Cheese and cheese production in the Waldviertel

The cheese loses whey

Cheese from the Waldviertel

How to make cheese in the Waldviertel. We watched cheese making in the cheese making world in Heidenreichstein in Austria Waldviertel. We actually came here by accident. We had our visit to Hotel Schwarz Alm in Zwettl an excursion through Lower Austria undertaken. As always, we were looking for offers for connoisseurs. The promise of experiencing local cheese and cheese making on site finally attracted us to the world of cheese making.

Cheese and cheese making in the cheese maker world
Cheese and cheese production in the Käsemacherwelt © Copyright Die Käsemacher



Cheese and cheese making in the cheese maker world

Heidenreichstein is about an hour and forty-five minutes from Linz and two hours from Vienna, not far from the border with the Czech Republic. The cheese maker world is located there. In this cheese dairy, emphasis is placed on regional ingredients. The cheese makers have their milk delivered by local farmers. This comes from cows, goats and sheep. They use this to make their cheeses. In the show dairy we could watch how cheese is made.

The actual cheese production can only be seen during the week. Then the cheese makers work. However, we were there on Sunday. Therefore we are shown the process of making cheese. Actually, I think that's better. Because that way we can watch directly how cheese is made. And it works like this:

The milk has to coagulate

First you strain the milk and pasteurize it. This must then turn sour. To do this, they are made to mature with lactic acid bacteria and curdled with rennet. This separates the solid components from the liquid whey. Protein, fat, lactose and minerals form a thick mass. For this, the milk has to stand for a while. Depending on the type of cheese, this can take anywhere from half an hour to several hours.


The cheese loses whey
The cheese loses whey


The whey is separated from the cheese curd

Through this process, some of the whey already separates from the solid components. That's not enough to make cheese. Therefore you divide this thick mass with the cheese harp in pieces. More whey is separated. This is repeated until the desired thickness is achieved. How strong it is depends on the kind of cheese you want to make.


This is how the cheese gets its shape
This is how the cheese gets its shape

The bath in the brine

Then you put the cheese in brine. There he begins to form a bark. At the same time, the lake keeps harmful bacteria away.

Cheese has to ripen

Then the ripening process begins. This may take several weeks to months, depending on the type of cheese. During this time, the cheese maker turns the cheese loaf again and again. He brushes and washes him. In the maturing period, the cheese also gets its special features.

We can observe this process during our visit to the Käsemacherwelt. An exciting thing!


Goats and sheep's cheese
Goats and sheep's cheese


This is how the cheese tastes in the world of cheese making

But what would a visit to a cheese dairy be without trying cheese? There is also plenty of opportunity for this during our visit. Even before we look at the cheese-making process, we try different types of cheese. Then cheese specialties are waiting for us again. Here you show how to serve them. As an antipasti, for example. With grapes. Or with peppers, dates or olives.



Fascinatingly we find the different cheeses that are produced in the Waldviertel. Among them are the Waldviertel pumpkin cheese, a sheep's milk cheese with pumpkin pieces in the cheese dough. The goat cheese tartlets Cranberry are great. This is cream cheese wrapped in sweet cranberries. The Waldviertler Selchkäse tastes especially good. This spicy sheep's cheese is smoked over beech wood. My favorite cheese!

If you do not have enough, you can try other cheese specialties in the restaurant of the Käsemacherwelt. With a view of the beautiful surroundings and the town of Heidenreichstein. A trip to the world of cheese making is worthwhile.

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Cheese and cheese production in the Waldviertel
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