Schick Hotels Vienna - the name stands for tradition

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Room in the Hotel Capricorno

Chic hotels in Vienna

The Schick Hotels Vienna stand for tradition and are perfect overnight accommodations for Trips to Savor. Some of them are among our Vienna travel tips. There are several of them scattered around the city center. Petar and I are invited to the Hotel Capricorno. The reason for this is that it has just been restored. The complete renovation of the rooms in the four-star hotel only took an astonishing two months. Peter Buocz, the managing director, tells us how he planned the work through with general staff: “I had a huge Excel file on which these two months were meticulously planned.

Every day was precisely timed, and a very specific craftsman was scheduled for each time period. We are very proud that we have successfully completed this achievement. ”We really like what came out of this venture: a modern, cozy four-star hotel on the outskirts of the First District of Vienna, from which we can walk in a few Minutes to reach St. Stephen's Cathedral and the center of the city. We do not need our car for the entire three days that we are in the hotel. Everything is really convenient and can be reached in a few minutes on foot. Perfect for one Trip to Vienna in winter.



Schick Hotels Vienna
Sitting area in the Hotel Capricorno in Vienna

Hotel Capricorno - one of the Schick Hotels Vienna

A breakfast buffet is served in the breakfast room of this Schick Hotel Vienna. And even on Sundays, when the hotel is full, guests usually find space straight away. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful, and we feel very comfortable in the newly designed Hotel Capricorno on Schwedenplatz. We use the time of our stay for various excursions in the area and to explore the area around the hotel. Our city tour through Vienna shows us that the first district, i.e. the old town of Vienna, is easy to reach on foot. Our excursion with the Twin City Liner, a catamaran that connects the cities of Vienna and Bratislava with a regular service on the Danube several times a day, is just as easy to undertake.

The departure point of the Twin City Liner is only a five-minute walk away, and the boats leave practically on the hotel's doorstep. Our tour through Leopoldstadt and to the Prater Riesenrad show us the former Jewish quarter of the city, where you can still feel the Jewish spirit. Some of the Viennese Jews now live again in this quarter that was once reserved for their religious group and that they lived in until the turmoil of the Second World War. This district is on the other side of the Danube Canal and can be easily explored from the Hotel Capricorno.

Hotel Capricorno*
Schwedenplatz 3-4
A-1010 Wien
Tel. + 43 1 533 31 04 0


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Schick Hotels Vienna
At the Schick Hotel Capricorno in Vienna

Viennese delicacies in the Hotel Stefanie - one of the Schick Hotels Vienna

We have a second dinner at the Hotel Stephanie at Tabor Straße 12, one of the other Schick Hotels in Vienna. The traditional house is furnished with old Viennese charm: crystal chandeliers hang from the ceiling of the restaurant, the tables are elegantly set with white tablecloths and fine silverware and the food consists of a five-course menu in which the highlights of Viennese cuisine are served . Goulash, a beef bouillon with fries and an Eierschöberl, a real Viennese schnitzel - with veal, as it should be -, a Tafelspitz with apple horseradish and fried potatoes and a dessert trilogy with Powidltaschenrl with a cinnamon sauce, an apple strudel and a Kaiserschmarrn Recipe.


Schick Hotels Vienna: Viennese delicacies in the Hotel Stefanie
Viennese delicacies in the Schick Hotel Stefanie in Vienna


The Hotel Stefanie is worth mentioning for another reason: it is said that it is the oldest hotel in Vienna. In any case, it is on Taborstrasse. On the outer wall of a nearby street, it is said that Taborstrasse is the second oldest street in Vienna's second district. It is fitting that a hostel was mentioned in the place of today's Hotel Stefanie as early as 1600. On the occasion of the wedding of the Austrian crown prince Rudolf with the Belgian princess Stephanie, the hostel, which was formerly called "The White Rose", is renamed Hotel Stefanie. To this day you can still feel the touch of the K-and-K monarchy in this house.

Hotel Stefanie*
Tabor Road 12
A-1010 Wien
Phone: + 43 1 211 50 0


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Schick Hotels Vienna - the name stands for tradition

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