Cesenatico restaurants serve cocktails and pasta

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Aperol Spritz

Cocktails and pasta in the Cesenatico restaurants

What could be nicer than sitting in a bar on a beach holiday on the Adriatic coast, a Cocktail or enjoy Italian dolce far niente in one of the restaurants. Only: it's not that simple. In Cesenatico you should know where to do that, because there are some Cesenatico restaurants whose behavior we did not like, such as the first restaurant on the historic canal in the old town that refused to let us have a drink on a hot early summer day serve instead of a meal that had already been organized for us elsewhere. And that, although the restaurant was almost empty. Such behavior is an absolute no-go for us.



However, restaurants in Cesenatico are not all so

As a tourist, you are no longer a welcome guest in such establishments, but a number and a source of profit. Even the most beautiful location is no longer enough to lure us back there. We usually avoid such restaurants like the devil avoids holy water. But where can you enjoy a cocktail in Cesenatico in pleasant surroundings and feel welcome while eating? We present such restaurants in Cesenatico here.



Drinks in the Cesenatico restaurants
You won't stay thirsty in the beach restaurant - Cesenatico restaurants on the beach offer a well-stocked bar
Antipasti in Cesenatico restaurants
Antipasti in one of the Cesenatico restaurants on the beach


Antipasti at the beach restaurant - hospitality in Cesenatico restaurants on the beach

Our experience in one of the simple Cesenatico restaurants on the beach, which are lined up one after the other along the promenade of Cesenatico, was quite different. The kitchen stayed cold the evening we spent there, but we were treated to an excellent selection of local hams and cheeses with homemade chutneys and fresh piadina bread. However, the best part of our stay was the warm hospitality with which we were welcomed there. We came as strangers and were made to feel like longtime friends at the small restaurant owned by Bagno operator Andrea and his wife. Her stories about her experiences with visitors who have been vacationing in Cesenatico for years and for whom her beach restaurant is an integral part of a vacation on the Adriatic Sea were fascinating. For us, our simple dinner at the two's was one of the most impressive culinary experiences we had in Cesenatico.


A refreshing mojito at Hotel Lungomare
Non-alcoholic fruit cocktail
Or would you prefer a non-alcoholic fruit cocktail in one of the Cesenatico restaurants in Lungomare?


A Mojito at the Cesenatico Restaurant of the Hotel Lungomare

A wonderful place to enjoy a cool sundowner is the elegant terrace of the Four star hotels Lungomare at Viale Giosuè Carducci *, the beach promenade of Cesenatico. Here we sit in comfortable upholstered furniture, grouped together in an appealing mix of vintage and modern, and let us, with a light breeze that blows in from the sea, taste the ice-cold drink after a hot day in the mountains in the hinterland of Cesenatico tastes wonderful. Unfortunately, we only discovered this hotel the day before we left Cesenatico, because we would certainly have come back here to try the Cesenatico restaurant. Maybe next time?

What do you think of making your Italian cocktail yourself? In Azlin Bloor's article "How to Make Limoncello“For example, you will learn how to do this yourself.


Aperol Spritz
A tart Aperol Spritz at the Hotel Excelsior, one of the Cesenatico restaurants in a hotel


An Aperol Spritz in one of the Cesenatico restaurants in Lungomare

Just across the street from the main road that runs along the beach of Cesenatico, stands the Hotel Excelsior *, a well-maintained three-star hotel, with its somewhat plush-looking lobby area is quite inviting. We feel even more welcome when we talk to the reception staff. And our heart wins the hotel with its wonderfully bitter Aperol Spritz, which we are served on the spacious terrace of the Hotel Excelsior. Here we can watch the hotel manager, as she accommodating other guests in perfect German welcome and gives them tips for their vacation in and around Cesenatico. A hotel with a heart so.


