Captiva Island Florida - the Bubble Room Restaurant

Bubble Room Restaurant on Captiva Island
Captiva Island Florida restaurant
The Bubble Room Restaurant on Captiva Island Florida

Captiva Island Florida: the Bubble Room Restaurant

There will surely be a lot of you who will put their hands over their heads when they open up the colorful world in the Bubble Room Restaurant Captiva Island See Florida. It was no different for us. We were just waiting for Pippi Longstocking to come out from behind the next - crooked - corner of the house to entertain us with their capers. But for this restaurant on Captiva Island there is - at least as far as I know - no role model.

When it came to furnishing and decorating the Bubble Room Restaurant, completely different models were the inspiration: from the outside it looks like a crooked witch's house that is too deep in a pastel-colored paint box. But already on the facade you can see old toy cars and advertising signs from the XNUMXs. A Santa Claus in a red coat drives his reindeer Rudolph towards a painted bathing mermaid, as if to say, "Christmas will come to Florida someday - even if at different temperatures than anywhere else in the world." Vintage Godfather - a restaurant that could hardly be more colorful. This restaurant on Captiva Island Florida is definitely an experience!


With these toy cars even retirees become weak - decoration on Captiva Island Florida
With these toy cars even retirees become weak - decoration on Captiva Island Florida


A Captiva Island Florida landmark

It was recommended to us as a "must" visit to Captiva Island Florida - and we wanted to see it. We arrived during the afternoon rest and watched a steady stream of more would-be visitors return disappointed like us. The restaurant doesn't open again until half past four in the afternoon. First we decided to take a walk through the "center" of Captiva Island Florida - which consists of a single intersection.

That was quickly ticked off, so we had time for visitor studies in front of the bubble room restaurant. We sat down on two of the chairs at the entrance and let the restaurant visitors pass by, who made a wonderful “study object”. First of all, everyone who was here for the first time was speechless about the colorful and colorful decorative objects on the house facade. From time to time there was one who knew: “I've been coming here for years. A real experience! ”And he was right. Even very old men, who were clearly already in retirement age, raved about the sight of the child-sized toy cars. The police car had particularly impressed them. They particularly liked to be let out about that.


Pastel colored Christmas decorations in the Bubble Room Restaurant
Pastel colored Christmas decorations in this Captiva Island Florida restaurant


The ladies among the visitors like colors

The ladies had a slightly different taste, especially the colorful diversity of the facade painting in this restaurant on Captiva Island Florida. And obviously many of them have been here before, because it is not uncommon for us to hear them tell their companions about the huge portions that are served in the bubble room. One should only make sure to save enough space in the stomach for the - and then hailing superlatives - desserts for which the restaurant is obviously famous. "Good to know," I thought, making a mental footnote.

Only one - unmistakably - German family turned horrified when they saw the ensemble of the Bubble Room Restaurant in front of them. The phrase, "It's pure tourist rip-off", they turned their feet on their lips and marched straight back to where they had come from.

The German visitors to the restaurant, however, did not agree on how they should feel about this extraordinary restaurant, because no sooner had the rebuffed family disappeared around the corner of the house than the front door of the restaurant opened and a German-speaking family stepped out loudly pondered how huge the American food portions were, and that the huge dessert could not be created after such a meal. They carried a huge plastic box that clearly contained the desserts, carefully balancing in front of them: pieces of cake so big that they didn't even fit in the largest version of American doggy bags (containers in which restaurants can wrap the leftovers if desired).


Hollywood memorabilia in our part of the restaurant © Copyright Monika Fuchs, TravelWorldOnline
Hollywood memorabilia in this restaurant on Captiva Island © Copyright Monika Fuchs, TravelWorldOnline


Curious about the Bubble Room Restaurant on Captiva Island Florida

We became more and more curious about what awaited us inside and waited until the restaurant doors opened for new guests at half past four. I did not even notice how quickly all of the previously observed guests reappeared from all directions. In any case, we were suddenly the last in line of waiting people, even though we had been sitting in our waiting chairs at the entrance. Since the restaurant had emptied itself after the rush of noon, we didn't have to wait long before we were brought to a table.

The restaurant is on three floors, and it looks as if it was a former home, because there is no large dining room, but instead small rooms with a manageable number of tables, so that you can sit does not feel like in a large hall, but can eat on a small scale.


Tasty salad in the Bubble Room Restaurant © Copyright Monika Fuchs, TravelWorldOnline
Tasty salad in the Bubble Room restaurant on Captiva Island © Copyright Monika Fuchs, TravelWorldOnline


We are preparing for the desserts in the Bubble Room Restaurant

Forewarned by our observations in front of this restaurant on Captiva Island Florida, we only order a salad and a soup in order to have room for one of the famous cakes, but I am amazed to see our neighbors as they make a huge piece of prime rib , a piece of beef au jus about four centimeters thick, not even for two. You can already have the rest of the main meal packed away to take away. However, we want to share at least one dessert and let us show you the choice of desserts:

Desserts you shouldn't miss

Huge cake pieces in all variations are brought to us. At home I would eat at a single for at least half a week. And here I am supposed to do this after an already luscious meal? Impossible! But we order at least a piece, eat two of them and let us - how can it be otherwise - the rest for breakfast the next day pack. If you drop by the Bubble Room Restaurant, entertainment of all kinds is guaranteed. No one is going home hungry here! And just the entertainment value makes this restaurant a holiday attraction that should not be missed.


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Source: own site research courtesy of The Beaches of Fort Myers and Sanibel

Text: © Copyright Monika Fuchs, TravelWorldOnline
Photos: © Copyright Monika Fuchs, TravelWorldOnline

Captiva Island Florida - the Bubble Room Restaurant
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