Discover Carinthia travel destinations

Carinthia travel destinations

Carinthia travel destinations for slow travelers and connoisseurs

Discover Carinthia travel destinations for slow travelers and connoisseurs with the Carinthia travel tips from TravelWorldOnline. Although this state is well developed for tourism, you can still find insider tips here. What do you think of a vacation in a monastery? Or would you prefer to go on a discovery tour through the Carinthian kitchen? There are lakes that are less known. Panoramic streets invite you Austria Road trips in landscapes whose beauty takes your breath away. There is a lot to discover in Carinthia.

The four types of bacon

Enjoy the Gail Valley

Hiking and enjoying in the Gailtal The Gailtal stretches from Kartitsch in East Tyrol to Villach in Carinthia along the Gailtal Alps. In its beginnings, the Gail flows through the Lesach Valley, creating the steep slopes on both sides of the valley. At Kötschach-Mauthen you leave the whitewater regions of the Gail and ...
Gailtaler bacon in Biedermeierschloessl

Top Restaurant am Weissensee Carinthia

Top restaurant on the Weissensee Carinthia Which restaurant on the Weissensee Carinthia promises special enjoyment? The answer to this is particularly interesting for those who are planning a weekend or a longer stay at Weissensee. The Weissensee in Carinthia impressed us. Not only because he showed us his most beautiful side ...
Weissensee Carinthia - Holidays in Austria Hiking

Enjoyment days at Lake Weissensee in Carinthia

Weissensee See in Carinthia With these tips you are well equipped for a weekend of pleasure at Weissensee See in Carinthia. We spent two days at the Weissensee and came across a real insider tip in Austria. The lake is perfect for a vacation in Austria with hiking. The Seehotel ...
Heiligenblut Carinthia Austria

Heiligenblut in Carinthia on the Grossglockner

Heiligenblut Carinthia Austria The place Heiligenblut in Carinthia, Austria, is known as a ski resort. In summer it is the starting point for the journey to the Grossglockner from the southern end of the Grossglockner High Alpine Road. Those who stay in Heiligenblut for a long time will also find good opportunities for hiking there. Also worth seeing is the gold digging village of Heiligenblut, which is only a few ...
Carinthia travel destinations

Such is a monastery holiday in the Benedictine Abbey of St Paul in Lavanttal

Monastery holidays in St. Paul Abbey in Lavanttal in Carinthia What a monastery holiday in the Benedictine Abbey of St Paul in Lavanttal in Carinthia looks like, we ask ourselves. We are invited to experience it for ourselves for a day. We have often been to monasteries. One thing became clear to us. Every monastery stay ...
Memorial at the Fuscher Törl

Glockner High Alpine Road - Hohe Tauern by car

Glockner High Alpine Road - The most beautiful pass road in Austria The Glockner High Alpine Road is Austria's panoramic road. When the sun is shining outside, the sky awakens our longing for the mountains. Whenever possible, we hop in the car and head out in search of regions worth exploring. like that...
View of Italy from the Lesachtal

Holiday in the Lesachtal

The peaks rise far above the Lesach Valley, which the Gail has cut into the mountains here. In the north there are the Gailtal Alps and the Lienz Dolomites. The Carnic Alps rise to the south. The border with Italy runs along the summit regions. The Lesach Valley is a place where ...
Seehotel Enzian am Weissensee

Hotel full of stories - Seehotel Enzian am Weissensee in Carinthia

At the Seehotel Enzian am Weissensee We love hotels like the Seehotel Enzian am Weissensee in Carinthia, Austria! These are the ones who tell stories. From people, from events and even from animals. The Seehotel Enzian am Weissensee is full of them. I would have had the two days we spent there ...
Bergbach near Fusch on the Grossglocknerstrasse

Fusch an der Großglocknerstraße - waterfalls, Kneipp and alpine huts

The mountain village of Fusch an der Großglocknerstraße If you want to drive the high alpine road to the Großglockner, you will pass Fusch am Großglockner. There is the toll station for the panoramic road through the Austrian Alps. The town is located at the northern end of the Glockner High Alpine Road in the Hohe Tauern National Park in Salzburger Land. We had ...
Cozy restaurant in the Hotel Kärntnerhof

Hotel am Grossglockner - the Kärntnerhof in Heiligenblut

Hotel am Großglockner - the Hotel Kärntnerhof in Heiligenblut On the way to the Hotel Kärntnerhof in Heiligenblut you can cross the Hohe Tauern. We crossed the Hohe Tauern on one of Austria's panoramic roads. On the Grossglockner High Alpine Road. Although this road connection between the Salzburg region and Carinthia is only 48 kilometers ...

Carinthia travel guide

Carinthia travel guide Michael MüllerCarinthia travel guide Michael Müller

The authors Sabine Becht and Sven Talaron will take you from the Großglockner to the Carinthian lakes to the heart of Carinthia as well as to the Gailtal and Lavanttal. On ten tours you will get to know Austria's southernmost province.

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Carinthia travel destinations and Carinthia travel tips

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Discover Carinthia travel destinations

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