Trips to Savor and Travel Tips

Enjoyment travel - cold plates and our own wine in the wine tavern

Trips to Savor and Travel Tips

Discover trips to savor and travel tips for connoisseurs in Europe and around the world. You can enjoy your vacation on gourmet trips as well as by visiting a farm. Take a food tour on your city trip or stay in a gourmet hotel. You can try specialties of your destination in the restaurants. There are also offers, where you can taste them at the producer. Here you will find trips, as well as travel tips. With this you can put your trip together.


Enjoy pure travel on the Apple Farm in Cahir
Pleasure trips with a visit to an apple farm

Pleasure travel and travel tips all over the world

There are regions around the world where enjoyable experiences are offered that you will not forget. Browse through these articles and get inspiration for your pleasure trip, regardless of whether it is to take place in Germany, Europe or the world.


A garden in Kleinwalsertal Vorarlberg Austria

A permaculture garden in the Kleinwalsertal

Nothing grows here Everyone had told him: "Nothing grows here". Even his grandmother was convinced of this, as she had tried for years as a newcomer to prove to the locals that a garden in the Kleinwalsertal in Austria is possible. In vain! All of her attempts to grow vegetables or fruit in this high valley were ...
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This is how Slovenian food tastes

This is how Slovenian food tastes

Slovenian food Discovering Europe while traveling also means trying the specialties on site. Slovenian food was one of the themes of our trip from the Alps to the Adriatic. We were curious and wanted to know more about it. We had already gathered impressions on our trip to Kamnik in spring. This time ...
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Sandwich with smoked salmon

Texel Tips for gourmets - Discover great island specialties

Texel tips for connoisseurs In these Texel insider tips for connoisseurs, we present Texel restaurants, specialties and experiences where you can enjoy the cuisine of the island of Texel. Admittedly, at first glance, Texel doesn't give the impression that there are culinary highlights to discover here. A second ...
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The real Mozartkugel

Salzburg specialties that (not) everyone knows

Salzburg specialties Salzburg is so well known that almost everyone knows some of the Salzburg specialties. When you visit Salzburg, you can hardly avoid some of them. Either the waiter in your restaurant praises them. Or you stumble across it in the town's souvenir shops. Nevertheless, there are some special features in the ...
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Gourmet Travel Tasting with the gourmet chef
Pleasure trips with tasting at the gourmet chef

Gourmet travel and pleasure travel tips

Discover gourmet restaurants in the world on gourmet trips and learn more about gourmet chefs. A visit is worthwhile on a pleasure trip to the region.


Elegant table decoration in Tillmann Hahn's Gasthaus in the Villa Astoria in Kühlungsborn

Three restaurants in Kühlungsborn for every taste

Three restaurants in Kühlungsborn We have tested these three restaurants in Kühlungsborn and can recommend them. Regional, fine or unusual restaurants are almost always on our itinerary. This is no different on our trip through places in the Baltic Sea. On our pleasure trips we like to look into the cooking pots on site, enables ...
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Grimsnäs Herrgard - a B&B for gourmets in Smaland Sweden

B&B for gourmets in Smaland Sweden: Grimsnäs Herrgard

B&B for gourmets in Smaland, Sweden We had imagined a simple bed and breakfast when we heard that we were staying in a B&B in Skruv. How should we be mistaken! Even the magnificent driveway under nature-protected ancient deciduous trees made us curious. Grimsnäs Herrgard consists of several buildings that the current owners ...
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Medieval cooking
Medieval cooking on pleasure travel

Culinary travel

When it comes to pleasure trips, many people think of culinary journeys. Most associate pleasure travel with gourmet trips in Gourmet Hotels* in Germany. Others think of gourmet menus with overnight stays. Expect others again Experiences for foodies* on their culinary journeys. The variety of culinary travel is huge. The best thing to do is to look around and discover experiences that promise enjoyment when travelling. These include food tours, cooking classes, wine tasting, indulgence or wine festivals and much more.


Trips to Savor
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Trips to Savor and Travel Tips
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