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Dinner in the Cantons de l'Est - Dining in Quebec

Eating in Quebec Canada

Anyone who says there is no food culture in Canada has never been in Quebec. There is something special about typical Quebec food. Just looking at the delicious sausages, cheeses and poultry specialties in delicatessens will whet your appetite. But even in some supermarkets, your mouth will water. If you have the time, you can take a trip through Canada Belle Province to become a culinary journey of discovery. His cheese selection, goose liver pâté and chicken specialties are unrivaled not only across the country, but worldwide.

The artisanal food industry in Quebec is thriving. On a tour of the Ile d'Orléans just outside of Quebec City, numerous small shops with homemade delicacies such as cheese, sausage and poultry lure you in. There is also cider, cider, maple syrup or hand-scooped chocolates and praline compositions, all of which you would like to try. Food in Quebec begs to be tasted.

Specialties in Quebec

Dining in Quebec is usually all about poutine - a dish of french fries, cheese and gravy. You should definitely give it a try if you're in the provinces. There are many variations on this classic dish, from the simple to the elaborate. Let yourself be surprised!


Poutine - typical Quebec food
Poutine - typical Quebec food


However, there is much more to Quebec food than that. If you're interested in seafood, you should definitely try the famous lobster bisque. This dish is a real treat and is served by many restaurants in the city.

Another highlight when eating out in Quebec are the “tourtières”, the traditional meat pies. These pies are made with ground beef, pork and spices and are usually served with a tasty gravy.

If you are looking for something sweet, you should definitely try Pouding Chômeur. Made with batter and syrup, these tartlets are a must for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Quebec food also includes the drinks that are made in the province. For example, Quebec has strong beer and wine production. There are many small breweries and wineries offering a variety of alcoholic beverages. Some of the most well-known beer styles are IPA, stout and pale ale.

Overall, Quebec food offers a variety of culinary delights that are a must-try. Whether you prefer poutine, lobster bisque or tourtières, Quebec has something for everyone. Let yourself be surprised by the culinary diversity of this city and enjoy the food!


Cheeses from Quebec - Specialties Quebec
Cheeses from Quebec - Specialties Quebec


Quebec sausage makes typical Quebec food interesting

Food in Quebec is diverse. This is shown by the sausage specialties of the province. A Quebec specialty among the sausages are the Saucissons Secs, the dry sausages, which are quickly smoked pork sausages with salt and few other ingredients. Most sausage producers in Quebec make their sausages from organic meat sourced from nearby farms. The best of these are made entirely without nitrates. At the Atwater or Jean Talon Market in Montreal Find the best selection of Quebec dry sausages. But also well-stocked grocery stores and many supermarkets offer them.

Rosettes de Lyon and d'Auvergne

Les Délices de l'Artisan in St Jacques de Montcalm produces excellent rosettes, which owe their quality to Patrick Roffi, or rather, to his French roots. His Rosettes de Lyon and d'Auvergne he has developed from recipes that his father, the butcher, brought back from France more than fifty years ago. Adapted to the Canadian meat, for example, the resulting Saucisson de Wapiti, a sausage made from the meat of the great deer of Canada.

Bâtons du Kamouraska

Another sausage specialty of Quebec is the Bâtons du Kamouraska, which makes almost entirely without nitrates. They are easy to identify by their packaging, as the different varieties - some with hazelnuts - are sold in boxes resembling cigar boxes. This sticks are darker and thinner than that rosettes and have a luscious, wine-like taste. They come from La Pocatière on the south bank of the St. Lawrence River between Montmagny and Kamouraska.

Si Pousse

The same company makes a sausage variety that they Si Pousse is called. This sausage is about half the price of the others because it uses nitrates, but it is just as good a product. This sausage is also available in different varieties, one of which is made with Blue Cheese. This Quebec specialty comes from the Abbaye Saint-Benoit-du-Lac in the Eastern Townships. Another variety is smoked with red wine and thus gets an almost sweet taste.

Therefore, there is nothing better than visiting one of the markets on your next Quebec trip. Taste the food in Quebec. At the markets you can pack up fresh bread, various types of sausage and cheese - and then head off to a delicious picnic at one of the idyllic bays along the St. Lawrence River or at one of the many lakes.

Questions and answers about eating in Quebec

What are the most popular cheeses in Quebec?

In Quebec, the spicy "cheddar" and the creamy "brie" are particularly popular.

Are there vegetarian and vegan dishes in Quebec?

Yes, there are many restaurants in Quebec that offer vegetarian and vegan options. For example, there are many delicious salads, soups and vegetable dishes.

What are the most famous restaurants in Quebec that serve typical food?

Some of the most well-known restaurants in Quebec that serve typical food are Chez Ashton, La Buche, and Aux Anciens Canadiens.

What are the traditional Quebec sweets?

In addition to pouding chômeur, there are also tarte au sucre (sugar tart) and sucre à la crème (cream caramel candies), which are considered traditional Quebec sweets.

What special specialties does Quebec have that you can't find anywhere else?

"Tourtières" and "Poutine" are two specialties that are typical of Quebec and cannot be found anywhere else in this form.


Food in Quebec
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Dining in Quebec: discover the best specialties

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