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Prince crown in the treasury

Vaduz sights

Culture and history in Vaduz Liechtenstein should not be missed. You can find out more about the principality in these Vaduz sights. Only those who deal with it can understand and understand the Principality of Liechtenstein enjoy. How can a country exist that is nestled in a strip of land between the Swiss Rhine Valley and the Vorarlberg mountains? We went looking for clues in the city's museums. All three museums are located in the center of the state capital. Again the country surprises us with its treasures. We did not expect such values.

Horse statue in front of the town hall in Vaduz Liechtenstein - Vaduz sights
Horse statue in front of the town hall in Vaduz Liechtenstein


Picasso and Giacometti in the art museum in Vaduz Liechtenstein

A dark building stands on the pedestrian street. Behind it hides the art museum of Vaduz. Friedemann Marsch leads us through the exhibition rooms. He explains how to present modern art in his museum. In the art museum one has on the Art specialized since the 60 years. There are temporary exhibitions and works by the museum. Unlike usual, temporary exhibitions are not separated from the permanent exhibition. Instead, one exposes loans between their own works of art and thus puts them in relation to each other. An interesting concept.


Liechtenstein Art Museum - one of the most important Vaduz sights
Liechtenstein Art Museum - one of the Vaduz sights worth a visit


A stairwell also connects the art museum with the Hilti Art Foundation. This is financed by the Hilti company. (The ones with the construction machines - yes.) In it we see art from the time before 1960. Among them are works by Picasso, Giacometti, Kirchner or Beckmann. If you look at both museums, you walk through the art of the 20th century. As a museum cooperation, the art museum and the Hilti Art Foundation attract art lovers from all over the world.


Fuerstliche crests
Princely coats of arms in the State Museum - one of the Vaduz sights that provide a lot of knowledge about the principality


State history in the State Museum in Vaduz


A few steps away is the National Museum. Although the museum looks a bit dusty, you should not miss it. Here you get an overview of how the principality came about. From the geological origin until now. Rocks prove that once the Thetys reached into these regions. It is the primal sea, the remnant of which is the Mediterranean Sea. Stuffed animals also show how diverse the fauna in this country is. Even lynxes can be found from time to time in the mountains. It is interesting that in a remote valley countless species of butterflies occur. Below are two that are only here.

However, we found the country's history particularly interesting. The princely family is one of the oldest noble families in Austria. in the Waldviertel she owns vineyards. In 1608, Karl von Liechtenstein received the title of Prince from the Emperor. This did not include land ownership. Only the purchase of the Schellenberg estate changed that. In 1712 Prince Johann Adam I added the county of Vaduz.


Prince of Liechtenstein
Prince of Liechtenstein


Maneuvering secured the position of the Princely House. It thus ensured the country's independence for generations. The Princely House is very popular with the population. This is also due to the family history, which went without scandals. Hereditary Prince Alois exercises the functions of head of state. However, the head of state is Prince Hans-Adam II. The Hereditary Prince makes Liechtenstein a global player. Vacuum technology and medicinal products are export goods. Liechtenstein is part of the European economic area. At the same time, it cooperates closely with Switzerland.

After a tour of the museum, Rainer Vollkommer finally leads us into the


These we enter like a safe. That does not surprise us. Because first of all the eye falls on the princely crown. This lies on a velvet cushion. So it looks all the more magnificent.


Prince crown in the treasury


Other treasures in this room also come from the collections of the royal family. There are weapons in showcases. This includes the steel hand of a knight's armor as well as finely crafted swords.


Culture and history in Vaduz - an armor hand
Art and History in Vaduz


A highlight that I really like is a Fabergé egg. This belongs to a collection of eggs. Part of it can be seen in the treasury. Further copies are also in the state museum. Instead, the fourth highlight of the exhibition appears inconspicuous. There is a stone in a showcase. Only on closer inspection does it turn out to be moon rock.


Fabergé egg in the treasury
Fabergé egg


And finally ...


The museums offer an insight into culture and history in Vaduz. They help to understand the principality. For this reason alone, a visit is worthwhile.


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Experience Culture and History in Vaduz Liechtenstein

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    1. Hi Lisa,

      We were there with a press trip. Since the photo rights were included.

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  1. Oh, I have to go to Liechtenstein. I've been to Monaco and Andorra, and I find such small countries particularly exciting. Good to know that the museums are definitely worth a visit. I notice that directly;)

    1. Dear Nicole,

      Such small countries are always exciting to discover. I always wonder how they can exist in the modern and global world. Liechtenstein succeeds, however, very well. There are even some important companies located there. It is a country that pays a look behind the scenes.

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  2. Hello you two,
    apparently I have completely underestimated this state.
    During my visit, I could not really win the corner. But I will have to revise my opinion after your report.

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    1. Dear Katja,

      It is often the case that you only see the interesting things at second glance, right? Liechtenstein is not as spectacular as Switzerland, but it has a fascinating history, hidden mountain valleys and amazing gastronomy.

      Best regards,
      Monika and Petar

  3. Hello dear Monika, dear Peter,

    Thank you for your great report. Great insight into the Principality of Liechtenstein. Nice that all 3 museums are located inside the city and so all can be visited. I myself was already in Liechtenstein, because my girlfriend worked there. She invited me to visit her for my birthday. The people there were all very friendly and I like to remember it.

    Thanks for the great pictures and the nice impression. I get wanderlust and would like to go there again.

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    1. Hello dear Heike,

      I am glad that our report awakens your memories. Thank you for your nice comment.

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  4. Wow, I can imagine that the museums are really very interesting and informative. I find the treasury very exciting - especially the Faberge egg is impressive. Thank you for the small insight into the cultural history of Liechtenstein.

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    1. Dear Michaela,

      We found them particularly exciting because we learned more about life in Liechtenstein there. This is a bit different in such a small country than in big states. That is very fascinating.

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  5. Great contribution. Liechtenstein is really beautiful.

    We have to go there again soon. We have a few tips now. Thanks for that.

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  6. I think the sculptures in front of the town hall alone are very interesting and the princely crown is also very pretty!

    1. The horse sculptures reminded me a little of Picasso's painting “Guernica”.

  7. Hallo,
    Many thanks for this view of Liechtenstein. I never expected to discover such art treasures there.
    Great that you had the opportunity to write about it and also to publish pictures.
    LG Diana

    1. Dear Diana,

      yes, the Landesmuseum and the Schatzkammer were very generous. We were also very happy. However, we were not allowed to publish any pictures from the art museum. But that's the usual way.

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  8. I know only one custom bike farmer in Liechtenstein, that's all I know about it. : D That's why I find it fascinating how much culture can be behind such a mini country. One tends to underestimate it. :)

    1. Dear Julia,

      That's what we do with all these little countries. Somehow they seem like islands to me. Life there is also very special and limited to certain possibilities. We were all the more surprised by what we discovered in Liechtenstein.

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  9. I find small countries exciting. I will definitely go to Liechtenstein once in a while, because I have something for the combination “enjoyment and culture” ;-)
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    1. Liebe Sabine

      I also find small countries intriguing because they are often so different from what we are used to. And Liechtenstein has a lot to offer.

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    that's super interesting again. Especially of all these principalities in Germany, I really do not have much idea. All the better that you now take care of preparing this for me in travel episodes.



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      I think that's the way most people are. It is no different with us. In many of these small countries you often drive past on the journey to more well-known destinations. But why not plan a stopover there?

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