Canada lakeside log cabin rentals for a life in the wild

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My Canada log cabin by the lake

We look forward to our trip into the wilderness of Ontario. This time it goes to the small town of Keene in a Canada log cabin on the lake. We need just under two hours to drive from Toronto on Highway 401, which we leave at Bowmanville and continue north towards Peterborough. There we visit that Canoe Museum and reach our destination for the day: the Elmhirst Resort on Rice Lake. It's hard to believe that Canada's largest metropolis is so close! As soon as we leave the highway between Toronto and Montreal, we are in a different world.



Here villages and farms determine the picture: as far as the eye can see, one farm follows the other, surrounded by fields and meadows. With their silos and farm buildings, they testify to the fertility of the soil in this region. In between we always pass small towns, and only Peterborough is a city with the streets typical of Canada, where one restaurant after the next is lined up. In addition to MacDonalds, Burger King and Kentucky Fried Chicken, they even have lobster, prawns and steaks at Red Lobster. But we want to continue to my Canada log cabin on the lake to Rice Lake.


Rent a cabin in the wilderness
Wilderness cabin rentals on Rice Lake Ontario

Our adventure in the wilderness of Ontario

On our way to Keene we cross the Indian River, a small river that flows into Rice Lake near the bridge where we cross it. On one side of the bridge, high reeds line the course of the river, on the other side there is a wobbly hut on the right bank of the river, while on the left bank there are some houses hidden behind dense deciduous trees. That they are there, we can only guess at the jetties, which line up sequentially along the river. On Rice Lake is also our destination of today: the Elmhirst Resort.



It is at the end of the Settlers Line, one of those straight country roads that lead through the agricultural areas of the region. Our navigation device suddenly shows that we have reached our destination. Only: we see nothing but fields and a few cattle in the distance. No trace of a resort! Since there is no other path that branches off here, we simply continue until we see a sign shortly before the end of the street that directs us to the reception of the Elmhirst Resort. So we're already correct.

Greg Elmhirst, General Manager of the resort, welcomes us in the main building of the resort. So we are correct! We will immediately immerse ourselves in the family atmosphere of the resort. Greg - here they call themselves by their first name. He introduces us to his wife Martina, who speaks perfect German. She comes from Germany, as we will find out later, and runs the spa in the Elmhirst Resort. Greg invites us to his wine cellar, of which he is particularly proud. He serves us the treasures from his cellar with sausage specialties from his own production. He personally buys these from the winemakers on the Niagara Peninsula and the Prince Edward Peninsula on the north shore of Lake Ontario. A treasure buried in this basement on the edge of the wilderness. But we are curious about our Canada log cabin by the lake.


Wilderness cabin rentals on Rice Lake Ontario
Wilderness cabin rentals on Rice Lake Ontario

Our log cabin on the edge of the Canadian wilderness

We drive to our Canada log cabin on the lake with its own boat dock. It's way too big for the two of us with three bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, two bathrooms (one with a jacuzzi), a living room, and a terrace overlooking the lake. But we immediately feel at home here. As soon as I move in, I know that it will be difficult for me to leave the next day. This is Canada as you imagine it to be in your dreams. Nature is practically on your doorstep, and it can hardly be more beautiful. This is life in Canada as we like it.


View of Rice Lake from our Canada lakeside log cabin
Relax in our Canada log cabin by the lake

Living in Canada in our log cabin

What a treat in our Canada log cabin by the lake. We look out over the lake, where there is only one fisherman in his boat. The lakeshore is deserted and we practically have the lake to ourselves. Only once does a seaplane take off on the water in front of us. As we learn later, this belongs to Peter Elmhirst, the senior of the family and the father of Greg, who passed the management of the resort to his son a few years ago. Today he flies resort guests into the surrounding area, to their remote cabin in the wilderness or over to the Niagara Peninsula.


Steak in our Canada log cabin by the lake
Steak on Rice Lake

Life in the wilderness also means enjoyment here

Our dinner in the restaurant of the Elmhirst Resort introduces us to the products of the region. In the Hearthside Dining Room, only dishes made from local produce are served. As it should be, I treat myself to a steak made in-house. Juicy and with fresh asparagus, homemade mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables, it lies on the plate in front of me, while I am repeatedly distracted by the view of the lake. Canada geese fly, chattering loudly, low over the water. A couple of fleecy clouds lie over the lakeshore on the other side of Rice Lake, and the sun is slowly sinking red-hot over the horizon. How nice is life in Canada!

In the wild, live in a log cabin by the lake in Ontario

The next day, it is all the more difficult for us to say goodbye to our Canada log cabin by the lake. We would have liked to have stayed longer to test all the resort's offers for ourselves: a massage in the spa, a boat trip on the lake, a seaplane flight into the wilderness or over Niagara Falls, a hike in the area - and who knows , maybe I would even have got on one of the horses here for a ride in the area? Or would I have asked Petar to do that to take pictures of him? In any case, this is a wonderful place to relax. You just have to bring enough time for a life in the wilderness in a Canada log cabin by the lake. And so Anne Marshall's farewell greeting still sounds like: "Come back soon!"

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Canada lakeside log cabin rentals
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Canada lakeside log cabin rentals for a life in the wild

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