Christmas dinner - ideas and recipes

Recipes for the Christmas season

Christmas dinner - ideas and recipes

So get ideas and recipes for Christmas dinner here, because a goose is part of a traditional Christmas feast in Germany, but there are other ways, as we have found out on our travels around the world. We collect recipes and ideas from the kitchens of the world. Again and again we come across unusual recipes that you can use to make your Christmas meal varied. We collect these recipes here so that you can be inspired and experience new culinary adventures.

Torrone - white nougat

Torrone - white nougat from Italy

Torrone - white nougat from Italy This specialty was invented by the Arabs. They brought the white nougat with nuts to Spain. There it is called turrón. There are different types of nougat in Spain. One of the most famous is the Alicante turrón. The sweet spread from Spain to France via ...
Aperol Spritz drinks and cocktails for Christmas

Christmas drinks and cocktails

Drinks and cocktails at Christmas At Christmas time, hot and alcoholic cocktails taste particularly good after a day on the ski slopes. The bartenders in Denver, Colorado's après-ski bars and at ski resorts like Breckenridge are quite inventive, and so they mix a range of drinks and cocktails for Christmas, ...
Vegan vanilla crescents

Vegan vanilla crescents without egg

Vegan vanilla croissants without egg for tea These vegan vanilla croissants are egg-free. They go well with tea. But they also taste good at Christmas time. Vanilla croissants are a pastry that is traditionally baked in Germany, Austria and Bohemia during the Christmas season. With my grandma and my mother they belonged to years ...
Mulled wine recipes

Which recipes make mulled wine a pleasure

You should know these recipes for mulled wine Every year before Christmas we like to enjoy the evenings in peace. We make them hyggelig like the Danes. Comfortable. Leisurely. Full of pleasure. This includes a mug with mulled wine and homemade Christmas cookies. There are many versions of the mulled wine preparation ...
Gingerbread recipe

Gingerbread recipe from my mom

A gingerbread recipe from our family When the aromas of cardamom, cloves and almonds fill the kitchen, then Advent is not far away. Then the baking time begins. Gingerbread was part of our home every year at this time. My mother was a great cook who loved to bake. Her ...
NY cookies recipe

Bake NY cookies yourself - that's how it works

Everything is a little bigger than usual in New York City. Even the cookies. Levain Bakery is considered one of the best bakeries in New York for cookies. You should definitely visit this if you are interested in New York food. Their cookies are so popular that there are now several...
The perfect roast goose as a Christmas dinner

Everything for the Christmas goose - shopping tour for goose food

Hardly anything is as typical as the Christmas goose on the holidays. A Christmas goose brings back memories of childhood. Christmas parties with parents and grandparents. Eating goose was a tradition with us. Even today it is part of Christmas with us. You can prepare it yourself. Or enjoy in the restaurant. But first ...
Black and white cookies

Black and white cookies

Black and white biscuits - Black and white biscuits recipe By GeoTrinity - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0 These biscuits were always a highlight on my mom's Advent plate. She tried very hard. At least in our children's eyes. Therefore, they were also something special for us children. I loved these cookies because they...
Oatmeal Cookies Recipe

Oatmeal biscuits recipe with apricots and marzipan

Oatmeal biscuit recipe with apricots and marzipan This time we have an oatmeal biscuit recipe for the Christmas season for you. We are fans of oatmeal and oat biscuits. We are not only since we met Oatmeal Cookies in the USA. Even as a child, I often found myself in ...
Italian Christmas cake from Brescia

Italian Christmas cake from Brescia

While looking for Italian Christmas cuisine today I stumbled across the traditional Italian Christmas cake from Brescia. No, this is not panettone. The Christmas cake that we present here comes from Lombardy and is a specialty of the region. It only exists there. The city of Brescia and its ...


That's what people eat at Christmas all over the world

You've probably heard that Christmas food can be very different around the world. While in Germany a juicy goose is traditionally served, in other countries there are completely different delicacies on the festive table.

In France, for example, it is customary to enjoy a sumptuous seafood dinner on Christmas Eve. From oysters to lobster to scallops, everything the sea has to offer can be found here. A perfect alternative for those who don't necessarily want to eat meat.

In Japan, too, Christmas dinner is celebrated very differently than here. Here's a portion of Kentucky Fried Chicken on the table on Christmas Eve. Sounds crazy, but it's actually like that! The American fast food chain launched an advertising campaign in the 70s promoting KFC as the perfect Christmas meal. Since then, the tradition has established itself and the Japanese are queuing in front of the KFC branches.

In Italy, it is customary to serve a variety of fish dishes on Christmas Eve. From fried octopus to swordfish cooked in wine, there's plenty to explore here. It is often eaten in large family groups, which makes the feast a real community experience.

Christmas dinner around the world is a wonderful way to explore new tastes and cultures. Try something new and be inspired by the culinary traditions of other countries. You might be surprised how delicious Christmas can be in other parts of the world!


Christmas dinner recipes and ideas
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Christmas dinner - ideas and recipes

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