Trips to Savor and Travel Tips

Enjoyment travel - cold plates and our own wine in the wine tavern

Trips to Savor and Travel Tips

Discover trips to savor and travel tips for connoisseurs in Europe and around the world. You can enjoy your vacation on gourmet trips as well as by visiting a farm. Take a food tour on your city trip or stay in a gourmet hotel. You can try specialties of your destination in the restaurants. There are also offers, where you can taste them at the producer. Here you will find trips, as well as travel tips. With this you can put your trip together.


Enjoy pure travel on the Apple Farm in Cahir
Pleasure trips with a visit to an apple farm

Pleasure travel and travel tips all over the world

There are regions around the world where enjoyable experiences are offered that you will not forget. Browse through these articles and get inspiration for your pleasure trip, regardless of whether it is to take place in Germany, Europe or the world.


In the Prientaler Bergbauernladen there are mountain farmers cheesecake

Where you can enjoy mountain farmers cheesecake

You can try mountain farmers cheesecake in Aschau. Slow food is good. It's regional. Consistent. Tastes fresh. And it's often homemade. The farmers in and around Aschau im Chiemgau prove this. But these mountain farmers products are not always easy to sell. A mountain farm is often remote ...
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Where can you eat well in Salzburg restaurants?

Where can you eat well in Salzburg restaurants? Eating well in Salzburg is easy. Eating in a restaurant in Salzburg is an experience. We can recommend these Salzburg restaurants for enjoyment trips. On our trips to Salzburg we got to know restaurants that are well worth a visit. Eating out in Salzburg is also ...
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Kleinwalsertal Eating and drinking

Kleinwalsertal Eating and drinking is hearty and homemade. When the invitation to the Walser Gourmet Days fluttered into our house, we knew immediately that this is something we want to experience. There was something about the gourmet region of game and beef, a weekly market and hotels where indulgence and wellness ...
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Town hall window in Passau

Culinary stroll through Passau

In which Passau restaurant can you eat something? We visit Passau, one of the most beautiful cities in Bavaria. Which restaurant in Passau offers which cuisine? That's what we asked ourselves during our pleasure trip to Passau's old town. One thing was quickly clear to us. Passau food is diverse. Which restaurant in Passau...
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Gourmet Travel Tasting with the gourmet chef
Pleasure trips with tasting at the gourmet chef

Gourmet travel and pleasure travel tips

Discover gourmet restaurants in the world on gourmet trips and learn more about gourmet chefs. A visit is worthwhile on a pleasure trip to the region.


Latin American restaurant OLA serves tuna

Latin American restaurant in Miami Beach

Latin American Restaurant in Miami Beach I don't know if there's such a thing as understatement in Latin America, but if so, then OLA Restaurant in Miami Beach, Florida is a master at it. From the outside, the Latin American restaurant in the Sanctuary Hotel on James Avenue looks unassuming. On summer evenings you can...
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Michelin chef Tomaž Kavčič

Michelin chef Tomaž Kavčič - Slovenian culinary art

Michelin chef in Slovenia You can experience the finest of Slovenian culinary art not far from Vipava. On our pleasure trip through Slovenia we were lucky enough to meet one of Slovenia's outstanding chefs. Michelin chef Tomaž Kavčič earned a Michelin star in 2020 and runs the "Pri Lojzetu" restaurant in Zemono Castle ...
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Medieval cooking
Medieval cooking on pleasure travel

Culinary travel

When it comes to pleasure trips, many people think of culinary journeys. Most associate pleasure travel with gourmet trips in Gourmet Hotels* in Germany. Others think of gourmet menus with overnight stays. Expect others again Experiences for foodies* on their culinary journeys. The variety of culinary travel is huge. The best thing to do is to look around and discover experiences that promise enjoyment when travelling. These include food tours, cooking classes, wine tasting, indulgence or wine festivals and much more.


Trips to Savor
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Trips to Savor and Travel Tips
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