Pasta in Cesenatico restaurants
Pasta at the Hotel Tiffany
Spaghetti Vongole in Cesenatico restaurants
Spaghetti Vongole at the Hotel Tiffany in Cesenatico


Pasta and a warm host in one of the Cesenatico restaurants

When it comes to eating, most of the hotels whose Cesenatico restaurants we got to know are preparing for mass tourism: with buffets where hardly any personal service is necessary and the hotel guest feels less like a guest and more like a small cog in the gears of a huge hotel machine. This shows that there is another way Hotel Tiffany *, a well-kept three-star hotel in Viale A. Modigliani, Cesenatico, where the owner of the hotel looks after every meal and personally looks after his guests. The buffet is varied and tasty prepared, and the service friendly and the guest endeavored. A selection of the food that we got there, we present you here:


Shrimp in Cesenatico restaurants
Shrimp at the Hotel Tiffany - Italian hard cheese is perfect for gratinating
Vegetables in Cesenatico restaurants
Vegetables at the Hotel Tiffany – one of the hotel restaurants in Cesenatico
Fried zucchini
Fried zucchini in the hotel Tiffany
chicken salad
Chicken salad at Hotel Tiffany
smoked salmon
Smoked salmon at the Hotel Tiffany
Pork with fried potatoes
Pork with fried potatoes in the hotel Tiffany
Mousse au Chocolat
Mousse au Chocolat at Hotel Tiffany
Berry dessert with fresh mint
Berry dessert with fresh mint at Hotel Tiffany
berry cake
Or would you prefer berry cake at Hotel Tiffany?


We were in Cesenatico during the low season at the end of May and experienced these hotels, Cesenatico restaurants and bars at a time when it was not a holiday. We can't say what it looks like there during the high season in summer. But these four hotels, bars and restaurants struck us as very pleasant hosts. Which gastronomic establishments in Cesenatico can you recommend?

Questions and answers about the Cesenatico restaurants

What kind of restaurants are there in Cesenatico?

In Cesenatico you will find a wide variety of restaurants offering different styles of cuisine. From traditional Italian trattorias to international restaurants, there is something for every taste.

Are there any recommended fish restaurants in Cesenatico?

In any case! As Cesenatico is a seaside resort, there are many top quality seafood restaurants here. You can enjoy fresh, local fish and seafood prepared in a variety of delicious ways - grilled, fried or as part of delicious pasta dishes.

Where to enjoy an authentic Italian pizza in Cesenatico?

If you want to taste an authentic Italian pizza, you should definitely visit a pizzeria. There are several recommended pizzerias in Cesenatico where you can enjoy fresh, handmade pizzas with crunchy dough and delicious toppings.

Are there vegetarian or vegan restaurants in Cesenatico?

Yes, there are also restaurants in Cesenatico that specialize in vegetarian or vegan cuisine. These restaurants offer a variety of delicious plant-based dishes that cater to both vegetarians and vegans. You can enjoy healthy and tasty meals there.

What restaurants in Cesenatico have sea views?

Many restaurants in Cesenatico are located along the coast and offer wonderful sea views. You can sit in such a restaurant while enjoying a delicious meal and enjoying the view of the turquoise sea and the beach. It's a perfect place to combine food with an amazing view.

Are there restaurants with regional specialties in Cesenatico?

Yes, in Cesenatico there are many restaurants that pride themselves on the regional specialties of Emilia-Romagna. You can try dishes like piadina (a type of thin flatbread), lasagne, tortellini, and other traditional local dishes. These restaurants are perfect for getting to know the local cuisine.

Where can I find kid-friendly restaurants in Cesenatico?

If you are traveling with children, there are numerous child-friendly restaurants in Cesenatico. These restaurants often offer special menus for children and have child-friendly facilities such as play areas or high chairs. You can relax while the kids enjoy themselves and find something suitable on the menu.

Can you name recommended ice cream parlors in Cesenatico?

Naturally! Cesenatico is also known for its delicious gelaterias. Along the seafront and in the city center you will find various ice cream parlors offering a wide variety of flavors. From classic flavors like chocolate and vanilla to more exotic creations, there is something for every ice cream lover to discover. A refreshing scoop of ice cream is perfect for cooling off on a sunny day.

Are there restaurants with gluten-free options in Cesenatico?

Yes, in Cesenatico there are restaurants that offer gluten-free options on their menu. These restaurants are sensitive to special dietary needs and offer dishes prepared without gluten. So you can be sure that as a person with celiac disease or gluten intolerance you will find a selection of delicious dishes.

Are there restaurants with traditional Romagnola cuisine in Cesenatico?

Yes, in Cesenatico there are restaurants specializing in traditional Romagnola cuisine. These restaurants serve dishes typical of the Emilia-Romagna region, such as cappelletti, piadina, passatelli and many others. If you want to experience the local cuisine, these restaurants are the right choice for you.



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Cesenatico restaurants
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Cesenatico restaurants serve cocktails and pasta

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