Customs in Austria in winter

Caps from Ebensee - customs in Austria in winter

Experience the customs in Austria in winter

Traditional customs in Austria in winter guarantee holiday experiences of a special kind Advent the Krampusse Going through the villages feels like being transported back to pagan times. With their masks that spread fear and terror, they not only frighten children. The Schönperchten, however, are quite different. These gather in the rough nights in and around Ebensee. It is a nice experience when they walk down the mountain into town with their caps on. There you turn off all the lights. The only sources of light are the caps of the Perchten. You can find out more about this in the articles in this collection.

The Christmas season in Austria make the customs in Salzburg, from the Salzburger Land, the Salzkammergut and Upper Austria to a very special experience. It is worth planning your winter vacation in the mountains so that you can experience at least one of these customs. This becomes the Winter vacation in Austria at an unforgettable time.


Krampus in Gnigl

When the Krampus bypass in Salzburg

When the Krampus and Perchten go around Salzburg When the Krampus and Perchten go around Salzburg at Christmas, then all hell breaks loose in the Gnigl ​​district. A few years ago we came into contact with the alpine Nicholas traditions for the first time. At that time a group of Krampussen unexpectedly interrupted our dinner in ...
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White-robed Schönperchten

Beautiful Perchten from Ebensee

Beautiful Perchten in Ebensee In Ebensee on Lake Traunsee in Upper Austria, things get really busy on the evening of January 5th. When dawn approaches in the Salzkammergut, more and more people come to the city. They gather in the cafes and inns of the city, meet with friends, stroll through the town, and ...
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The most beautiful Perchten caps

The Schönperchten from Ebensee The next Glöcklerlauf will take place in Ebensee in the Salzkammergut on January 5, 2022 from 18.00 p.m., a custom that has been carried out every year in Upper Austria since around 1850. Since it was raining during our visit to the Glöcklerlauf, the conditions for photos were not ideal, so we visited ...
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Customs Austria in winter
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Customs in Austria in winter
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