas decorations - just everything that shows the characteristics of a region.


We're always looking for new destinations, attractions and travel tips for people planning their own trips to the USA. These can be trips for singles, couples or families, fly & drives, motorhome tours, train trips or cruises. We are interested in all of it and would like to report on it here. This is our current wish list for USA travel:

1. Destinations in the USA

It's difficult to pick specific destinations as the US offers so many worthwhile destinations, but the following regions are the ones we're most interested in right now: Florida, New England, California, the Southwest, Alaska, Hawaii, New York

2. Discover insider tips of American cuisine

Fast food and the restaurant chains are discovered by anyone traveling on their own in the USA. The situation is different with really good restaurants that offer "fine dining". You usually have to know them. Here we want to provide assistance and try on our trips restaurants, in the locals like to go, offer the special specialties or simply very popular.

3. Get to know the wine regions of the USA in detail

We drove through Napa Valley. We also tasted wine there. But to really get to know a wine region, you have to spend more time there, talk to winegrowers, help with the grape harvest or be initiated into the secrets of local winegrowing. We would like to do this once and take a closer look at the wine regions of America.

4. Learn how to make American Bourbon

In keeping with our blog on European travel, we'd love to learn how to make American Bourbon. We're interested in the story behind it, the methods used to create it, and anything else that's so interesting about it.

5. The national parks of the USA travel

That goes without saying, since the most beautiful regions of America are combined in the system of national parks. We want to get to know them in more detail.

6. Exploring the big American cities

We are not only interested in New York, Miami, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco or Los Angeles. We also want to explore other cities like New Orleans, Houston, San Antonio, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Las Vegas, Seattle and more.

7. Discover America's Scenic Byways

Scenic routes in the United States often get the rank of Scenic Byways. These routes often go through lesser-known areas of the United States, and that's why we want to look into that.

8. Get to know America's ethnic groups

Whether it is the WASPs in the northeast, the Cajuns in Louisiana, the Mexicans in New Mexico or the Navajo in the southwest of the US - each of these groups has its own way of life, and we want to explore it more closely.

9. Interesting Americans meet

Similar to Canada, we are also interested in individuals who have done something special. We like to introduce these to our readers.

10. Find the most beautiful hotels in the USA

We're looking for the best hotels in the USA we can introduce to our readers, including such traditional hotels as the Mount Washington Hotel in New Hampshire, the Biltmore Hotel in Miami, the Coronado Hotel in San Diego as well as hotels that offer something special - be it a beautiful environment, outstanding cuisine or excellent service.

Bucket List - Our Wishlist for USA Travel

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