Culinary specialties in Newfoundland

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We discover culinary specialties in Newfoundland

When I am traveling, I would like to learn as much as possible about the country and its people. For me, that also includes that Food that is served on the spot. A visit to the supermarket is therefore always a welcome opportunity to get an insight into regional cuisine. Nowhere was I more aware of this than in Newfoundland. culinary specialties in Newfoundland are special.

Culinary specialties in Newfoundland

At our Tour of St John's we ended up in one of the local malls with a large grocery store. We wanted to get some bottles of water for our longer car rides. But as soon as we were in the store, we discovered the department for Newfoundland specialties. And what we saw there surprised me. Well, I expected fish and other seafood to dominate the Newfoundland diet. But there was so much more to discover. fruits with unknown names. Exceptionally prepared fish species. Game, which is rarely seen on the menu in other regions of Canada, let alone in the supermarket, and much more. Newfoundland cuisine has it all!


Culinary specialties in Newfoundland
Cloudberry and Lingonberry Syrup from Labrador - Culinary Delights in Newfoundland


Exotic berries in Newfoundland

In addition to blueberries, cranberries, raspberries and blackberries, there are exotic types of berries on Newfoundland. One of the culinary specialties in Newfoundland are the Bakeapples, which have nothing in common with apples. They look more like orange raspberries. There are also partridgeberries and squashberries, which are a bit reminiscent of currants. At first I couldn't imagine anything under any of them. It was only after some research that it turned out that the Bakeapples are cloudberries or peat berries. Partridgeberries are also called lingonberries and are nothing more than our lingonberries. Squashberries are known to us as elk berries.


Salted Cod - Newfoundland Culinary Specialties
Salted cod - Culinary specialties in Newfoundland


Seafood is a culinary specialty in Newfoundland

As expected, the seafood offer outweighed everything else. It's no wonder, since almost all of the Newfoundlanders live on the coast and still go fishing in the coastal waters to this day. It goes without saying that culinary specialties in Newfoundland also include seafood. There is fresh cod, as well as live or pre-cooked lobsters and fresh clams from the farm. I'd guessed so, and it wasn't surprising that these products made up the bulk of the display in the Newfoundland Specialties section.

What was new, however, were some of the methods in which these products were sold: there was salted cod, salted cod heads and cod “tongues”, which are actually not tongues but the tender meat in the lower jaw of the cod. For housewives with no time to cook, there are already fish cakes ready to roast, fish cakes that simply have to be cooked in hot fat.


Pies filled with different types of meat
Pies filled with different types of meat


Pies of all kinds

I was not surprised that there are pies in Newfoundland. A large part of the population comes from England and Ireland, where the filled pies are part of traditional cuisine. However, the fillings of the pies were unusual. There was a large selection of them: pies with rabbit meat, pies with steak and kidneys, pies with turkey meat and pies with moose meat. And then there was the pinball pies. Here, however, I had to ask what they were filled with: "Of course with the meat of seal fins".


Sausage made from bison meat - culinary specialties in Newfoundland
Bison sausage - culinary specialties in Newfoundland


Newfoundland sausages

And then there are the different types of sausage, which are perhaps not as varied as those in a German sausage counter, but are made of interesting ingredients: sausage from bison meat from Ferryland in southern Newfoundland looks like our fat sausages. Moose pudding reminiscent of our black pudding, but consists of elk meat. In fact, the meat of elk in Newfoundland is often on the menu, unlike in the rest of Canada. The most unusual sausages among the Newfoundland specialties were the Seal Sausages, sausages made from seal meat. Unfortunately, they were on the go in any restaurant to try. To test them, you have to roast them yourself. Maybe a tip for the camper travelers among you?


Newfoundland food
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Source: On-site research supported by Tourism St. John's, Tourism Newfoundland, and the Canadian Tourism Commission

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Culinary specialties in Newfoundland

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