Bucket List - Our Wishlist for Travel in Canada

Autumn in Canada

We have been touring Canada for years, but we do not know it yet. There are so many different aspects that make this country unique, and even along the routes we have traveled, there is always something new and exciting to discover. Maybe our wishlist will give you ideas for your own travels through this great country.

1. Explore the Canadian holiday and gourmet routes

There are a number of itineraries dedicated to specific topics. If you follow them, you often get to know the country from completely new angles. We have already started on our Quebecreise two years ago, when we followed the route of the whales to the east. That has brought us to the taste. Now let's see more of it.

2. Get to the bottom of Canadian cuisine

Surely there are salmon and steaks in Canada - but there is more. And we want to discover this and introduce you to our blog. We were already able to trace the lobster in the Atlantic provinces, but what about apples, cranberries, caribou meat and other goodies? There are still many new things to find.

3. Explore the wine regions of Canada

Wine is grown in the Okanagan Valley and Niagara Region. This year, we discovered that Newfoundland produces wine - from fruit. And there is certainly more that is worth discovering. We would also like to be introduced to the secrets of Canadian winemaking by a winemaker.

4. Touring Canada's National Parks

The national parks in Canada have it all: beautiful landscapes, a diverse wildlife, interesting history and more can be found there. We want to see more of it.

5. Strolling through Canada's gardens and parks

What could be better than hiking through well-tended gardens on a summer's day? We like it and have already seen some of Canada's most famous parks (Butchart Gardens, Kingsbrae Gardens). But there are still more of them that we would like to see.

6. Take a cruise on Canada's coasts

Why not get to know Canada from the sea? We think of some of the routes that are particularly appealing to us: a trip on the St. Lawrence River, a cruise through the Inside Passage on Canada's west coast or an Arctic cruise around the coast from Labrador to Hudson Bay or even the whole of it Northwest Passage ...

7. Discover Canada's north

A few times we were already in the north of the country. But this one occupies the largest area of ​​the country - and so there is still much to see in the Yukon, the Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Labrador. Let's see what we still get to know there.

8. Get to know interesting Canadians

Again, we were lucky enough to have met some of them. We are always looking to introduce you to new people who have done something special in Canada. Let's see who else we can introduce you to.

9. Visit Canadian folk groups

Canada is one of the countries where multicultural living really works. We want to show you what this is and how it affects Canadians' everyday lives.

10. Discover exceptional hotels in Canada

We are always looking for the special: this year, for example, we spent the night in a former church. Let's see what else we find on the way.

Since we publish several blogs and especially like to travel, our travel wish list is quite extensive. For this reason, we have divided them into different target regions and topic areas - matching the respective blog. If you are interested in our other destinations, you can find them here:

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Bucket List - Our Wishlist for Travel in Canada

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