Christmas dinner - ideas and recipes

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Recipes for the Christmas season

Christmas dinner - ideas and recipes

So get ideas and recipes for Christmas dinner here, because a goose is part of a traditional Christmas feast in Germany, but there are other ways, as we have found out on our travels around the world. We collect recipes and ideas from the kitchens of the world. Again and again we come across unusual recipes that you can use to make your Christmas meal varied. We collect these recipes here so that you can be inspired and experience new culinary adventures.

Italian Christmas cake from Brescia

Italian Christmas cake from Brescia

While looking for Italian Christmas cuisine today I stumbled across the traditional Italian Christmas cake from Brescia. No, this is not panettone. The Christmas cake that we present here comes from Lombardy and is a specialty of the region. It only exists there. The city of Brescia and its ...
American Cookies Recipes

American cookies recipes for Christmas

American Cookies Recipes American cookies are a popular snack food in the United States. They often contain sugar, but also salt or vanilla. Our American cookie recipes show you how easy it is to prepare them. Do you need baking supplies? You can find it in the online shop. What are the key ingredients? Very important for the preparation...
Bake Santa hats

Bake Santa hats

Why not bake Christmas hats? Photo: djd/IBIS-Backwaren/Olaf Rehmert Bake Christmas hats – why not? I'm sure you know that. Every year there is Christmas baking. But why not try something new? What do you think about baking Christmas hats? Christmas is not only a celebration of family, but also of loved ones...
Snickerdoodles for Christmas

Snickerdoodles recipe

Snickerdoodles Admittedly, I tried the Snickerdoodle recipe because of the name of the cookies. Doesn't he make you laugh too? They also appealed to me because of their origins. Because the recipe for the Snickerdoodle Cookies comes from the kitchens of the Mennonites and Amish. They therefore go well with our recipe collection from the ...
Chocolate crinkle cookies

Chocolate crinkle cookies

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies This year we are introducing you to a few simple recipes for American Christmas cookies. The cookies go perfectly with our regional cuisine around the world. They are also easy to make. But they taste even better. The fact that Chocolate Crinkle Cookies are attributed to Betty Crocker is actually not correct...
Recipe for Linzer Cookies

Recipe for Linzer Cookies

Recipe for Linzer Cookies While researching this recipe for Linzer Cookies, I discovered that these cookies are actually called Linzer Eyes. So far I can only call them “Linzer Cookies or Spitzbuben”. The recipe definitely comes from the city of Linz. The cookies are smaller forms of the Linzer...
Chocolate Chip Cookies - Canva

Chocolate Chip Cookies - Best Cookies ever

American Chocolate Chip Cookies For me, Best Chocolate Chip Cookies are the best Christmas cookies I know. Why? They bring back fond memories of my research year spent in Canada. I had a research grant that allowed me to stay there. The money I received monthly was enough to live on...
French pastries Madeleines

French pastries - Madeleines

We got to know the French pastry Madeleines on our river cruise on the Rhone. This journey started in Lyon, the capital of pleasure in France. We also moored in Avignon on the way. We visited the market halls in both cities. These are the best places to learn about the specialties that are ...
Macarons recipes

Macarons recipes for connoisseurs

Macarons recipes to bake yourself We learned that macarons recipes are diverse on a food tour in Toronto. I know! Macarons come from France. They are among the best pastries France has to offer. However, they are just as popular in Canada. Especially in the provinces in the east ...
Traditional roast goose

How St. Martin's Goose tastes particularly good

Why the St. Martin's goose can taste good St. Martin's goose is a feast in Austria and Bavaria. On November 11th, the festival of St. Martin is not only celebrated in the Mühlviertel. This feast day commemorates St. Martin of Tours. He is the founder of monasticism in the West and was the third ...


That's what people eat at Christmas all over the world

You've probably heard that Christmas food can be very different around the world. While in Germany a juicy goose is traditionally served, in other countries there are completely different delicacies on the festive table.

In France, for example, it is customary to enjoy a sumptuous seafood dinner on Christmas Eve. From oysters to lobster to scallops, everything the sea has to offer can be found here. A perfect alternative for those who don't necessarily want to eat meat.

In Japan, too, Christmas dinner is celebrated very differently than here. Here's a portion of Kentucky Fried Chicken on the table on Christmas Eve. Sounds crazy, but it's actually like that! The American fast food chain launched an advertising campaign in the 70s promoting KFC as the perfect Christmas meal. Since then, the tradition has established itself and the Japanese are queuing in front of the KFC branches.

In Italy, it is customary to serve a variety of fish dishes on Christmas Eve. From fried octopus to swordfish cooked in wine, there's plenty to explore here. It is often eaten in large family groups, which makes the feast a real community experience.

Christmas dinner around the world is a wonderful way to explore new tastes and cultures. Try something new and be inspired by the culinary traditions of other countries. You might be surprised how delicious Christmas can be in other parts of the world!


Christmas dinner recipes and ideas
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Christmas dinner - ideas and recipes

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