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Discover the hearty cuisine in Franconia

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You should like meat and sausage, if you want to get to know the cuisine of Franconia - because they are part of the traditional specialties. Who does not know them, the Nuremberg sausages? But did you know that there are big differences? Most Franconian fried sausages are made from pork, seasoned with salt and pepper and - this is what makes them special - with marjoram. This type of sausage production comes from the Ansbacher area. In the region around Kulmbach, however, the bratwurst is added to a large part of veal.

Sour cake, fried sausages in vinegar
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The Franconian sausages are served differently depending on the area. In Nuremberg you can get them when you buy them at the stand, in a roll or, as you say in Franconian, in a "Weckla" with medium-hot or hot mustard. Sweet mustard or ketchup are frowned upon by traditionalists, but are usually available for selection. If you order them in the restaurant, up to six bratwursts and side dishes can be served, depending on the length of the sausages, which differs depending on the region. Or you can order them prepared in a different way, for example as a “sour tip”. To do this, the sausages are left to stand for about 20 minutes in an acidic brew of vinegar water with onion rings, salt and pepper, sliced ​​yellow beets, bay leaf and juniper berries. They are usually served with sauerkraut like this one Open Air Museum Bad Windsheim.

Franconian lunch plate
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Typical of the Franconian cuisine are the various types of sausage and ham, which are best together with a freshly brewed glass of beer tried. On one Brotzeitteller You usually get the local sausage specialties and ham with liver sausage, meat or city sausage, smoked ham, lard, various cheeses and pickles like on this plate. There is fresh farmhouse bread or rye bread.

Who doesn't know the meat specialties from Franconia? The most typical is the "Schäufele", the pork shoulder, which is so named because of its shape. Or the Franconian Sauerbraten with red cabbage, which gets its characteristic taste from a gingerbread that is used as a sauce binder. There are also potato dumplings. If you like it even more hearty, a Franconian slaughter bowl with blood and liver sausage on sauerkraut is definitely the right choice.

Zander on vegetable bed © Copyright Monika Fuchs, TravelWorldOnline

And if you do not feel like enjoying the luscious meat dishes of Franconia, fish dishes are an obvious choice, as is the zander on a vegetable bed as in the photo. More typical, though carp, above all, is the valley of the Aisch between Bad Windsheim and Neustadt ad Aisch known as the Carp Country. Fish have been bred in numerous ponds for centuries. In the carp museum of Neustadt you can learn everything about the long history of carp farming in this region of Franconia. And of course there are carp in the restaurants in the area in the traditional way, but also served in an unusual form. If you want to try it yourself, you should be aware that carp are only on the menu in the autumn and winter months (the months with "r").

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